29 thoughts on “Learn Polish in 30 Minutes – ALL the Basics You Need”

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  2. This language is a f*cking nightmare. Going to Poland in 8 hours and all I could learn from this was pretty much "hej" and "jeden". 😀

  3. My 4 year old daughter came home speaking Polish. I think she's saying Divoun so I'm trying to find what it means

  4. I don't know how or what brought me here but that lesson is very interesting. I loved your lesson.

    Spanish is my native language, I had to change my mind to English language and next to Poland's language.. my mind was burned, specially with polish numbers.

    Regards from Mexico!

  5. If you hear "no" it means "yes". If you hear "nie" it means "no". If you hear "tak" it means "yes" or "no". Good luck.

  6. God, my ears are bleeding. Her pronunciation is off in both languages… as if she hasn’t spoken in polish for a long time and you can hear a little bit of an English accent in her polish pronunciation.

  7. How would you say question words in Polish to start of a question?

    Questions Words like:


  8. I speak spanish and when I was younger I wanted to date a Polish girl at the gym,I had to learn all the basic stuff like this video and never lost what I learned.

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