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Welcome back to Puppy Park We’re so pleased you decided to visit again Today we’re going to learn about shapes Come on, where shall we go first? Dotty and Henry are on the seesaw Can you spot the triangle? There it is! A triangle has three sides Triangle Oli is having lots of fun jumping What shape are the tyres? Yes! That’s right they are circles Circle Henry is giving out balloons outside the park What shape is the park map? It’s a square All four sides are exactly the same size Square The puppies are having a great game of tennis Do you know what shape the tennis net is? It’s a rectangle Rectangle Henry and Bertie are flying their kite Their kite is in the shape of a diamond Diamond Molly and Max are climbing to the top of the climbing frame Hold on tight! What shape can you see? It’s a semi-circle Semi-circle Dotty and Grandpa Dog are feeding the ducks Lucky Ducks What shape is the pond? It’s an oval Oval Peter and Bertie are building sandcastles Can you recognise what shape the sand pit is? It’s a hard one! It’s a pentagon It has five sides Pentagon Freddie and Dotty are spinning round on the roundabout What shape can you see? It’s a hexagon Which means there are six sides Hexagon Lucky Oli has a yellow balloon which is shaped like a star star We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about shapes today Make sure you watch our other Puppy Park videos Next time you’re in the park or out and about see what shapes you can spot!

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  1. Great shapes video, @Toddler Fun Learning!  I love all the cute puppies. 🙂  I recently released my first shapes video called "Shapes Train Island Adventure" if you're interested in checking it out.

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