Learn English with Julia Roberts On Friends

Hey! I hope you're enjoying the lesson so far. So, every week we make lessons like this one to help you to understand your favorite series without subtitles just like the law who says
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everything you learned by watching the scene a final
time without subtitles but this time we're also throwing in a bit of a quiz so at certain moments we will pause the video to ask you different questions you
will have a few seconds to answer each question before we showed the correct
answer on the screen be sure to tell us what you thought about this because it's
the first time we're doing it and let us know what score you got on the quiz. All right are you ready let's roll the quiz Alright, how did you do? Remember to tell us your score, and what you thought about that quiz down in the comments below. And also remember that Fluency Week
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40 thoughts on “Learn English with Julia Roberts On Friends”

  1. I like your video so much. You are a swell teacher. Can you plz leave information about epi and season of each scene in the description. It will help me a lot as I want to watch the whole episode after your lessons. Thanks again.

  2. 'If I was wearing your underwear…' – this phrase seemed unusual to me because in conditional sentence I'm used to hear 'If I were…' for I. So for continuous form is it correct or should I use 'If I were wearing…' ?

  3. The funniest moment is when a stranger comes in to the toilet and they all tell him 'hi', at first, during their negotiations and then they abruptly turn their head towards him 😆

  4. Seems like Chandler had not his voice when he answered Joye's question on 11:00. But anyway, this is another good lesson despite that fact)))

  5. That was awesome and very rich as usual . Talking about the quiz, personally after your explanation I didn't find it too useful:) Keep on the great work!👍

  6. Hi. Thank you very much for making it easier and interesting!
    I am Alex from Mongolia and watched all the episodes of Freinds. While I was watching it, I had a lot of vocabulary and phrases that I wouldn't find from any dictionaries. I am so glad that you are giving lessons based on Friends sitcom. Thank you guys again and please don't give up on it. I will be watching it forever!

  7. I have a question about the course. Am I gonna get a weekly video lesson for life, like, forever till you retire, wrap up this channel or something??

  8. I just signed up the course "Fluent with Friends" from you. Thank you very much for offering me a good choice. I am studying it now

  9. It’s very funny,i love it.But can you make some videos about a series How i met your mother?Thanks Ethan

  10. Thank you very much, I enjoyed a lot this video that took me almost 45 minutes, tops! because sometimes I felt I was going quickly, common for an ESL student. It figures! About the quiz, It's swell! Answers: C, B, B Well done!

  11. Hi~ Your lesson is awesome. ❣
    I really appreciate it ^^ The quiz is useful, but I think just 5 seconds would be enough to find the answer^^

    I like that test idea. Keep going this is truly taking my English to the next level

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