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tire there Jamie keyed here today a teachers tech hope you're having a great day today today I want to show you how to use PowerPoint so this is going to be a beginners tutorial to make sure you can start creating some great-looking powerpoints right away I'm gonna go over the basics how to make sure you insert new slides how to add to the slides to get the most out of it also make sure you check out my other video that I have on 10 powerful tips for PowerPoint it's gonna show you ten quick tips with some great features to even get more out of it I'll put the link down below in the description or check above in the card also on that so I do have everything time-stamped in this video so you want to skip to different parts again in the description and click on that part and jump to that part of the video if you're looking how to do something specifically so today let's get started on this beginners tutorial of Microsoft PowerPoint so I'm just gonna go ahead and open up my powerpoint I am using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 in this tutorial when I go down I have it just in my taskbar pinned right here but if you can't find it there you might wanted to check to see if you have it set anywhere but you can search for everything too so if you're not finding something on your computer you can see as they just start typing PowerPoint it will show up there so a few different ways you can get to that or any of the other applications on your computer so when I first opened up PowerPoint just some things that I want to point out to you you see all these templates and I'll explain that in a moment and we have our blank presentation but what I want to talk about first is over here on the left hand side when I open this up you can see I have a presentation that this is what I'm working on right now I have some older ones too so these would be the older ones that would be there based usually on the when I created them let's say you're working on a really important PowerPoint you just want it always to be on the top of the list so you can easily find it when you open it back up again take a look at this little pin right here so that when I click on this little pin it will pin it to the top you can see how it says pinned right here well that means that it will always stay at the top and I can unpin it once maybe I'm not working on that one anymore and I want to put a different one you can just unpin it like that so just a little tip when you're working on it so I have all these templates great templates I love working with templates saves you a lot of time in this tutorial today I'll be focused on the blank presentation because after you know how to do these things in a blank presentation you can go ahead and open a template and you'll understand everything but at any point you can change your presentation around to make it you're not stuck with the template that you chose at the beginning you can alter it and change all the details of it still so don't worry about that just to point out if I was picking a template I would just click on it you can see that I get options that I can pick some different colors to choose from and then I can go ahead and hit create and I would start with those colors but so for this here today I'll be just starting with a blank presentation if you're looking for more presentations you can see you can search online the templates right through here and I could look through categories and just type in what you're searching for hit search and you're gonna find even more templates to use so I'm gonna go ahead and create my blank presentation so it opens up just I want to do a little quick walkthrough of how things are set up in PowerPoint across the top we do have our tabs so if I be referring to a certain tab all these ones they look like tabs you can click across them and get to different parts of the ribbon so the next thing is the ribbon which is this part right through here so every tab will have a different ribbon to it everything's broken into the different categories you can see under insert I have things in different kind of categories inside of it from images to illustrations to add-ons well if you're there's one more section you can take a look at if I click in notice if I'm under let's say well fonts right here if I go ahead there's this little launch button here I can click on this and it's going to give me even more information to do some more customization let's say of the fonts so whenever you see that you can open that up something I want to point out if you're ever looking for something in PowerPoint or any of the other Microsoft Microsoft products make sure you use this right up here to tell me you can just type in what you're looking for for example if I was looking at animate something you can see right away it comes up and it's even starting to kind of guess maybe things that I might want and gives me a few more options but whenever you're stuck just take a look at that type that in what you're looking for and you're going to get a lot of good suggestions that will probably solve very quickly that what you're looking forward to all right so let's start by just creating a presentation and it's gonna be about the season so I'm gonna do what it says click to add title I'm just gonna click in here and I'm gonna write the seasons on this one spell it correctly and put my name underneath I'll just write my name here Jamie and I have a slide here so on the left hand side you notice it's like a little miniature one this is where I'm working with and a little slide over here that will show all the different slides that are coming now right away before I make any changes to design I want to add some more slides and show you how to present work so what I'm gonna do is add a new slide and I can do this in a few different ways I could right click and add new slide right here when I do that a lot of the time but you can also under home you can see there's new slide right here or under insert we have new slides so there's a few different ways you can do this so I'm gonna right click and add a new slide and let's just start with spring and I'm just going to type right in the top of it I could add a list of different things maybe that I would want to talk about it's getting warmer and I could do a list and so on I'm gonna put insert another slide but this time I just want to show you you have options on the how would the setup of this is so under insert I'm still an insert and this would work under home too but if you click under new slide this time rather than right up top on it you have some options of how you might want it already set up you can see so this one set up for comparison maybe you want a blank one maybe you want another title slide a section of your PowerPoint on here so if I was doing a comparison maybe I can set this up if I wanted to compare fall and over here I'd have winter and I could do a list comparing the two different things on this one so now I'm just gonna put one new slide one more slide here and this time I'm gonna go do the same way and I'm gonna put a blank slide in here the reason why I'm showing you a blank slide is that so if you wanted to type anything in here you can just go up to insert whenever you want to put anything on a slide use the insert so we go to insert and you can see we have text box so I could go here and click and I could have maybe this time I'll just write spring again on this one and now I can click off and I can move this around anywhere I want on the page too so if I click on it if I click on it once the lines are dotted but if I click on the edge it goes to a filled in line at that point I can do a few different things I can move it around on it you can use the circle to tilt if you wanted things on a different angle on it if you wanted to work inside you click once and you can be changing the words in here but remember click on the line if you wanted to make move it around the page if I wanted it gone I now since I have it selected like that I can hit delete and it will be gone so if you ever want to undo what you just did click the undo up top here and it will put it back you can actually go through multiple steps here at a time I could go back in history you can see and I can do multiple things at a time and I can even read you to go back what I had before now I just want to show you too Bruce present this and I know this is kind of boring yet but to actually take a look at your slideshow at your slides what you can do is go to slideshow right up here and you can see I can present from the beginning I could present from the recurrence line I'm on I'm just going to do it for the beginning click it and now I have the seasons I could arrow through it on my keyboard so if I hit to the right I go to the right if I hit to the left I go back on the slides that I already have I could use my spacebar to move ahead I could even click on my mouse and it would move ahead let's say you want to get out of this presentation mode use the escape on your top left hand corner of your keyboard the ESC and click it and you'll be back in edit mode the other thing I just wanted to point out is you can kind of change this look too down at the bottom right hand corner you can see if you wanted to start your presentation you can start it from down here too if I click and I'm back in presenting mode hit my escape I'm out I could change it up if I just wanted only to see the thumbnails of this I can change it back like so now at any time if you wanted to change the order of your presenting of things you can click on a slide make sure it's highlighted and drag it around like so so I could just move these around in different order I could even delete them if I want so if I hit the delete on my computer I mean on the keyboard it will be gone try right-clicking I right-click on a lot of things usually if I'm looking for something it's gonna be under the right click once I have that item selected you can see where I can cut copy I can make a duplicate of a slide I could delete a slide take a look and you can even change your layout so even after you've picked a certain slide layout you can go through and adjust the layout right from there too so if I wanted this to be the comparison you can see how they've added and adjusted for that so that's just some kind of a setup and just getting your slides ready let's get into the important part of making some great-looking slides let me show you you some quick ways to make some great adjustments to your PowerPoint and the first one using the slides I already have here go up to design and when you go up to design in your tabs pick one of the items up here I'm gonna go to this one right here and I'm gonna click on it notice what happens right here is it adjusted all of these for me so I put on a title slide and now it gave me a different look and I'll click on different one that matched kind of a theme on it what I like about also about doing this is they give you design ideas you can click on different ones if you wanted a different look for each one they'll give you an idea if it's not there then they don't have it but and then for something like this if I wanted a different one I could try different just different ideas to get for the presentation I mean it's gonna go back actually on this one because I just wanted to show you how quickly it would be this is almost like using a template with it but you can quickly adjust any of these or change on the fly you can pick a different one and it won't change your content it's just going to change the look to it but let's look at a different way let's make some adjustments to this and let's start with just the font here if I wanted to make some quick adjustments to the font if I you want to select something if I go in here I'm gonna triple click and show you what happens so I'm gonna go in here and triple click when I triple click on a line it selects the whole line notice how the gray area is all selected and it also gives me this this right here which is the same that's in my under the tab and under the rate up here and the font 1 so rather than going up there each time I can trouble click select it and I can make changes to my font right through here and if I wanted a different color I'm just gonna pick some colors just to be able to show you you can see how quick you can make those adjustments on it too so once you get in place so if I double-click so just so you know the difference between a double-click if I double-click if I double-click garden that was a trouble click if I double click it will select the one word here if I double click it will select the word here but a triple click selects the whole line on it so making some quick adjustments to the font let's make some quick adjustments to the background to how I like to do this is if you're going through you can change each background if you want to reply it to all I right click on this so if you're ever looking for something again use the tell me I could type in background up here and you can see how it starts to go through I want format background right here and it pops up over here the way I usually do it is if I right click I just go to format background right here but I just want to make sure you knew that tell me it will find the things that you're looking forward to so let's say if I just wanted to adjust the background here I could do it with a solid fill the color is right here so if I want it maybe blue like this and you can see the font doesn't work too well with this one so maybe I adjust it to a yellow and that will show a little bit better on it I could go through and use a gradient to gradient is a nice way to maybe soften up the background or try a few different things I can adjust the gradient through a few different ways you can see there's the preset gradients through here but I can change it from the type if I wanted more of a radial I could change the color of each point so with a gradient it's it's all these different things that are happening right through here so I'm going to just pick a different one here I'm gonna pick a linear and I'm gonna adjust the colors in this one so I can drag this a bit and you can see how it just been but when I have a certain one selected I can go through and pick a different color I'm just gonna pick this one and you can see how it changes everything up so I could go through and change each of these up I'll pick a different color here and a little bit down in the corner that it had changed a little bit more if I wanted to adjust this and I'm bringing out the corner a little bit more I can adjust all these things here to get the look that I want I could apply it to all the slides or I could reach at the background so I'm gonna reset the background I don't want to use it I just wanted to show you guys the other thing you can do is put a picture or a fill so if I put the picture of fill it defaults to the text or fill that's there but what I want to do is show you the if you had a picture you want to upload it you could go through file this way and grab it from your computer I like searching online a lot of time so if I go through here online and then I can go through and then I go let's say if I'm looking for summer and maybe I'll pick this one right here and insert it now I have this image here on it maybe I move my title around because I want it to be in the sky so it just sees a little bit more so same thing with my name here too so just some quick adjustments to the background the other thing yet you can adjust through this background notice on the font here so if I have my font selected there's text options too now I can go through and actually do a fill or saw this so you can see if solid fill I can do the gradient fills on all these I could even put pictures inside my font so for insults like office so you can see a little bit more so if I went to a gradient fill you can see it's the same gradient that was there before maybe I use a preset and it changes changes to it we have our pattern fill like so we also have our different options look at text effects here so if I want it to I'll just go to reflection I can adjust a reflection here to come down and you can see right at the bottom to it so you can do a lot of these things right inside PowerPoint to get kind of almost something like a Photoshop that you used to have to do in Photoshop just by going through and playing with all these different options so that's some ways to make some design changes with this and remember if you wanted to apply this to all you could apply it to all and the image goes right through and then you could take a look at how it how it presents after that but you can also go back don't don't worry about anything that you've done remember you just go back and get it back to the way you had it so let's do a few more things to get the design even better now so let's look at a few more things you can insert under the insert tab I'm gonna go up here click on insert so remember when you want to put something into your PowerPoint it's gonna be inserted in now first of all I've already talked about some fonts but I just want to point out word art also is another way that you can write some things and a nice-looking font and I'll just pick an example here and I'll just put I'll just write winter and I can move this around and you can see how it comes out in a word art form if I increase the size of it it you can see how I can make the font larger at any time I can go through and click on different designs and change the text fill or have a different outline to it so very quickly to do differ just a different way to add it and of course you can click it delete when you're in done so let's say you want to put some images in here I'm just going to show you a couple different ways to do that from uploading from your computer or from online so if I want to get maybe some stuff that matches these pictures let's go I'm gonna insert and I'm gonna insert a picture right here and right from here and I'm gonna take it from my computer so I'm just gonna take this son right here hit insert comes out really large white background I can resize this here too so I'm just gonna resize it grab the corner drag in and I'm gonna put it just over here because this is where I have summertime but I can also search for things I write inside online so if I look at inside insert pictures again if you had more you could go from there but you can also use online and let's say this time I want something for a ring and I'll just use these clouds here hit insert and I have these transparent rain clouds so no white background on this one notice at the bottom it comes at all sites the pictures that comes through from if you want that gone you can select the bottom hit delete and I can resize these ones here at any time too so once you put your images in you can actually make changes to them if I look on this one if I wanted to make some adjustments you double click on these and what you're gonna get it ghost brings you to the format but see how you can make correct right through here so if I wanted you know if it brighter you can see how I can quickly make some adjustments to it just by using the different options so you can go through and look at all these different different ways to enhance your picture so I'm just gonna go back a few steps here and I'm gonna insert one more picture on this page or I'll just go from online and I'll just type snow and I'll put this one right here in it like so and this one I'll move and you can resize these pictures like I showed you before the other thing it was when you're working with different layers you can also put if I drag this over notice this one is on top of this one if I look up top here bring forward send to back if I click on if I click on this one sent to back now it's behind so you can always change the order of your images very quickly on it a lot of times I'll just right-click on it and you can see how you can bring to front send to back just through there too I'm just gonna move this over to this over here so the other thing I want to show you with your images here are these different formats so you can easily put things in frames on it if I click on these you can see how you can adjust really really quickly to get some neat looking one so it takes this white square makes it look a lot more interesting what I like with PowerPoint what you can do is I'm just gonna undo these steps here I'm gonna get rid of the white background and I'll show you how easy it is to do I want to make sure this is transparent so I'm just gonna double click on this you see over here it says remove background I'm gonna click on this and if I look though added right now it didn't get everything quite right I want the hand to stay in and these points I can go here mark as key to keep and I'll click on this I'm just gonna add now mark the mark the hand here and just put a few dots and it's gonna grow over here a little bit more just here and I think it's getting better and better I get a couple more places maybe this one right here and I'll just I won't make this perfect but that's getting pretty good right here and I go one more spot when I I get it the way I want I can go ahead and hit keep changes and now I have the transparent background so go ahead if you put in that white background you can kind of you can make it transparent right inside PowerPoint on this so that's just some ways you can play with your images enhance your images layer them on top of each other and make some a changement changes to the look to it let's go through a little bit more and let's look how we can add some animation to these pictures and then transitions in between the slides one more thing I just wanted to show you with the images is cropping so if you want to crop an image if you double click on the image make sure you're under the format the crop is over here so if I click on crop I can go through and bring my handles in and get it to the point where I want or bring in the sides and I'll adjust this a little bit when you get to where you like you can just click off of it and that image will be cropped all right so let's move over to some animation here so I'm gonna use these images just to show you some basic animation and I'll click on this know this little snowflake first when I click on it you need to click on it we can go to animation and we can add an animation in so let's say if I wanted it to swivel so I'm going to go with go over here and click swivel and it does the swivel now I'm just gonna I'm gonna view this through my I'm gonna present it just this slide click here slideshow nothing's there but when I click it appears so if I'm going through giving my presentation when I click the animations come out when I wanted to I'm gonna hit escape let's add some more animation here I'm gonna go to let's have this one fly-in comes in from the bottom don't want it to come from the bottom take a look right here effects options I want it to go from bottom left you can see I can change the direction where I want it to come from now this one I'll just add one more here and I'll just make this one pulse no yeah I'll leave it at that one so I'll now I'll hit play so this one will swivel this one flies in and when I click again that one pulse so I can also change the order notice that there's a one two three here I can change the order of these around from one's depending on which one I want to come first so now the if I played it again through this one I can go through and play it and it's going to go through in the different order now I like going through and hitting the present mode from there but there is also the preview rate up top here you can see it will just go through and play it automatically for you just the way you have everything set up so you don't have to play it I just like to do it with to click to test it out all right so let's look at transitions here so that's the what's happening in between the slides so if I go to this first slide here transitions is rape side animation and what I can do is let's just put I'm gonna put random bars on and that's the transitions that it will start with I can apply this to all so if I click apply those random bars go in between each one right here but I want let's say a different for this purpose a different transition so I can click on this one and I'm gonna go fall over and then that was kind of a cool one and I'll pick one more and we'll go with drape for this last one so I'm gonna go ahead and present my slideshow so I'm gonna go to slideshow and play from beginning so I have my transitions you can see how we've dealt with some of the fonts the how we can make cool-looking fonts here we have another transition we have an animation another animation another animation we've changed our background color and as I click through another one with different images and crop so now it's up to you to kind of change you know change the look and get things your plan of what you want at any time remember what I showed you before if you go back to your design you could just simply click on these and get a whole new design system there and you can go through and use these design ideas to quickly adjust your presentation into so it's never done you can just quickly adjust or you can undo it too when you get to where you want to be remember to be saving your your PowerPoint so if we go we can click up here under the save or else you can if I go back to file you can see the first time you'd probably want to hit save as and save it to a certain spot a lot of times I'll be just saving on this B's PC but you can save on onedrive so you have access through the cloud to get through this or you can share with different people so when you're saving it on this PC I would just click and I would find a certain spot give it a name I'll just call this the seasons here and then I can find the spot right and through here the folder I'll just leave it on my desktop for me hit save and I can in its safe now so this is just the beginning of the PowerPoint you know to start playing around with it just show you some of the cool things you could do with it take a look at that other video that I showed you about those 10 powerful tips to get a little bit more out of it I'll have some more PowerPoint information coming out so if you're interested a hit that subscribe button in that little Bell notification so you know when my new videos come out thanks for watching this week and I'll see you next time here at teachers tech

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