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look at those funny shaped walls a circle a semicircle a triangle an oval a Pentagon a hexagon a star a crescent only two of the walls have been built properly a square and a rectangle I think we need someone to knock down the silly shaped walls and start again this looks like a job for Ryan the wrecking ball crane an enormous circle wall well that's certainly no good at all this semicircles half as bad but its shape still makes me sad this triangle wool really isn't great it's falling over under its own weight an oval wall is just insane smash it down and start again Pentagon and hexagon both are wrong we leave them strong you won't get very far with a wall shaped like a star that Crescent wall looks like a frown swing that ball and knock it down but this wall you can leave right there it's great a perfect solid square and this one too is the correct angle build more walls but our rectangle while the mechanicals get on with building the new square and rectangle walls should we look at the shapes one more time circle semicircle triangle oval Pentagon hexagon star present square rectangle careful mechanicals stand well back we don't want you getting squashed okay Rick squash those shapes first shape to squash is over here a big round ball we call a sphere because all is it flats and then we find a circle has been left behind a big tall pointy pyramids second shape that Ricky's head Rick rolls it flat and now we found a triangle left on the ground this one has six face is all the same a cube is its name Rick rolls it flat and now down there we have a perfect flattened square the final one to be destroyed a shoebox shape it's a cuboid Rick pushes down the shape is mangled and now we have a flat rectangle very impressive Rick looks like you're back to your old self again you'd better get back to the construction site Danny the digger will be worried about you here at the stadium the football pitch is very overgrown it needs mowing right away so the grass is short enough to play on the pitch is enormous there's lots of grass to cut lazy's mowing the pitch in lovely straight lines oh dear I think I spoke too soon Maisy's wobbling about and the lines are all wavy I think something's wrong with Maisy steering Oh No now she's cutting shapes into the grass triangle Circle Square rectangle pentagons hexagon and stop they fixed you up you'll soon be cheering let's go outside and test your steering let's see how good your steering is now Milly can you drive in a circle fantastic now how about a triangle brilliant one more go how about a square you did a fantastic job of following those shapes Milly I think your steering is back to normal bye-bye Milly remember if you ever have a problem again then come to see us here at geckos garage Millie's all fixed up and ready to go back to her important job of policing the roads oh no it's a good job Milly was back on Patrol Larry the lorry looks like he's having some real difficulties he's very overloaded garage doors open at speed it's time to help a vehicle in need hey Larry it looks like you're carrying too many packages and they haven't been loaded very well shall we take a look go go mechanicals what a mess I'm really sorry but that's no way to Packer Laurie let's take some time and care with it I'm sure we'll make these boxes fit the biggest parcel should go in first with the smallest one on top that blue parcel on the left and the red ones on the right let's put this parcel in the gap up at the top and put the last parcel in that gap down at the bottom they're all sorted now that everything is packed away neatly it all fits in properly see you again soon Larry good luck with all your deliveries it comes Fiona the fire truck she should be hard at work rescuing people and putting out fires but it looks like something's wrong garage doors open at speed it's time to help a vehicle in need hiya Fiona you look like you've sprung a leak in your water tank you can't put out fires without your water do you want me to take a look at it for you oh that hole looks bad Fiona we'll need to fix it right away let's see if we have a metal plate that's the right shape to patch up the hole the hole in your tank is left to puddle your hose is dry you're all in a muddle to patch you up that is our goal let's see which shape best fits that hole let's try a circle no that doesn't fit what about a triangle they'll no good a square patch is what you need hmm maybe not this hexagon shaped patch might be right Oh try again wait a minute yes that's it a star-shaped patch the perfect fit there we go all fixed now we just need to fill up your water tank and you're ready to go the owner can you hear that I think someone needs a fire putting out we'd better get go good luck Fiona the owner is a very great fire engine and now with our help she's able to dare important work properly oh dear just look at this mess I try to keep things tidy but we've been so busy lately let's try sorting everything by size shall we small medium and large that's much tidier but there aren't many big or small parts but there's loads of medium-sized ones there isn't enough room for them all we'll have to try something else how about sorting the parts by shape circles squares and triangles hmm we have lots of wheels and other circle shapes we have lots of parts and square boxes but no triangles let's try again how about sorting the shapes by color that might work red yellow and blue oh we have a place for all the red yellow and blue parts but what about all of the other colors now this won't do one last try let's try sorting by vehicle so bike car and van parts on the Left truck and bus parts in the middle and construction vehicle parts on the right perfect a place for everything and everything in its place very tidy Oh No Florence what's the matter is something wrong you're lifting Forks look damaged mechanicals we'll get you some replacement forks at least we know where to find them now that the store is tidy you're a construction vehicle that your parts will be over on the right don't go outside and call Helen to take us back to the garage Gary truth spoken at speed it's time to help a vehicle in need let's take a good look at you to see if there's anything else wrong no it looks like just your Forks are broken we'll soon get you fixed up go girl mechanicals Florence worked so hard today she is a brilliant friend I'm sorry that it took so long we got tidy in the end all that lifting broke her Forks we'll fix her good as new as a thank-you for all her hard work it's the least that we could do that you're fit and healthy again ready for your next job and glad Florence could help us tidy up she's a hard worker and a brilliant lifter thanks for visiting us today to watch more geckos garage just tap here bye [Applause]

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