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Aww yeah! I’m back with another lesson
with Disney movies, this time with scenes from the classic Frozen
and the new, just-released Frozen II. This will be a great opportunity for you
to get all warmed up for it and to learn some specific vocabulary related
to the weather, the seasons, and even poetry. And if you’re new here, every week we help
you to understand fast-speaking natives without getting lost,
without missing the jokes, and without subtitles! Just like Aarsh, who says that we helped
him to pass his recent English exam. And we’ll help you to reach your English
learning goals too — all you have to do is hit that Subscribe button
and the bell down below so you don’t miss any of our new lessons. Finally, I’ve got a very special opportunity
to tell you about in just a little bit. But, for now, let’s jump into this
fun and entertaining lesson with Frozen! So, you can learn a ton by doing the things
you love, like watching series like Friends, and movies like Frozen, but, is it enough? Well, in my experience learning six
different languages, I have always found that native media
and keeping it fun are essential parts of the process. But, sooner or later I would always get stuck. And this made me lack confidence
because I knew I was making mistakes, but, I didn’t really know what I needed to
focus on learning to correct them. And my friends weren’t correcting me,
and they didn’t really know either how to explain the grammar to me. So at some point, just music, books,
and series aren’t enough. You need the guidance of a teacher. So for me, having the guidance of a professional
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a lot of fun with this lesson with Frozen, and that it’ll help you a lot when you
go and see Frozen 2 in theaters. And remember that if you want to
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and LIVE your English! Aww yeah!

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