47 thoughts on “Learn Piano In 4 Minutes”

  1. Unfortunately the courses are the most expensive as far as i can see and i cant afford this sort of money for a hobby

  2. Thank you. I already knew about the 4 3 method, but didn't know about the 3 4 method until your video. Before I started your video, I told myself if I learn anything from him in just 4 minutes, then I will subscribe to his channel. I subscribed, and am anxious to become good on the piano. I am at level 1, and am learning from Noona Basic Piano books. I just bought the whole set 5 days ago, and am already on book 2.

  3. Dear sir
    Thank you so much
    This was very informative
    I am song writter
    And I need to learn music production
    And need to master Chords
    Thanks Jacques Sir

  4. Played keyboard for some times now. And the chord formula is extremely helpful. I should have watched this video when I first started

  5. I have a request to all piano teachers: STOP UNDERSELLING YOUR INSTRUMENT! It is obtuse, difficult, and terribly hard to master, SO BE UPFRONT ABOUT IT!

    Every piano lesson I've looked at starts with the "A piano has a lot of keys and looks intimidating, but it is in fact really easy" spiel. IT'S NOT EASY. If it was easy, everyone could do it!

    Then they go into the "you only have to learn 12 notes" line of absolute bull-crap. Yes, but those 12 notes are typically repeated 5-6 times on the keyboard, and at a certain point you're expected to PLAY THEM ALL.
    Do you have any idea how hard it is for an uncoordinated person like myself to play even one octave above or below "middle C," let alone manage a chord?

  6. Wow am impressed! Didn’t have the means to learn when younger , hope I can pick up piano now..

  7. IDK if you answer comments, but I cannot play notes on my left and right hand. If the left is different then the right I can't do it

  8. I want to play and take your course. What’s the best setup for a beginner? I was thinking a keyboard for an iPad, what’s your thoughts? Budget conscious

  9. you suck I never want to watch your videos even if I have to kill myself😠😡 it didn't teach me any thing except how to make the worst vidio

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