Learn Simple Blues Piano Improvisation (Top Tips On Learning Blues)

Hi, I am Alberto Ferro from the London Contemporary School of Piano. Today I would like to talk to
you about blues improvisation. Something that I get asked
a lot from my students especially when they begin improvise. How to coordinate yourself? How to coordinate the hands
in a blues improvisation? And it's quite tricky,
especially in the beginning. So let's start off. Left hand starts here – C. B flat, A flat, G. Let's get get this rolling. Just make sure that
you play the same thing and you don't escape the beat. Use the same fingers and go in loop. Now we're gonna
include the right hand. With the right hand we start from C with finger number 1 Don't stop playing, don't stop counting. You can repeat it. Now we can play finger 2 the second note for the right hand is E flat. And now finger three, on F. Four on F sharp. Try to coordinate both hands at the same time. And you can also choose different paths. Notice that the left hand doesn't change the order of the notes while the right hand moves around. Now without stopping the right hand will get to
the note in between beats. And I'll show you in a
second what that means. Right in the middle, in between left hand notes. If you get here, seems pretty easy, sped up is even easier than the previous exercise. Now we can double the note, like this. But it's really hard to maintain the beat. we can put together everything And by everything, I
mean, notes on the beat and notes between the beats. So, I'll show you what I mean. You can make combinations now. I think you got the point by now. Let's add a couple more
notes in the right hand. We're gonna play G with 1 and B flat with 2 If we play the whole thing now. You have, what we call, the blues scale. Are you ready? I think you got the point now. And you can see where this is going. We can add another octave. So if you are here on G and B flat You can start off from C again and go up. Before going to the final step I just wanted to say that if
you find this tutorial helpful, please leave a comment under the video. At the London Contemporary School of Piano we do a lot of this. And we look so much
deeper into improvisation and this kind of coordination issues. So, for other videos on similar topics on improvisation, harmony or other piano-related topics subscribe and we will notify
you when a new video comes out. The last thing that I'm
gonna suggest for this is something that relates
with the left hand. Now, instead of one
single note, we double it. Twice the amount of notes,
twice the amount of trouble. See you next time!

4 thoughts on “Learn Simple Blues Piano Improvisation (Top Tips On Learning Blues)”

  1. Many thanks for watching! How do you overcome right and left hand challenges when you play blues?

  2. Awesome video! Proper way to show what itโ€™s described as simple and then expanding on it whilst keeping it simple still. Will try this as my blues improv is non existent.

  3. Thanks for the simple and enjoyable way to get my hands to do different rhythms. I appreciate this.

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