Learn Instant BASIC Beatbox with Venolla (Tutorial 1) – part 1

hi I'm Shaun aka DJ Winona I'm here to teach you how to beatbox you with one novella and your line off my topic today and the outline of my topic today okay basic bits so basic bits first we look into classic hip drop to keep drum sounds like this you do it by localizing the web b-b-b you don't for this you do not require any air from your lungs it's just the air in your mouth your whole weight and then you release it now we want to close ahead plus I had has a sound okey so you say t walk nice tea tea tea tea using your tongue you hit it down your teeth that's your clothes I had and took bit I'm going to introduce you is the Rhema shop rimshot sound like this yes sound keh keh keh so to do it you need to localize do a que hay que but in the back of your tongue you get some air you hold it for a while you listen while trying to say the word key so for example if you mix this tree bit together in a sequence on bt Katie you get something like this for beginners should try it slow as you gradually improve you try to increase the speed you can vary around two for Satan what is a falsetto the force it is the high force highways our body can produce without holding much air from our mom or it said that we've always done this is real kid yeah and this one so the tricky spot of falsetto is that how are we to apply it into a beat the question is how can we do a high-pitched humming and a beat together for your sister that is an example well I know one trick they might really help I want cheeks actually so water we drink water and do the humming blend this will help us practice because water enters our tongues rested and our lips is not disturbed which means that we will not be using our lips and tongue while we do a humming so if the lips and tongue is less understood we actually do be without lips while we produce the humming sound so what you're hearing is – sorry wants okay that's pretty simple but kid here's a snippet see size may have to lead to them so we stop with this waha me we'll try and see the way we learn just now follow me or since B P and K so you go do you think a baby chick a bit faster beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty beauty KGB now I hear the sucking in air sauce actually some kind of thing it's just a fill in the holes in between like PT k PT k bt kids that's that also kept you in there sucking kind of thing once we familiar we're familiar with high pitch was as we can choose our meter not to do is eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat he pins he became as we go no yeah you can actually reach the base not wishing which is the next stop I'll be talking on base

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  1. i have 10 years , its easy to me , b always go smooth, I borned for this 😀 . PM me for secrets about this .

  2. u suck man i have never done beat box i saw ur video by mistake n i try once i have done better than u have done in this video>>

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