Learn English With The Lion King

40 thoughts on “Learn English With The Lion King”

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  2. In Disney movies, firstly I like the stories. They are worth watching again and again.
    Next, I like the characters so much. All of the Disney princesses have been my favourite.
    I also like the songs that come in between the movie! 💕

  3. Love the shows , series and movies you select for your lessons!! All exciting with fresh relevant topics. Thank you so much. Still, too long videos for me to share with my adult students and I would never dare to 'audit' them. They're helping me a lot, though! Thank you again!

  4. I’m from 🇮🇶 Iraq and I love ur channel because it’s really useful
    Big love

  5. I wanna say thank from Ukraine. I really enjoy it and the content is in step with times. Thank you a lot.

  6. I have been learning English for 2 and half years and your videos have been improving my English a lot. Thxs for helping us!

  7. the same much I'm excited to this breathtaking movie I'm thankful for all the videos you've been doing for us in order to help us to get more vocabulary and also improve all the others skills. Cheers from Brazil dude <3

  8. We have a native English speaker and he speaks very fast. By the way, the videos are very nice and informative.

  9. My goodness, what CGI (and stuff) can do this days is jaw dropping. It's a criminal shame how dried of ideas Hollywood is… Lit vid tho…
    It is sad that Japanese film makers don't have the same budget than this guys.

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