40 thoughts on “Learn Illustrator in 5 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial”

  1. i want to ask two question regarding illustrator hope you will answer me first question is that I download design from freepik or any vector website now when I copy this design to another art board it's colours become dull why it is happening pls help me another question is while I place any image into illustrator and emabad. when i resize it the image quality become poor means very low resolution pls answer the same

  2. I haven't used illustrator in years and I have a job interview that might ask me to use it this afternoon. Thank you!!!

  3. Im not very comfortable when i have to hold to select the ellipse tool, can i change it to "right click" like in Photoshop?

  4. This was fantastic! Was able to get a good handle on what it's all about and make a short cut cheat sheet based on it

  5. Initially i thought how is it possible within 5 min? But really basic things covered, thank u very much.

  6. Haven't used Illustrator since a couple semesters ago and really needed a refresher as my classes from here on out will majorly involve the use of that program and this was a GREAT memory refresher! THANK YOU, SIR!! ❤️🤗👍

  7. I have subscribed to your channel just because you are the opposite of most of the videomakers on youtube. fast, precise and full of information in very short time. I have no time to loose, so i need more like this. please continue doing your videos in this way. thank you very much

  8. This is great! I like how you have so much information in a short video so I don't have to watch a long one to get so much helpful information. Thank you. Very helpful for learning Illustrator.

  9. this video is great, Flow Graphics I'm a designer myself and its so helpful and clear! if im stuck on something i always come to your channel and you have inspired me to start my own YouTube thanks x

  10. I'm used to work on Corel draw from more than 8 years; I got a project to work on AI now. Can you help me out with a quick tutorial please.

  11. I used to be a graphic designer but stopped for 10 years. Honestly nothing has really changed since Illustrator CS. That's cool i could probably continue to use Illustrator CS actually. Instead of buying the new version. Huh….

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