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it's a Berlin Milan answer anything she leaned it back and gold then Japan that leave secrets its adventure Bonjour Bienvenue Anatole son numero deux that's right we'll come to our lesson number two now what we are going to do together today is go through some revision okay and go over the words that you have learnt over lesson one I will correct the quiz from lesson one and introduce you to two new parts one part will be the days of the week and the second one is going to be the numbers from one to ten this way you will be able to tell me the day's sorry the dates every time we meet again at every lesson I will ask you how you are what's the weather it's like is like and the date as well okay so what I'm doing at the moment is introducing you to very basic words okay that will help you set into some kind of routine before introducing you obviously to more complicated things if you wish okay right uncle moss bonjour je m'appelle Alexa come on Sava mwah Sava BIA kellton fetch ill mmm in blue ill fev1 you jab it Chabot oh no glue tear up loaned her sir ba ba Bonjour hello come on Sava how are you oh sorry today sir ba ba but what about you come on Sava Sava via Sava man who's ever come see comes up tell me are you feeling today I'm glad Dittmer kellton fettle Osho 3 do Oh what is the weather like today outside do oh you could start the sentence by saying door eel blue we've learned this before in blue or you could say duo eel fabu ill fair boy and I said something at the very beginning of this lesson I said el v wa in blue in fifth what what do you think that means uh-huh ill f1 it's cold so kellton fatal eel blue a lff wa boom he'll fare for but if it's hot and sunny you would say ill faboo a infection and the word for hot is sure can you say that show trivia so two words today for cold sure hot so tell me Kelton fatal what is the weather like Kelton fatal the county new windows and tell me what the weather is like ill blue Elphaba alpha 1 alpha show mm-hmm well done Bravo keep practicing this because I will ask you these very basic questions every time I see you so Oh Georgie today Oh Georgie news Anwar pawned what le jour de la sermon Italy number that's right today we are going to learn the days of the week and the numbers okay Oh Audrey today can you say that Oh Georgie uh-huh Bravo good pronunciation or Audrey okay that's today right I would like to start with by correcting the quiz of lesson number one so here we go first of all I asked you how do you say how are you now obviously the correct answer was comin Sava c'mon Sava now the second question was I live in England Chabot oh no glue ter was the correct answer jab it on non glue tear now if you noticed at the very beginning of the last lesson I said Chabot Oh non grata ah Londo okay so I've added in London when you want to tell me exactly where you live not only the country but the term you come from then add ah ok ah it's an a with an accent you can check that on your files you know your PDF files your downloadable worksheets now ah ok so if you lived in for example Paris in France you would say Chabot ah Perry Oh false Chabot Oh force a pie ok or you could say jab it at Madrid oh nice Banyon can you see that ok so if you want to tell me where you live in terms of country you say oh ok but we've noticed over the lesson1 that it's not an e or it can be Oh as well and if you want to tell me where you live in terms of a town you say ah ok so that's that sorted ok now the third question to the quiz number one was how do you say it's sunny what we know that don't we ile fair book can you say that in fair book okay hopefully you managed the quiz of lesson number one with no problems I mean I can't imagine where you went wrong ok it was pretty simple as I said to you at the beginning of this lesson I would like to introduce you to two things very simple things first of all days of the week so that every time I see you you can tell me the dates okay so we will learn the month of the year at some point okay but today days of the week so what do you know about the days of the week in French in English they go like this Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday okay that's pretty easy and we know that though the beginning is not the send the end of the word is dead okay what you have to remember in French is that day becomes the sound D in French and it's bad di okay and it works for six days of the week the last day being Sunday begins with the sound D okay so I want you first of all to just listen to the days of the week okay I'm not asking you to learn them just listen and see whether there is some kind of patterns that you can get used to okay now listen to the days of the week starting from Monday lundi Mardi mercredi Judy Vaughn hoodie Samedi demotion okay so these are the days of the week quite simple did you manage to remember any of this or is there one more striking than the other no okay well nevermind we are going to learn them now okay when I teach my classes here in London to my little ones when I say little ones I mean you know my pupils in school they tend to remember Samadhi quite well which is Saturday probably because it's that with the same Saturdays is Samadhi but funnily enough another word another days is melody Mecca is Wednesday and I'm always quite amazed how they can remember this weren't because it doesn't sound anything like Wednesday its melody and not only that it has three syllable it's very hard to remember a word so I'm quite puzzled by that now let's have a look which one you can remember now repeat after me ribbity apply moi moi being me now let the demons repeat I play more okay after me quite simply are you ready here we go Lundy whoa Mardi mercredi Judi Avant rowdy Samedi damash okay so are you getting there can you tell me which won't you remembered uh-huh well done now I find that the hardest one to remember funnily enough is Maddie and I'll tell you why because I think Maddie sounds very much like Monday and we think that Maddie is Monday but it's not Maddie is Tuesday okay so here we go again I would like you to repeat the days of the week with me one more time and then we will play with them lundi Mardi mercredi Judy Vaughn Wadi Samadhi damash well done Bravo what can I say now tell me what days do you remember uh-huh perfect well done I mean I don't expect you to know them by heart now I'd says soon okay it took me quite a while to to achieve this objective has to know the seven days of the week in English very hard in terms of four terms of pronunciation okay the the worst one being a Wednesday I mean even the spelling is odd when there's nice day anyway so I have my issues as well by the way okay here we go here's a game I'm going to say the days of the week and miss one out can you tell which one I've missed out now listen carefully equity BIA Alan D ma d GG Vantaa G Samadhi dommage say aha it was Mac Adi my children's favorite my children my pupil is favorite word Mecca D okay well done here's another one listen carefully lundi Mardi mercredi Judy Samadhi dommage uh-huh I missed out Friday which was von kraj very good von Reggie okay well done okay now here's another little game if I say Maddy what day is that yes that's right it's Tuesday Bravo if I say dommage uh-huh this is Sunday I know dommage because it doesn't sound like the other it doesn't end with deep but it starts with D okay which means in Latin I think day day okay d another one I told you if I say Vaughn body uh-huh Vaughn body is Friday very good gosh you're good hello okay so here we go we've played with a days of the week I invite you to not my house no not my party I invite you to repeat the words on your own and practice okay so what we are going to do today I'm going to ask you some question around these days of the week for example second sure what day is it sickle jaw aha Oh Georgie today or should we say Maddie it is say Oh Georgie say Maddie now I'm asking you sequential with Trebbia or Audrey say Landy multi-method is Rajiv embodies and did emerge okay cycle sure can you say that ii jus buffet okay another question can a tongue jaw prefer vain now what do you think I'm asking you here that's right what is your favorite day playfully preferred can a what is can a – sure – what is your favorite day uh-huh sure – a a loose sandy ah sad or loss and ish mojo prefer a a blue Sambhaji and what about you Kel a tongue jaw preferring now start the sentence by mu cliff every a and then tell me the days of the week it means is but we will learn that at a later stage module prefer a a lungi okay I don't like Landy hmm don't like the beginning of the week I don't okay so here it is let's have a little bit of recap on the days of the week lundi Mardi mercredi judge vano de Samadhi dommage Oh Joey say Mardi mojo prefer a a sandy Kelly – Jacques prefer a Crabby okay I am going to ask you to revise the it's okay because I will ask you in lesson number three and I will check whether you've done your homework okay so let's go empty the numbers now and I would like to introduce you to the numbers of course we are going to see the numbers from not from 1 to 1 million 1 billion no just the one from 10 will be enough to start with okay I'm in the days of the week today was quite a lot so let's stick to the 1 to 10 you might know how to count already which is fine ok we learn obviously numbers to a million okay eventually at the end of this packet of lessons you know this lesson course if you call it course now here we go I'm going to do the same for the days of the week so I'm going to say the numbers from 1 to 10 I'm going to ask you to repeat after me first of all listen to the numbers to 1 to 10 without reading anything without well just listen uh do tois get sunk cease set Rita enough this way finished ok did you remember any of the words any of the numbers no not at all or a few ok it doesn't matter let's go through them again so now Liberty apply moi a hippity apply moi ah do tois get Sankhya sisa say rita Natha Adisa okay very good um if I look at the numbers I don't think in terms of pronunciation I don't think there is any that come out of strikingly difficult to pronounce I would say maybe get would be the hardest because you've got this class and that French people use all the time so we don't say ro we say look can you say that uh-huh so when you come to say for its cat toy cat okay cat fur and if you look at the word it sounds very much oh it looks very much like water quota yeah cat okay so here we go repeat after me one more time equity attentive more easily be t RM one I do to one cat Sanka sis said Ritter enough this we're done Bravo había very good Fabian okay so his little game okay I'm going to do the same as I did with the days of the week I'm going to miss one number out can you tell me which one is missing equity ah do tois sank sis set RIT enough this sieve that's right número cat was missing kept okay now here we go again instead of one number I'm going to miss two out so much Howard not sure I can do that okay listen carefully and do tois gap sis set North DISA that was hard even hard for me to do okay which one we're missing uh-huh that's right new me hope sank a new Miho Vita okay number five and eight we're missing you may hope sank a look new Miho Rita I would like now for you to repeat the numbers sorry from one to ten okay over and over and over again I mean practice them and practice them the other way around as well from ten to one if you can okay we can do that together and so for example you could say this enough Rita said sis Sankar Kat to one do uh okay so that's quite a hard exercise to do so you go from one to ten and ten to one okay now I'm just thinking when I sent the number to what I realized that actually cat was going hard to pronounce but wha is going to be quite a challenge so in if you want to pronounce qua properly pronounces to her what with a what sound so took what what what what what okay can you say that okay well practice I know it's hard it's a quite a mouthful isn't it okay – what – perb Bravo your master of number two Wow superb okay that's cool that's pretty much the end of my lesson before I do that I would like to recap a little bit of what we scene of lesson nihonto bozo Oh salut je m'appelle Alexa Audrey say Maddie I'll play a lff one Chabot non grata our laundry Oh Audrey say Lou sank maths okay say hopefully you've understood everything I say why don't you try it yourself okay with everything you've got here why don't you tell me Kelly to your preference what's your everyday module PFF a a okay you could say come on treatable what is your name Zuma Belle and so on okay so work on these little questions Kelton fatal what is the weather like come on Tita Bella what is your name come on Sava how are you Kelly Tojo playfully what is your favorite day and so on one could say gay little number of prefer a what's your favorite number I don't know monopod by ferry a loony Miho – whaa – whaa because it's harder to pronounce that's why I've chosen this one okay so work on what we've covered so far so far it's pretty basic okay and it's going to be part of the routine of our next 45 lessons where should I say 43 lessons now okay okay I think it's time now to to have another little quiz we will have a quiz at every single lesson which I will correct the following lesson okay quiz numero deux quiz number two listen carefully I'm going to ask you to do a little bit of a calculation here addition or adding okay so what is Torah plus sank what is tois please sank okay I'm asking you to add two numbers here I'm not going to tell you what they are what is tois please sank okay you may order what is this please ah sis please ah when I say proofs by the way it means plus you you know add new a hot one what is du plus Katra what is du please get a last but not least what is set please – ah what is set please – one okay so you've got these on your downloadable worksheets okay and if you are listening to me without one that's not a problem I'll repeat them very quickly twat please sank C's please do please get set please talk okay I will correct this during lesson numero two one okay now what are we going to do in the next lesson we are going to do obviously a bit of revision and also discover some very important words and the alphabet okay so I'm going to teach you how to say ABCD and so on in French and introduce you to common ad tibs okay so at one point over the next year three listen you'd be able to describe yourself okay so um that's pretty much it I think when I say goodbye in French as same revoir can you say that au revoir I could say salut if you want salut au revoir a bientot that means see you soon a bientot au revoir salut à bientôt bye you

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