41 thoughts on “Learn Mandarin Chinese // Learn Chinese While You SLEEP// 230 BASIC PHRASES 中文”

  1. Is there any beginner in chinese who wants study partner? I would like to learn mandarin, but I feel bit lonely

  2. If anyone who speak English want to practice Chinese, you can contact with me, let's study from each other. My WeChat id is zardjueburenshu

  3. HELP

    Who is interested in some language exchange? I speak French, Spanish and English, and I'm looking for someone to practice my Chinese with.

    Hit me up brothers and sisters I'd be happy to meet you !

  4. Anyone here speaking Russian wants to learn Chinese? I can teach you both simplified and traditional Chinese. and you could teach me Russian in return.
    If anyone is interested ,please comment below ,I will offer you my email address and fb account .

  5. Bruh only .001% of my brain works howm i supposed to access the part that will make me learn a language while i sleep

  6. If you wanna learn Chinese, I can help you, having 7years experience as an announcer, I will be appreciated if you teach me back English. My Facebook is Maria Miu

  7. This video is the best I've come across in learning chinese. It's all read out so i don't have to look at the screen all the time. Would like to see a PART 2 and more. Thank you.

  8. Hello, Everyone I live in cambodia l need friends speak english chnese and Thia with me every day .who can help me ? I will help you also. If your can please give me your facebook or phone number . Thank you .

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