Learn Portuguese Vocabulary | Must Know Words Compilation Vol. 1

37 thoughts on “Learn Portuguese Vocabulary | Must Know Words Compilation Vol. 1”

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  2. Lovely seminar, but can you make a video explaining why is the R in Roxo sound like an H or the no is that same as the ñ in Spanish??

  3. I like how this video is supposed to be for newbies in portugues but the comment section is filled with pros or natives

  4. Eu tô só imaginando a reação dos brasileiros quando ela fala "Eu sou Jade Fruta"
    (Com todo o respeito, viu?)

  5. Hey guys I have a whatsapp group for practicing Portuguese/English https://chat.whatsapp.com/CFj3368EHPuHCbEXlOQEfw

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  6. E ilha que quando ela falou fresco eu entendi que era aquele nome tipo vc é muito fresca , acho que pra eles deve ser uma forma de assédio ;-;

  7. I can understand Portuguese in Brazil is easier to understand and in Portugal was very hard to understand because the different accent. In Brazil like the words like abacaxi means pineapple and maca means apple and also xicara means cup. Eu quero uma xicara de cafe means I want a cup of coffee. I can easier to communicate in Brazil to talk in the accent of Portuguese. Voce falar Portugues means Do you speak Portuguese? Brazil is a beautiful country of South America.🇧🇷💛💚💙

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