Learn Forward: Revolutionizing the way presentations are digitally shared

(dramatic music) – The speaker can have access to a whole network of individuals and can have a direct route
to each and every one of them. Learn Forward is an
education technology company. As a startup, you're
growing each and every day but yet it's very hard
for a startup company to handle the increasing
costs of that technology. You need to cross the
bridge from this situation growth without revenue towards a place where you'll have revenue to cover all those costs. Cognition Foundry is a
company that offers you both reliability of the service side and reduced costs in order to get across this bridge. – The Cognition Foundry was
formed just over a year ago. The intent of the company is to work with startups, to give them access to technology, in a sense to democratize IT. One key thing for startups
is speed to market. LinuxONE offers a
simplicity with designer. It scales vertically, so it doesn't have the same complexity as scaling out in a horizontal manner. – For us one advantage is
that we can just increase the capacity of one processor and enlarge the memory that we have. It brings a lot of value. Hypersay is a product that enables presenters to engage deeply with their audiences. I do remember my time at school. I didn't really wanted to ask for more information because I thought that I'm the only one that doesn't know this and this is how I struggled a lot. We wanted to help these
people get their knowledge. A presenter is like race
driver in the cockpit and we want to provide her with real-time telemetry analytics to allow like changes in the presentation. – It is essential to our business to maintain a very reliable
real-time connection all through the world. – Even if we are a small startup now we do need enterprise level services because we cannot let the presenters without their presentation
even for one second. – The machine just doesn't go wrong. The technology time and the
mean time between the failure of the machine is measured in decades. – The impact that you
can have by slimly typing a line of code that is something that I think gets a lot of people up in the morning. – We want to make every
presenter a star presenter. This is what makes wake
up happily every morning, so I'm kind of lucky. (lively music)

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