33 thoughts on “Learn German Conversation nice hotels greetings basic restaurants shopping”

  1. the channel has been demonetized for about a year now. youtube says :
    Repetitious content
    Content that appears mass-produced in order to increase views without adding significant educational or other value

    if anyone can help us we can repost all the other videos. it takes writers, translators, PROFESSIONAL NATIVE SPEAKERS, and video editors to put these videos together. we have invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars to make these videos. we appreciate that everyone likes them.

    if anyone can help us get our monetization back please drop us a line?

  2. Please German first before English am so confuse please let the English word down very interesting but there is confession German first please

  3. It would be better if you read in english first, because tryed to read what they sayed While i was driveing car and i drive over the rabbit. Now the rabbit is dead and my car bumper is cracked.

  4. I thought "I am hungry, I am thirsty" was "Ich habe Hunger. Ich habe Durst." Why do they have (I can't see it now) "Ich bin hungrig. Ich bin durtig."?

  5. warum sind die zwei Farben ähnlich !!!!! wer hat eigentlich seinen namen vergessen hhhhh das war abar ziemlich komisch .

  6. The conversation is so good. It made carried with the words. I salute you for this fantastic video. Do not stop the good work. Waw I'm pleased.

  7. Ich habe gelernte mit YouTube deutsch aber die Problem ist mit Grammatik und verbind aber besser.

  8. vielen danke weil immer dein reden ist sehr wichtig
    ich spreche nicht alle deustche aber jezst ich spreche einbeschen deusche
    denn wir mochten hat immer viel unterricht gegeben
    tschse vielen vieln danke ein tunzen mal

  9. I forgot my name? Who says that? Does he have Alzheimer’s? Maybe he needs a hospital and not a hotel room

  10. This I love so much.  No spoken word in the language I already know.  It is great!!!!
    Recht vielen Dank!!!!

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