Learn English with Zootopia

Let’s learn English with Zootopia!
So, Zootopia is a fantastic Disney animated movie and it actually features
the voice and singing of Shakira Zootopia is a unique place
it’s a crazy beautiful diverse city where we celebrate our differences Really quick before we get into the lesson I wanted to let you know that if
you’re new here every single week we make fun lessons just like this one so
that you can understand fast speaking natives without getting lost, without
missing the jokes, and without subtitles Vivianne says she’s really happy because
when she finishes she can understand everything and your English
comprehension is going to increase a ton too All you have to do is hit the
subscribe button and the bell down below so you don’t miss any of our new lessons Hey, so do you want to be able to understand
natives even when we speak really fast well we have a really fun way for you to
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Well they are fantastic for your English and that’s why we have a playlist
with a ton of different lessons featuring different
Disney movies you can check that out after you finish this lesson by clicking
up here. So I hope you’ve had a lot of fun and
learning some real-life English with me today with Zootopia, keep it going you
can check out another one of our lessons right over here and now it’s time to go
beyond the classroom and live your English! Awww yeah!

92 thoughts on “Learn English with Zootopia”

  1. Hello, I'm new beginer in English language I have just one year learning English, so I need your help to how to improve my English, I'm not good in speaking and I don't have much vocabulary. Please tell me what to do? And thank you.

  2. Hi i am Harmandeep kaur gill from punjab (India )😘😘😘😘individual love you show thanks a lot god blass you

  3. I am so inlove with your youtube channel!!! I must say that this channel is beyond amazing. Thank you very much for making it incredibly easy for us non-native learners to learn new vocalubaries, Idioms etc. You guys are amazing! Grateful for every videos you upload! More power!!!

  4. SHE How much do you miss me??
    HE unless I'm reading an assignment or doing a paper or taking a test, I'm thinking about you

  5. Ohhhh God thanks to this channel now I understand everything. I have been studying English for about 5 years and i didn't get results i wish but this channel changed everything .I produce self development content so if you are interested go check to see how much my English has improved!!!!!!!

  6. OMG 😍i love this, this one is fantastic Ethan 😄👌I really really love your work and it seems like you really know what we learners want, a variety of damn good videos, wow ! Smart guy😎 so there is one more request from my side, please 🙏make some videos on horror movies also,please accept my request Ethan, love you ❤ 😊

  7. Ethan, that was really great! It was a good idea! and I have an idea to do a video for next time: pal, please, do a movie with a person from OldSchool films, for example, Rocky Balboa ( I want it so much!) What do you think about it?

  8. Great video again. Thanks for that.
    Can you please do a video with NCIS (Gibbs, McGee and so on ) or maybe Married with children
    That would be awesome

  9. Please try movies with phrase repeats and subtitles. Search on YouTube «Learn English With Movies | Fight Club | Eng+Sub/Eng+Sub/Eng». Leave your feedback.

  10. 17 55 She said канализация canalization. It's Russian and it doesn't make any sense in a sentence. Don't thank me in a advance:)

  11. There is something new I learned from this video: token.
    I am not a token bunny. As I can say “ I am not just a token Asian, I am actually good at computers”

  12. I have just learnt with my best animation movie .. I just can't thank you enough ! So happy that I found your page ..I am really grateful and appreciate your efforts , your tiredness to give us such amazing lessons .. I really appreciate it.💜💜💜💜💜💜

  13. I also like the contrast of accents here, with Bogo saying duty as [duti] in his British accent but Judy saying [duʔi] in her American accent immediately after.

  14. I also really appreciate how you guys listen to the comments and pick lessons based on people's questions! Recently you had an example with "can't" and many people were asking for you to address the difference between "can" and "can't" pronunciation and you did it here! Thank you!! ^_^

  15. Hey Eathen this is fawad and thanks to you and your team for all efforts you have been doing since years now. Just let me point out one thing, you put the grammar rules behind and i think it's necessary to point out some advance grammar rules in every scenario you're making. Tree times a week is a great job you used appear twice a week. Thank you in advance.

  16. Could you please make more fun lessons on Broklyn nine nine? I really like the character of Jake.I really enjoyed your fun lessons, please.

  17. This is my firt time to watch your video.
    I'm absolutely sure my English would improve with it. Thank you so much.

  18. I love your every lesson. And with your videos I am trying to speak like a native -pronunciation, contraction, idioms and phrases which they use very often. I love this movie too.

  19. What about something from "across the universe" movie? it´s quite simple to learn those songs and they have pretty easy pronunciation

  20. I'm realy into this animation! I'v watched it so many Times:)
    And now, if i Watch this again, i can understand it even more!
    BTW, How can i improve my Speaking skills by myself?
    Thanks again 😀

  21. 17:54 for those who wonder what was that she meant drain. I did a huge research to decode it lots of sleepless nights and tons of paper were filled up.

  22. Well i need some videos on british accent bcoz in this way wr can improve our listening skills along with learning vocabulary so i hope u will choose these kind of series and u will decorate to them with subtitles

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