Learn How to Parallel Park, And I Finally Got It

Parallel parking. Two words that struck fear into my heart the
moment I started Drivers Ed. The saboteur that caused me to fail my driving
test…twice! Well, now that I’m “a little” older
and I have much more driving experience under my belt, let me share some of my tips with
you so that you’re cruising and parking in style! Ok, no guarantee on style but definitely in
comfort! Let’s start with the easy stuff. The things you probably take for granted or
just fallen into the habit of forgetting to do if you’ve been driving for a while, like… – Adjusting your seat:
This should be the first thing you do when getting behind the wheel. Making sure your seat is positioned the best
way for your body will make driving safer and less exhausting – even on short trips. You want to adjust the height of the seat
so that you can see the dash panel and the road clearly. If you happen to be a bit on the shorter side
and can’t see over the dash even after doing everything the seat will allow, get a cushion
or wedge to sit on. As for the seat’s incline, keep it at about
100-110°. I know it looks super cool when you’re leaning
way back like a boss, but, again, comfort and safety over style, folks. The headrest should be adjusted so that your
head is right smack-dab in the middle of it. This will help prevent a bad neck injury in
case of an accident. – Next, mirrors:
Starting with the driver’s side. Once your seat is adjusted, lean left and
get as close to the side window as you can. Then adjust the mirror until you can see the
rear fender. Once you’re sitting correctly, you should
just barely see the side of the back bumper. Moving on to the passenger side mirror – here
you want to stay in the driver’s seat and lean to your right until your head is just
about in the middle between the two front seats. Now, adjust this mirror so that you can see
the back fender too. Again, when you move back to a normal driving
position, you should just get a glimpse of the side of the rear bumper. Finally, we get to the rearview mirror. I know, it’s beginner stuff, but this mirror
gets bumped and re-positioned all the time. It’s always a good idea to take just a second
to adjust the rearview mirror and make sure it shows a perfectly centered view of your
back window. One last thing before we get to the parking
tips… – Hand positioning:
I can’t stress enough how important this is. There’s no beverage worth sipping, no text
worth texting, or song worth skipping that’s more valuable than your safety. (Well, maybe Neil Diamond’s “Porcupine
Pie” – but that’s it!) Jokes aside, make sure you can clearly see
all the instruments on the dash and have at least a foot (30 cm) of space between it and
your body. Your hands should be slightly lower than your
shoulders and placed on the wheel at 9 and 3. Oh yeah, the ol’ steering wheel clock analogy. Imagine the wheel like the face of a clock
(not the digital kind on your phone but the old-fashioned analog types! …Ask your grandpappy about it…). Left hand at 9, right hand at 3, and there
you go! You might prefer 8 and 4, and that’s ok
too. Just remember that the old 10-and-2 position
they used to teach is no longer the go-to because, in the event of an accident, the
airbag can send your hands shooting right into your face. And what sounds like the most epic facepalm
ever is pretty serious – you can break bones! Alright, Bright Siders, on to PARKING! (Cue the horror music.) Before we get into the ultimate challenge
of parallel parking, let’s start with… – 45° parking:
You’ll need this trick whenever you pull into a parking lot and the spots are kinda
slanted, hence the whole 45° thing. First, make sure you’re going down the aisle
the right way! The spots should be slanted down toward you,
not away from you. (Hey, I’ve seen people try to park their
car after coming in from the wrong direction, and it’s an embarrassing struggle to say
the least.) Next, move to your left as far as you can. Keep moving until your right side-view mirror
is lined up with the left taillight of the car on your right-hand side. After that, turn the wheel to the right and
pull into the spot. You might have to straighten it out a bit,
especially if you have a longer vehicle. – The next level up from that is perpendicular
parking: This is kind of similar, but the parking spots
aren’t angled – they’re your typical straight-line variety. Again, start off by getting as far to the
left as you can. Watch out for incoming cars first! The further you are to your left, the easier
it’s going to be. Align your right side-view mirror with the
right line of the parking spot. Then, cut the wheel to the right, and pull
in! Turn the steering wheel to the left and straighten
the car. If you follow the “right mirror with right
line” trick, you shouldn’t have to back up and straighten the car out too much. – Next up, backing into a parking space:
I feel like there are two types of parkers in this world: those who pull in and the ones
who always back in (and that one guy named Peter who walks around in a spider costume…you
know, “Peter Parker parked a pod of prickly Priuses”? ). Which type are you? I’m probably a little bit of both depending
on the circumstance. Anyway, first, locate the spot you’re going
to back into and drive 2 spots past it. Then, and this is crucial, make sure drivers
around you know what you’re about to do. Flip on your blinker, and before going into
reverse, make sure to look out for oncoming vehicles from the front and approaching ones
from behind. Check your mirrors (they’re nice and adjusted
for you now, right?) and make sure everything’s clear. You can now throw ‘er in reverse. Now turn your steering wheel to the right
and slowly accelerate backward. Continue moving back and start to straighten
the steering wheel as soon as your rear wheels are inline in the parking spot. Keep checking those mirrors so that you don’t
hit any cars next to you. Once you get yourself aligned in the spot,
straighten your steering wheel and continue backing up until the front of the car is lined
up with the others in the row. Also be careful not to continue in reverse
so that you don’t crash into the curb or parked car behind you! Finally, put her in park, and you’re good
to go! And last but not least (drumroll please),
the type of parking that studies have actually shown 3 out of 10 drivers will park over a
mile (1.6 km) from where they need to be just to avoid having to do it! It’s even an actual condition: “parallel-o-phobia”
– the fear of… – Parallel parking:
First thing’s first: make sure the spot you want to park in is one your car will fit
into. You want no less than one and a half times
the length of the car. Found a spot? Good, here we go! Drive forward until your car is next to the
one in front of the parking spot. We’ll call it car #1. Now look over your right shoulder through
the lower corner of your back window and drive backward in a straight line. Once you can see the back of car #1 in the
right corner, turn the wheel to the right and slowly begin to back your car into the
space. Look into the left-side mirror when you can
see the full front of the car behind the spot – and I’ll dub this one car #2 (original,
I know). Now straighten out the steering wheel and
back the car in a straight line. Using the right-side mirror, when you see
the taillights on car #1, turn the steering wheel left, and you should be moving into
the parking space. Check your nerves. Breathe. You got this! Aaand park your car parallel to the curb,
giving car #2 and yourself, enough room to drive out. Again, if your vehicle isn’t a standard
size, you’ll probably need to drive a little further before you start getting lined up. Now, was that REALLY SO HARD? Yes…Yes, it was. But once I took parallel parking seriously
and practiced – a lot – I had it down pat. And – wouldn’t you know it – 3rd time
was a charm and I got my license! I think I remember angelic music playing when
they handed it to me, but that could just be my imagination! Your turn now. What’s something you were always afraid
to learn to do? Let me know down in the comments. If you learned something new today then give
this video a “like” and share it with a friend. But – hey! Don’t “burn rubber” taking off just
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39 thoughts on “Learn How to Parallel Park, And I Finally Got It”

  1. 2:02 That is WRONG
    When adjusting the side mirror you should not see the body of your own car at all. Those mirrors are there for you to see other cars.
    Those mirrors should be tilted all the way "away" from your car. That way you will be able to see cars next to you on the blind spots.
    To see the cars behind you, user the REAR VIEW mirror
    To see the cars that are next to you but slightly behind, use the side mirrors tilted all the way

  2. In India 15years can do this without any problem..18 year old people here move with a tractor on a narrow road like a boss.big fact

  3. Lol, i was seeing this video at my parking and till video finished, there was a police near me seeing how to catch a criminal

  4. 4:05 not all people knows, but unfortunately i can park like that, and beside I knew how to parallel on my first lesson from my father, so it's not hard at all

  5. Welcome to India …. If you can teach parking and driving in Indian situation … Name it how to park and drive in world's extreme situations everyday.

  6. Thank you, BRIGHT SIDE. This is rather helpful. I'll keep this in mind when I do parking before my test. Although, I do have one question: why would anyone back in a parking space? It seems superfluous.

  7. 😄This is sooo hilarious! I've actually been taking driving classes these last couple of weeks, and parallel parking was the 😫one thing that was giving me trouble. 🤗And just yesterday I finally did it right. What were the odds that BRIGHT SIDE was gonna upload a vid about parallel parking the next day? Coincidences, coincidences. ☺😉👍💜

  8. It's so easy. Pull up until your seat is even with the car AT the curb then start turning to turn in .100% OF THE TIME you will slip right in..perfectally every time that's it. This video is nonsense

  9. I don't think parallel parking should be a requirement for getting a driving license.  the license is for DRIVING, not parking.  if you can't parallel park, you can ALWAYS find a space SOME where that you can easily park in.  that's what I used to do.

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