35 thoughts on “Learn Romanian in 20 Minutes – ALL the Basics You Need”

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  2. excuse me Doamna the way you pronounced buna dimineata something heard not correct because I studied romanian too it is not that how you pronounced.

  3. I have one doubt: at around 20:50 "acesta" is written but the girl pronounced it like "achAsta", why is that? When is E pronounced as A? Multumesc in advance 🙂

  4. Why doesn't she tell us that it's important to NOT say "buna" from man to man, but instead to use "salut" – but never to use 'salut' to a woman?

  5. Bună is not formal and it is dependent on sex, betwen feminin and masculin, feminin and feminin. If bouth persons are males they will not use Bună, they will say Salut.

  6. I am Romanian and have never used "pentru nimic" to say you're welcome.. I even teach my kids to say "cu placere" which means "with pleasure". Just saying.

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