15 thoughts on “Learn How to Speak Spanish in 6 Months!”

  1. I take Spanish lesson 2x a week snd it's a very difficult language to learn….male/ female and all of the conjugations…i don't think it's possible..

  2. I want to see this teacher on all of Spanish 101 videos. I want to learn original accent, not some from Latin countries. You should respect your viewers.

  3. 355 day streak on Duolingo. I’m blazing through the exercises now. Did almost 500 today. As well as studying other platforms such as yours.

  4. Looking for native English speaker cause I'm learning English and we can help each other by practicing and sharing information, by the way I'm Spanish speaker.

  5. You're doing good work, may god bless you so that one day aliens 👽 will come to you to learn spanish..😁💥🙏

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