Learn Shapes and Colors with Sail Away Shapes Educational Bath Toys

This video was sponsored by Learning Resources Today on Surprise and Play Sail Away shapes! boop, boop Whoa! That’s a lot of boats The boats are taking a bubble bath This is orange this is a square I’m gonna splash you guys! Surprise and Play! Hi everybody! I’m Chocolate Chip! Are you ready for a surprise? yeah ok close your eyes No peeking! Open your eyes Wow! What is it? It’s Sail Away Shapes! It’s Sail Away shapes from Learning Resources Ok let’s look at the back of the box Yeah there’s a sail So we have different colored boats with different colored sails and we have different shapes on each of the sails that we have to match with the boats Thank you for the boats! It’s International Bath Day! Yeah! So we’re gonna celebrate with this awesome toy and a bathtub! Yeah!!!! Let’s open it Here they go whoa! They’re like a squirt toy Like a squirt toy, yeah they’re squishy? Yeah they’re squishy Let dump it out Whoa! There is a red boat, a blue boat, and a purple boat, and a green boat Look, this is a bag for all my boats Cool you can also zip it back Yes, it’s a pull string bag and you can also open it That’s really good for storing out toys isn’t it? Yeah This is green And this is a rectangle put it in and … boom! This is blue And it has a moon shape Oh a moon shape cause it had a moon on it boop boop ha This is purple What kind of shape is it? A star Oh cute! over here this is orange this is a square This is a red boat and it has a circle on it There’s the circle one And we also got this yellow boat and it had a triangle Great job! We got a new boat it’s a no … What color is this boat? blue and it had a …. a flower shape Let me see oh is it a flower? It’s kind of like a flower … yes it’s a flower …or a four leaf clover too A flower OK Like a butterfly Oh that too, that kind of looks like a butterfly This is pink and it has an oval it has an oval shape on it right here Yey! We did it! Don’t forget to smile! kiss Let’s connect the boats here and put it here oh that’s the wrong way and put it here and put it here Here Cause it gets higher It get higher or it gets longer? Longer Whoa! It’s very long Very long line of boats Whoa! That’s a lot of boats! Wow! They’re all in a circle Are we ready to try putting them in the water? Yeah!!! What color boat do you want to put in first? The purple one Let’s see Oh it’s splashed ooo, purple Now it the blue Let’s put the green one Let’s put the green guy oh This is pink Blue!! Get the red one and the orange one Weee! Oh my goodness, that is a lot of boats argh! It’s sinking! The boats are taking a bubble bath Argh! It’s sinking! These boats are cool! Boop, boop, boop Sail Away shapes! If you have any questions place it in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys thanks guys! Bye! I’m gonna play with all my sailboats! swoosh! this is an awesome toy I’m gonna splash you guys! argh! he he he Bye Thanks for watching click subscribe thumbs up I heart you subscribe See you next time and we’re gonna have fun surprise and play awe he’s so cute kiss

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