22 thoughts on “LEARN FRENCH IN 5 DAYS # DAY 1”

  1. Everyone should just make it a point to downvote shitty videos that have ridiculous titles like "learn French i just 5 fucking, days." Really?? Is that all it takes to learn an entire language that's been evolving for hundreds and hundreds of years? Only 5 days until I'm basically a perisian

  2. je veux abandonner le francais,parce que cest trop difficulte.
    Why they always have masculine and feminine form???pourquoi!!!
    it's being so tough!but i am still learn it!

  3. How about “get a real French teacher to teach you in person over a few years so you can speak fluently with no trouble”

  4. It’s not secret to everyone who knows my partner because he tells the tips of his own son’s reading abilities even at a very early age. We both teach our own boy the right way to read with the help of this amazing studying guidebook “Wamzοzο Loli” (Gοοgle it). We used to read a few things to him just before going to sleep, but right now he picks out.
    his own textbooks and reads to all of us…

  5. actually im turkish and i can not speak english very well but i understand this explanation %80 and this is so fantastic youre really good teacher and im so thankful for you did this video.

  6. I can speak a little of French since I learn at school bonjour je m'appelle lama ma couler préférée est rose (hi my name is lama my favourite colour is pink)

  7. Interesting fact: "french in 5 days" will take you 35 hours 44 minutes and 1 second to watch through,…
    Maybe your like: aww hell no I aint't watching that I've got life and friends,.."
    How can you explain then that you watched 72 hours 34 minutes of dragons, wolves, knights and thrones,… What did you learn?

  8. Je me demande pourquoi je regarde cette vidéo étant donné que je suis française et que je sais déjà parler la langue 😂

  9. If I understood correctly "Le" has the e sound but the plural form "Les" has the è sound? Or sounds the same and I am crazy?

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