LEARN MORSE CODE from a MEMORY CHAMP (in 15 minutes)

can you understand that because I can but we're gonna learn how to do it together I'm gonna teach you how to memorize or learn Morse code in this video let's do it so the story goes that Samuel Morse was away from his wife and got a letter saying that she was very sick he immediately went home which took him a lot of time and by the time they got home found out that she had actually already passed away and was even buried he imagined so he became dead set on figuring out how to make communication a lot quicker and subsequently came up with Morse code what we're gonna do in this video is figure out how to get it in our heads I'm gonna teach you two ways and I'm gonna learn it at the same time one way is just kind of a quick and dirty way it's not gonna take very much time the world it'll do is it'll put enough information in your head so that you along with a piece of paper can write out basically the Morse code chart and from there you could listen to Morse code or write it so you have the chart in your head now that's great for that specific purpose but if you heard Morse code randomly in a restaurant or on an airplane or wherever you are you would have to quickly jot out this chart and figure it out chances are you probably can't do that so the second version of memorizing Morse code will be how to actually memorize what the sounds are for each letter so that if you ever hear Morse code bbbbbb you can actually translate it as it's happening to you which would be pretty cool so the very basics of Morse code is that it's made up of dots and dashes dot and a dash now different combinations of the dots and the dashes will produce different letters and then different combinations of those letters will obviously create words and then combinations of words will create sentences combination sentences will create paragraphs when you're beeping out each letter dots take up one beat and then dashes take up three of those beats now the reason the tempo matters is because obviously when you get to different words you want to have some kind of spacing between it space between two letters in a word would be three lengths or three beats and then between words would be seven okay so that way you can build words and you know where one letter starts one word starts etcetera we won't worry about that for now let's get to the basics of how to memorize the simplest form of the Morse code so that you can write it out and then do it by ear all right so our first thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna learn some really weird story and it goes like this want you to picture that there is an ET an extraterrestrial and his name happens to be Ian hey yeah I am that's his name it's just a regular name Ian and Ian suddenly he's very open-minded he says mmm sure and what's gonna happen is he gets some wd-40 and before he does something with it he says to himself out loud kay go okay I'm ready go for some reason he uses that oil to turn on some high voltage frequency I don't know what that means but just imagine that somehow with the wd-40 he has some high voltage frequency suddenly coursing through his veins he pauses for a second and says to himself lol it was a funny experience as an extraterrestrial or whatever once that's all done he puts on his PJs gets ready for bed gets inside of a box that's where you apparently et's sleep and the Box happens to be size Q because Q is the size of all boxes in this extraterrestrial planet duh that's it so what we've actually memorized there is just the alphabet in a certain order their frequency in the English language more or less is actually not quite correct but it's close enough so if we write out what we have we have E t ye t his name was e and right then he said mmm sure MSU R then he gets wd-40 WD and says K go OK Co then he turns on the high voltage frequency pauses I'll put a space here laughs to himself lol that's just an L and then another pause we have he puts on his pj's it gets in a box B X and then it's size Q here's a little bit of a stretch but C Y Z so C Y Z and then Q the way it works is actually there's a binary tree that can be drawn if I have my letters here start at the top open a little circle here that's where you start and you branch out at every node you branch out so to the left and to the right I'm gonna lead read from left to right the alphabet that I just wrote down here so the first one would be e that TKE and those happen to be the most frequent letters in the English alphabet then we branch each of those down further into two and my next two letters are I and a and then we have N and M you're scoring across from left to right we continue down breaking those into further things I'm running out of room here but I'll show you the actual chart in a little bit so after M was s you are W D K G oh and so on and so on I'll let you guys finish that I'll show the graphic in a second so you could follow up completely so if you go down the branches to the left that's a dot and going right down to branch is a dash and you can literally read out what each letter is if you follow this track and say to yourself okay if I'm going left that's a dot I'm going right that's a – and then you just compile them all together to create the letter if I go to the left for the e that's just a dot and that is the morse code for e dot and then if I go to the right 40 that's a – now let's say we want to get to s now what am I gonna do I'm gonna follow my branches here and go down to eat that's a dot I go down the I that's another left move that's another dot and then I go another left branch move that's another dot so s happens to be dot dot dot let's say I want to go to oh I would go down to T that's a – okay so I have a – so far I go down to M again this is the right that's another – and then I go to oh it's another – oh oh is actually – – – so now if we look at this chart for the berry there's one more layer I didn't draw it out here but you can see it in the chart you see hvf from the leftmost and then there's a space remember I told you there was a space the else sits there alone has left part of our then we have pj b XC y z cube just goes all the way across and then of course the last two under oh there's no more letters of the alphabet but let's say we want to figure out what B is right which is pretty deep down the tree so I go to the right to get to T that's a – I go to the left and that's a dot I see that I have to go down to D and B which are both dots so B is actually – dot dot dot cool so the next step we're going to memorize what each letter actually sounds like people who are very proficient in Morse code have suggested that you should not learn what it looks like as a mnemonic so because my first instinct was okay maybe I'll think of I'll look at what each letter looks like as dots and dashes and I'll think of a picture I made that it looks like but apparently that's really tough and once you learn it that way it's actually hard to translate it to audio so the suggestions I've read are to turn it immediately into some sound and then that will always help you remember when you hear the sound which is ultimately what you want to be able to do so if the way this works is for every letter in the alphabet we're basically gonna have a little phrase okay that has some kind of stress on syllables that will help you remember a dot versus a dash remember a dot is very quick and a dash is a bit longer more stressed upon so the word that we're gonna come up with or the phrase it's gonna have a similar structure as the dots and dashes of the actual letter itself so let's start with our first example here the letter A now if I just remember the word apart the way I've stressed it in my head is apart the a is short the part is long we have a dot and a dash uh part and some of these are totally weird hopefully they're weird enough that you can remember them so B is gonna be bob is the man bob is the man bob is the man bob is man Bob is the man is – dot dot dot bob is the man now it's important when you learn these as I'm saying them's to hear them as I stress them because that's gonna help you remember that bob is the man bob is the man bob was the man b-brother dot let's move on to C this one's easy I just think of coca-cola but I pronounced like this coca-cola coca-cola the way Morse code is for C is dash dot dash dot d is dog did it dog did it dog did it right whatever the dog did he did it so dog did it which is – doc let's move I'll do a few more of these and then we'll kind of go through it a little quicker you can spend your time learning those or practicing vocalizing it with those stress syllables right so you know what it's supposed to sound like what it will be like in dots and dashes okay so II this is my favorite one and the easiest to learn you may not even need this since we know if you remember from the chart that it's at the very top of our tree it's just a dot the way I remember it is I just remember a like someone questioning a very quick it's just a dot hey that's easy all right so for F fetch a fireman such a fireman you guess what that is dot dot dash dot fetch ah fire man dot dot dash dot and remember when you come up with these little weird stories try to actually visualize what you're saying fetching a fireman what does that even mean are you fetching an actual globule of flame and bringing it somewhere are you fetching a fireman like an actual dude firefighter right carrying him over your shoulder all right so G this is one of my favorite ones just because it sounds fun is good Grady good gravy – – good gravy just think of your Thanksgiving your grandma's delicious good gravy as you're drinking that gravy where you've poured it all over your turkey you say good gravy just like that all right so the letter H continuing on is really easy it's hippy hop everything it was short quick syllables so that's just one two three forward little dots maybe yeah so for I I can remember I bid like I bid on that thing on eBay that I wanted so much a bit those are just two quick dots I bit okay J I'm gonna think of the jaws movie and the phrase is in Jaws jaws jaws so it's a dot dash dash dash in Jaws jaws jaws KK is good one kangaroo kangaroo L is Los Angeles Los Angeles and you can just remember is mMmmm – – something really delicious twice and you can remember as nudist – dot new just oh you can remember as oh my god three long dashes this is a fun one P is a poopy smell dot dash dash dot poopy smell Q is god save the queen – – – god save the queen or you can remember something rotating rotation rotation teh Shen s we said before is gonna be dot dot dot and the way you can remember that is just think of some really Spanish person saying CCC for T we have just a – remember it was at the top of our tree here just a single – you can just remember it with a single long stress word that is starting with T like tall all right for you you can use the word uniform and say it like this uniform uniform so dot dot – uniform for this one it's victory v quick three dots in a – victory v dot dot dot – victory V there you go WI think of world war so you could say the world war the world war the world war and so for X we have x marks the spot x marks the spot why you're a cool dude you're a cool dude and finally we have Z this one's a bit weird but zinc zookeeper – – dot there you go nice so there you have it you now have this lovely piece of paper committed to memory based on what you heard me say weirdly so now let's see if you can actually understand what was being beeped out at the beginning of this video I'll play it very slow at five words per minute II are why memory what happened I think he's talking there what is that Morse code HD that's the end of this video I hope this was super helpful I'm gonna give you one last message as I say my good-byes here I'm out subscribe oh yeah like like the video all the things comment in the description with a Morse code message so that nobody can see it except you and I and I guess everybody else who knows Morse code yeah

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  1. I went on vacation a few days ago, and there was a USB port making beeps, after watching this video now I know it was saying "E E E E E E"

  2. Its 11:52 and im thabkful i came across this vid.. ive always wanted to learn this but never knew how.. im glad i learned a new thing today before the day ends.. bless u..!

  3. Now when I hear the Nokia sms ringtone, I'm just going to imagine a spanish man going "si si si mmmm mmmm si si si" 😂

  4. There is a better way trust me, it's to remember morse table, it's like in this table there are letters and the table's background colours are black or white, and black means dot, and white means stripe and it's far more easy this video is a waste of time haha

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