Learn How to Play Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin- Guitar Lesson (Guitar Cover) by Steve Stine

[Applause] hey Steve Stein here and today we're gonna be talking about whole lotta love by Led Zeppelin I've had a number of requests to kind of break this down and show you how to play it and I made a video on this many many years ago I thought it's probably time for an update so we're gonna be looking at the main parts of this song we're gonna look at the solo and everything like that and I'm just going to break down some thoughts for you on how to approach this song because oftentimes when we look at the tablature and things like that sometimes it confuses us even more because they're all written differently and we're not taking into consideration the realistic approach to playing songs you know when Jimmy Page is in the studio and he's playing this when he plays it live there's subtle elements that just change by nature when you're playing and so what we want to do is really understand the the main idea of what's happening here and then you can sort of adjust it to what feels most comfortable so the beginning of this song starts with really three things there's the single note movement and then there's this power chord and then there's little subtleties around it so the first thing we need to get used to is being able to go from the seventh fret of the sixth string to the fifth fret of the fifth string now I'm using my third finger in my first finger and the most important thing there is to keep those notes separated don't let them ring out because then it begins to sound kind of awkward so you want seven five again so you do that twice now what you're going to do is head up to the fifth fret or excuse me the seventh fret of the fifth string which is an e power chord and you're gonna strum that a power chord now it doesn't matter whether you play seven nine nine or you just play seven and nine whatever again how you normally play your power chords often when you see me play power chords sometimes I'll use these fingers sometimes I'll use my pinky instead it's just whatever feels most comfortable so the the main thing is once I come off that seven to five and target that power chord I just I got to get there right away I need that to happen so the other part before we move on is when the when the song first starts you hear this little slide into the seven and it's not always there and it's not necessary okay but just so you understand that it is they're a great place to slide from would be like the fifth fret but notice I'm not going I'm not giving it its its own pitch it's more like what we'd call a ghost note where I'm just kind of sliding I'm finding a place to start so you're not really hearing the initial note because notice I could start from anywhere and I'm gonna get that same okay just the further down you go the part of the slide becomes so you want this nice little slide going into the seven if you can do it and then play that seven five seven five and then that power chord now let's talk about the power chord part you're going to do a power chord strumming the fifth and forth and possibly third strings and then you're going to go up to the sixth string and you're gonna palm mute three times and then you're gonna start all over okay so again from a realistic perspective you need to end on the e power cord and get back to the single note seven five thing so whether or not you strum that last II once or twice or whatever again when you look at the tab it'll look very different because Jimmy Page is just playing right so it's not like it's it's etched in stone and it's done exactly a certain way all the time he's just plant as you are so when you get done with that e I wouldn't stress over whether or not you're supposed to strum it twice or strum at once just make it work for you okay now when the singing starts you're gonna do this same idea but it is shorter so now it sounds like this and again you don't have to add the the slide on every time or anything like that just find a natural kind of groove to this thing to make it happen then we're going to be moving into the chorus now the chorus is basically the same thing except you're not going to keep playing this seven five what you're gonna do is just add in a D power chord as well so I'm going to show you I'm coming off the verse going into the chorus and then I'll come back out into the verse again so here's the verse okay here we go and again there isn't any real particular kind of strum that you need to do on that D chord it's just feeling that space you know whatever it is that feels good to you but but filling that space right now we're gonna have to come off that Dee back into that Ian strum the e power chord and then start our palm mute right so we're filling that space with the D okay and then all we do is we hit the E and then we wait for a really long time before the solo begins now the rhythm underneath the solo is just these epower chords or these these punches okay so now we're gonna look at this solo man it's okay if you don't want to learn this but I'm just gonna show you kind of how this thing goes so it's all basically a pentatonic with a little bit of blue stuff in there so we're gonna go from we're gonna be in the minor pentatonic if you know that up on the twelfth fret and to be up in this position right here and we're gonna start off with this leg okay so now what we're doing is we're playing the fourteen on the third string with I'm using my third finger I'm gonna bend that up the whole step and then I'm gonna go to 12 on the second and 12 on the first okay then my next lick I'm gonna go so I'm going fifteen twelve and then fifteen fourteen twelve no I'm doing those as pull-offs if you'd rather pick them that's perfectly fine and then my next lick is so I'm doing this pull off from 14 to 12 then I'm going into this band so it looks like this if I put all three together okay little bit faster okay now we move down and we've got this and again the rhythm would be doing that so let's break down the first part of this and then the second part of this so the first part we're doing a slide from 2 to 4 on the third string I'm using my third finger because I want to set myself up for the next part so I'm going and then I'm going to the second string third fret with my middle finger and then I'm going to do a pull out from 4 2 2 2 0 on the third string so I have and then I'm going to do a pull off from 2 to 0 and another 0 so I have da da da da dun see that now the only thing that makes it feel a little awkward is the first one you're doing these two pull offs and then when you get to the 2 0 0 you're gonna do one pull off and then you have to pick again so you have sorry ok then you're gonna go like this so we're doing a pull off from 2 to 0 this is the next pattern we're doing to 0 to 0 twice on the 4th string and then to 0 on the fifth string and so it has so if I put all that together it sounds like this so you'll see when I go into the 2-0 sort of dissension there the speed kicks up so I have okay and then there's a word the rhythm guitar okay then we're gonna head back up here into this layer so we're gonna start back with that same fourteen twelve twelve that we did before but then we're gonna go to a fifteen on the second string we're gonna bend it up a whole step twice and we're gonna play the fifteen on the first string which I do with my pinkie and then back to that fifteen on the second string now the question could be should they both ring out at the same time I think it's fine either way whether you go right now that's okay and if you separate them that's fine too okay then we move into this lick and right there we're going up to the 17th fret to the 20th fret I'm gonna play 1720 and then I'm gonna bend that 20 way up which i think is a step in half then I'm gonna go back to the 17 go to the 18 on the third string and then we're gonna go back and do the 2017 again okay and then we're gonna end it with this one okay now what I'm doing is I'm playing the 17 going to the 19th of the first string giving it a band and then 19 18 17 and then twenty seventeen twice now Jimmy might pull off one and pick the other one or pull them up you know I don't know I just I just know how it goes and of course if I play it with a band and I'm just doing whatever I feel like doing so so whatever you like there and then you end with this lick so now I'm playing 1719 and I'm gonna Bend that nineteen three times go to 19 on the first string and then back to the 17 now I know you might need to watch that a few times if you're just learning how to play this and you really want to learn how to do the solo but what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna play the whole solo for you nice and slow so you can kind of hear how everything connects together okay and then all right so again if you've learned from somebody else or watch a different video or what or look at the tab and there's something a little bit different it's okay figure out what works best for you and kind of mix both together to decide what what what you hear and what you feel on the guitar the most important thing is when you play things there's a big difference between learning things note-for-note when you're sitting in your room and then going out and playing and performing with other musicians you know oftentimes things kind of take on a life of their own when you're playing a song and certainly if you've done it you know hundreds and hundreds of times with a band sometimes things change a little bit and they become something else which is why you know Randy Rhoads didn't sound like Tony Iommi or you know Zakk Wylde doesn't sound like Randy Rhoads they're all different from each other and their approach to what they do with the same songs is always vastly different shouldn't be really any different for you or I you know just kind of finding what we want to do when we approach a song what do we want to do most accurate and what do we just want to play and have some fun with so enjoy this lesson hopefully this helps you a little bit and I'll talk to you soon hey Steve Stein here thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please do me a favor and like it and share it and also make sure that you subscribe to this channel so you're always notified when I release new videos and lastly if you have any song requests please look in the description there's a link that you can click on and out request a song and I'll do my best to get to it as soon as possible

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  2. Steve could you please do a video on bending. Mostly on the distance. Wether it's. Half whole or double. I have terrible time finding the right spot I'm usually flat. Ty.

  3. I have recently put strings on my sons guitar and trying to help him learn the best I can I played along time ago but am having to relearn stuff and teach him basic stuff what is the best thing I can do to not let him get discouraged

  4. The way you explain each riff and lead is super effective and allows even a slow learner like me to follow everything completely. I also like that you repeat things to help the new parts to soak in. I really appreciate that and will be looking for more of the songs you demonstrate because of it. Thanks so much!

  5. Thats so crazy Steve. I was working on this song and all of a sudden i found your video.
    Awesome as always!
    Thank you.
    Merry Chrstmas and Happy New year to you and yours.
    God bless

  6. Hi Steve! 😊 I have been observing your lessons for almost a year now. I have learned a lot and appreciate your assistance very much. You indicated that you would take requests…. I am wondering if you will do: What is & what will never be… Led Zepplin. That would be awesome! Much appreciated!😊 You rock!💞

  7. It’s funny, i’ve known how to play this song for years. But i still like to watch steve’s lessons because he teaches and explains so well

  8. What a great step by step lesson! Only in my wildest dreams could I play this entire solo. Stuck with it for a week or so and I got it, thanks Steve!!!

  9. Exceptional. Thank you. I have the "official" box set LZ sheet music, which is great, but this type is lesson is just perfect. Love the last point of understanding the tab but mixing with what you will. Subscribed.

  10. Hey Steve I use your system and another guy's system who you probably know, I wish I would have seen this video before I don't know what it is about how you teach but my comprehension level goes up to 10-fold, I absolutely love your theory and technique courses I own several I also really hope you start doing more song lesson videos you are equally as good either way

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