Learn How To Play Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #1

Hi I'm Nate Savage, and welcome to the Beginner
Guitar Quick-Start Series. Now I get people emailing me all of the time, "Nate I would really
like to play the guitar, but I don't know where to start." That is why I made this series.
It's for people like you who have always wanted to play the guitar but just haven't done it
yet. There are inevitably a lot of guitar players
out there who are going to doubt that they have the ability to play the guitar. And let
me just tell you right now, your hands aren't too big, they're not too small, you're not
too young, you're not too old, and it doesn't matter if you are going to be playing the
electric or acoustic. Everyone has their own particular challenges, but I'm confident that
if you put your mind to it and practice you can play the guitar. Throughout this series I've made sure to include
the most important things you're going to need to have success right away on the guitar.
We're going to cover things that aren't necessarily related to playing like tuning your guitar,
how to hold the guitar, parts of the guitar, and then we're going to get into things like
technique, how to strum, how to make your first chords, and even how to play your first
song. I know the guitar has been a super-enriching part
of my life and hopefully we can get it to where it's the same for you. That's why I
made the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series, to get people like you the tools you're going
to need to get started. By the end of these twelve lessons you're
going to be able to strum and know enough chords to play some of your favorite songs,
and that's going to be awesome and motivating for you. You're going to have a solid foundation
for your future, and you're going to have a great idea of what you need to work on next. If you have any questions throughout the entire
series you can leave them in the commenting system below each video. I'll be in there
to answer your questions as much as I can, or you can just email me [email protected]
I'll see you in the first lesson.

38 thoughts on “Learn How To Play Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #1”

  1. This holiday, I'm doing all the things I have always wanted to do.
    And guitar is surely at the top😍

  2. I have a guitar and tried learning tabs about 10 years ago, got frustrated, and put it down. Tonight, watching this, I have hope. Thank you Nate, I played my first chords! Thank you for these lessons!

  3. Do you have a video that explains how to use a metronome when learning how to play and how it ties to measures? 
    I hope you understand my question.  BTW great course.


  4. I started learning chords day one of playing guitar. Don't even worry about learning stuff like Smoke on the Water or Satisfaction because even though they sound cool, they won't get you actual knowledge of how to play the instrument.

    Ok first things first, install Guitar Tuna. It's available on ios and android. This is basically the best tuner a beginner can have hands down and it's totally free. It also has all of the chord diagrams that you will be learning. This will mainly be for rhythm guitar playing.

    Ok, now that you have all that squared away, you're ready for open chords. I would start with G major, D major, E minor, and C major before progressing to other chords. It can take weeks to get these chord changes just right so don't worry if you suck at first. I know for me personally, C major was really hard.

    Then, I would learn the 5th family power chords that include G5, C5, A5, etc. These believe it or not are very helpful for barre chords.

    Next, learn A, E, Dm, and Am. This rounds out your open chord knowledge and opens your array of guitar knowledge by a lot.

    Finally for rhythm guitar, I would learn all the major, minor, and minor 7th barre chords.

    With all this knowledge, you'll have access to almost 50 chords.

  5. Hi Nate. i am amir and i am a big fan of your great videos. I am new in music world. I don't actually know much about different music styles, but i like the band nirvana very much. plus i love artists like ed sheeran or Taylor swift, they are unstoppable. So as a result, i want to learn to play what they play and sing what they sing. i know they use a lot of different effects and musical instruments in their music style, but i can't help but notice the incredible effect of guitar sound in their songs. As an example I can name you a great song from nirvana, "where did you sleep last night?" which was played in their little show named"MTV-unplugged in new York.

    but please help me! i don't know what kind of guitar they mostly use. i mean classical or electric or acoustic or…. . i think the answer is acoustic. because we have to look for a tune that is suited to sing with.

    thank you for your time. please answer me as soon as possible.

    sincerely, Amir.

  6. To any beginner reading this – This is the man, the myth, the legend. I remember a few years ago just surfing the web to find a good place for learning guitar from. this video, no, this playlist, no, this man has helped me become what I have today, I've played at concerts, festivals, and won many prizes if you carefully follow what Nate says you'll be progressing in guitar faster than you thought. Just stay determined and keep focused, and remember if you can't do something no matter how hard you try; you're probably doing it wrong, correct your self and try again.

  7. Nate, new player here. Two questions: Would you suggest having a pro setup my acoustic and should I switch to lighter gauge strings?

  8. Nate and 1 more thing you are making millions and millions of guitarists that dont even know to how to play it..by posting such valuable lessons..u r doing really remarkable thing…

  9. Nate frankly speaking i feel jealous when u play the guitar…and i want to become like u…but i know i m not a good guitarist…

  10. Sir female voice are high pitched voice but want we see in practical is that there voice are 5 semitone low then the male voice …What is the concept behind it

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