Learn How To Apply Eyeshadow On Mature Eyes For The Summer | mathias4makeup

14 thoughts on “Learn How To Apply Eyeshadow On Mature Eyes For The Summer | mathias4makeup”

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  2. UM NOOO 😂 I luv your personality and channel but I don’t want to apply my make up like a 60-year-old😂 even tho I’m 57🤷‍♀️ I keep it fairly youthful on my channel👏🏻 I can’t even watch any of these older ladies who have channels I am not inspired – I don’t want to do old lady makeup I just can’t 🤦🏼‍♀️ BUT your right — someone would have a better shot probably at winning the lottery then learning how to do make up from one of these beauty gurus the movie majic alone they use is priceless! I love what she says at the end because that’s kind of how we had to learn make up in the days before YouTube we had to sit in a chair in the middle of a beauty counter in a department store and everybody just looked at you like you had those neon sign on your four head that said I don’t know how to do make up while the sales person acted like a professional make up artist and told you what you needed to buy and what you needed to do😂😂 The best part though I love this video and all of your videos and I’ve always thought this is just how great they feel about themselves after this experience that is priceless❤️ She is absolutely right though these young girls 20s and 30’s that really love to do make up are going to be in shock when they see what they look like after 50 because it’s a whole different talk show 😂 they have NO idea😂

  3. Looks like this customer that you did the mature eyeshadow on had no foundation and blush or anything on. I know she's a redhead but I didn't like those reddish colors for eyeshadow. And when I looked at her face it looks like it was half done without the foundation and the lipstick and the blush. I've seen a lot of your videos I pretty much like 80% of them. I didn't like this one at all. And for me it was hard to watch because she was nonstop talking all the way through it your video shows. My opinion and everybody's got one.

  4. Great video 💜💚💟What do you use to tight line with I have the hardest time doing that on my self it tickles so badly I can't do it 💙💛💟💜💚

  5. Thanks for this. I have that pallet. Btw, you’re keeping me company at the hospital while we’re waiting for my grandson to be born!

  6. BEAUTIFUL JOB AS ALWAYS MATHIAS ! I always love watching you create beautiful masterpieces! I try incorporating what I've learned to my own routine but it doesn't always work out. I really wish I could afford to join your group but I'm retired and on a fixed income. I really enjoyed this video, beautiful eyes. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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