Learn numbers with Bulldozer – Learning for kids with Vehicles & Animals – AnimaCars

hi billdozer how are you would you like to learn numbers with us today okay billdozer let's learn your first number push one blue dye into the first Meagles cargo excellent drill dozer now let's push 2 yellow dice into the second Eagles cargo well done bill dozers that makes two our next number is three and you push three red dice into the third Meagles cargo okay let's go great job they'll desert our next number is 4 way to go our last number is five can you push five purple dyes into the fifth Meagles cargo well done billdozer you learned lots of numbers today would you like to sum this up four one two three four bye see you soon my friends thanks buddy something's wrong here team toolbox to the rescue right George we've got some work to do hi team toolbox we have a problem in the forest billdozer is in trouble he was trying to knock down the candles from the training but got stuck between two trunks team toolbox you need to help build those or get free into the watch chick anima tool check ready for some action torch [Applause] George quick let's go oh we will make this work Oh you to find another way you solve the problem I have an idea time to use animal watch animal watch activated [Applause] do your best buddy be gentle my friend Hey Wow I was sure that would do no what go fetch hi do you know what ready for a new adventure huh let's go ready for some action torch we've got some work to do hello Team jewel-box there is an emergency at this very cave rusty was exploring when he found a golden screw on a floating rock you know that our friend can be a little bit greedy so we go straight into a trap when he took the stream this scary cave grew angry and slam that door shut now crusty is stuck on the floating rock in the middle of the lava and no one can get inside to rescue him crusty needs your help fast and the lodge anima tool ready for some action George helps on the way smells like adventure around here Wow what is this place hmm oh no it's stop good boy hmm wow what a brainteaser ah now it's not as easy huh let's discover new places don't worry big guy we'll get you out of here hmm are you thinking what I'm thinking torch oh bloody looks like for me damn right hmm I know the perfect anima car for this Jonny you have to say my animal watch activated [Applause] hello my friend thanks for responding to animal Animal Park I have an idea you can do it use your strength yourself [Applause] yeah jean-georges fix things together friends forever

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