Learn English With Brooklyn 99 [Intermediate]

Today you are guaranteed to laugh as you
learn English with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, let’s do it So we have selected two
hilarious clips from the show that you will enjoy even if you have not seen it
before and this series is really great for learning everyday expressions as
well as vocabulary related to police law and the military and if you’re new here
every week we make lessons just like this one so that you can understand fast
speaking natives without getting lost without missing the jokes, and without
subtitles like Faridah who says that their English
has increased a ton since they started watching our Channel, and yours
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and if you have not seen this hilarious series yet I just actually started
watching it a few weeks ago and I have to let you know that I am laughing out
loud a ton watching it so I definitely recommend that you give it a watch and
if you want to continue on your English learning journey today then
check out one of these other lessons that you see over here now it’s time to
go beyond the classroom and live your English awww yeah!

100 thoughts on “Learn English With Brooklyn 99 [Intermediate]”

  1. I getting ahead my English, it thanks of your video, I hope one day you’d make me a video about the song of LINKIN PARK “ numb or in the end”

  2. "I want it that way" becomes "i wannit that way". And "i can't eat…" becomes "i can neat.." so how can i tell when it is can or cannot?

  3. Hahaha my brother-in law recommended this show to me, but I haven’t check it out! I’ll definitely put on my list later, silly and hilarious 🤣 Btw, have you heard “ Man with a Plan?” I hope you guys will make a lesson with it one day, you’ll see different side of JOY 😀

  4. Yes, yes, yes enough of Friends give me more of Brooklin 99, 'cause Friends is OUTDATED FOSSILIZED that show ended like 15 years ago?!?! Come on!!! How comes a show that ended 15 years ago is not fossilized?!?!?!? 😁😁😁😁 I understand that you guys like Friends… a lot, but come, we English learners need more content than what Friends can provide, Jake's first sentence in this video, before the handle falls off, just proves my point, there's more vocabulary in it than in 5 minutes of a Friends' dialogue!!!
    Please, don't get me wrong, I do recommend Friends for those who are learning English, it is a very good show for beginners, but that's the point, IT'S FOR BEGINNERS!!!!! B99 is definitely more advanced and it's airing on TV NOW!!!

  5. Hi Ethan!!! It's DIPTI here!
    What is the noun form of pathetic???
    Just wanted to ask because it is there in my internals
    Lots of love from india🇮🇳

  6. Guys if you're working on your accent and want to speak English like a native speaker,this is the channel that u really wanted to watch .
    Ethan, could you please explain to us hwo to pronounce these words important, mountain, curtain, sentence and consonant clusters?

  7. Amazing class. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. The way you are teaching is really helpful to get the fluency we are daydreaming.

  8. First of all I should thank you for your posts. Believe me they are all so fucking helpful and essential especially for those who's gonna learn American English. I fucking really loved and connected to your channel. Been learning American English for over years and I noticed a lot of words Natives pronounce different than non native speakers. But I didn't know the reason why they pronounce like that and thanks to your posts I learned them. Frankly Imma big fan of Selena Gomez and I'd be glad if you do more posts from Selena Gomez's repertory

  9. Please, can you analyze the lyrics of "what a man gotta do"- Jonas Brothers.
    Thanks, for helping me so much! You are the best!

  10. l got lost when you said “ without getting lost”

    l couldn’t be able to get it

    You didn’t pronounce the “r’
    l’m perplexed, could you help me out with that ?

  11. I am new to this channel and I have to say that it's really very effective way to learn English thanks bro for your help🤗🤗

  12. i have followed your every single video since three months ago. they are really amazing and i enjoy and learn at the same time. keep it going your are doing great!

  13. I like Learn english with Cartoon and Movie.
    Please,New Video:Learn English With Jummanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Video:Learn English with Jurassic Park.

  14. Ohh man your videos so helpful 🔥but may i say can you put not long words like these (exaggeration, interrogation and so on) .but anyway i really like your lamprophony..love you man🗽

  15. Oh my god 😍😍 i can't believe that i found this channel .to be honest it's by far the best and amazing baddas channel that english learners will ever have . I've seized the opportunity to start learning for 5 months ago and apparentely my english is ulimately improved my speaking skills the vocab not to mention the huge ability to understand natives i'm totally elated if there is such a word cuz i did learn and without even put up much efforts i can't even let go of it ,it even increases my happiness like when just remember i have such a channel my mood will be completely happy keep up the amazing works greetings from algeria 😀

  16. Wow! Another great lesson! You guys are doing a wonderful job! Please keep it up. You have no idea how many people are benifiting from your channel. I have recommended your channel to many of my friends, too.

  17. You have made me an English addict. I watch your videos repeatedly and do not get bored beacuse, its not only help as well as entertain…
    A bundle of thanks..

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