Learn Opposites For Children | Learning Video For Toddlers

In all the Cities around the world, from the
smallest Village to the largest Town , if you look very carefully at a hole in the ground, 
then maybe you’ll  find Opposites that live underground. Opposites are very different to one another. Just like Big jimmy and Small Paul. Hello Big Jimmy! Hello small Paul! Big and Small : Opposite. Opposites
can be fast  like Berry. Or slow like Harv. Hello Berry. Hello Harv. Fast and Slow :Opposite. Remember, Opposites are different from one
another. They can be Fat like Daddy Frank. Or Thin Like Mommy Thelma! Hello Fat Frank, Hello Thin Thelma. Fat and Thin: Opposite. Some opposites can be Happy like Harry or
sometimes Sad like Sally. Hello Harry. Cheer up Sally. Happy and Sad : Opposite. Here comes Suki and Sid. They are opposites.
Suki is tall, and Sid is short.  Hello Suki, Hello Sid. Tall and Short: Opposite. Some can be Old like Grandpa or young like
baby Goo. Hello Grandpa. Hello Goo. Old and Young: Opposite. These are the Opposites who live underground…
Some are Big and some are Small, some are Short and some are Tall.Others are Fat and
others are Thin. Some are Fast and some are Slow. Others are Happy and others are Sad.
Some are Old and Some are Young, but all are Opposites and Live underground. Goodbye Opposites until next time…

11 thoughts on “Learn Opposites For Children | Learning Video For Toddlers”

  1. What cute little creatures they all are! I think my favourite is fast Berry. Lovely video Toddler Fun Learning :o)

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