Learn English Through Story~Level1~Treasure Island

chapter 1 the old pirate of the Admiral Benbow my name is Jim Hawkins and I'm going to tell you the story of Treasure Island it began when I was a boy my father had an inn by the sea called the Admiral Benbow one day an old seaman arrived with a big sea chest he was tall and strong bring me a glass of rum he said to my father are there many people here my father said no good I'll stay here you can call me captain take my chest up to my room every day he went to the cliffs and looked at the sea with his telescope and everyday he asked us to sometimes notice any semen here we began to understand that he didn't want to meet any semen one day he said to me tell me when you see a sea man with one leg and I'll give you some money sometimes the old captain drank a lot of rum then he sang and he told us some horrible stories he didn't pay us any money so my poor father was unhappy and he became ill one afternoon dr. Livesey came to see him in the evening the doctor smoked his pipe with some friends the old captain was there silence he said I'm going to tell you a story are you talking to me sir said dr. Livesey angrily yes you drink too much rum sir said the doctor one day you will die the angry captain took a knife from his pocket put that knife back in your pocket the doctor said calmly or you'll be arrested I am also a magistrate the captain put the knife in his pocket and sat down he was very quiet that evening that winter was cold and my father became worse one morning in January a seaman arrived is there a man called bill here he asked I said there was only the captain and he was on the beach then the man waited behind the door so when the captain came in he didn't see him bill the captain looked round quickly his face was white you know me bill the man said we're old friends Black Dog yes I've come to see you what do you want they sat at the table with some ramen the door was open and black dogs sat near it I couldn't hear their conversation then there was a lot of noise and the table and chairs fell over I saw black dog weave blood on who shoulder then he ran out of the door the captain's Cutlass had blood on it bring me some rum Jim he said when I came back with the rum the captain was on the floor his eyes were closed and his face was very white then dr. Livesey arrived to see my father he looked at the captain and said he drinks too much rum and so he's ill then he showed me a tattoo on the captain's arm look his name is written here he said Billy bones after a few moments the captain opened his eyes now mr. bones don't drink run again or you'll die the doctor told him we took him upstairs to his room and put him in his bed at 12 o'clock I went into his room with some medicine but he said that he wanted a glass of rum but the doctor I began Oh the doctor what does he know about me bring me one glass of rum Jim and I'll give you some money I don't want your money I said but I brought the rum how long must I stay in bed Jim the doctor says a week but they know where I am now and they'll come they'll come they want to kill me and take my sea chest Jim did you see that black dog today he's a bad man but the others are very bad and they want my sea chest you see there are old captain Flint's men and they want to know where his treasure is they're going to give me the black spot what's the black spot I asked they always give you the black spot before they kill you that evening my poor father died for a few days my mother and I were very busy and we didn't think much about the captain the day after my father's funeral a blind man with a stick stopped outside the inn and asked me if it was called the Admiral Benbow I said yes will you give me your hand my young friend and take me into the end when I gave him my hand he pulled me to him quickly now boy take me to the captain I can't sir I said Oh take me or I'll break your arm his voice was cold and cruel I was very afraid of him and I took him to the captain the poor old pirate was very afraid too now give me your left hand till the blind man said and he put something in the captain's hand then he went out of the inn very fast the captain looked at his left hand there was a piece of paper with a black spot on it 10 o'clock they're coming at 10 and they'll kill me we've got six hours Jim we've still got time the captain tried to stand up but just then he put his hand to his heart and fell on the floor I ran to help him but he was dead chapter to the sea chest now my mother and I decided to go to the village for help when we arrived the people didn't want to return with us to the inn they were too afraid my mother said angrily Jim we'll go back we'll open the captain sea chest and take our money so a boy from the village went to find dr. Livesey and my mother and I went back to the Admiral Benbow I locked the door the dead captain was still on the floor we must find the key and open the chest said my mother I looked at the piece of paper near his hand there was a message on it we are coming tonight at 10:00 I looked at the clock it was six we've got four hours mother I said I found the key in the captain's pocket we went upstairs to his room and my mother opened the chest inside there was a packet of papers and a bag in the bag we found a lot of money and my mother started to count it but then I heard the sound of the blind man stick on the road he tried to open the door but it was locked then he went away we must go mother I said he'll tell the other men and they'll come here no she answered it's only seven o'clock the captain must pay the correct money for his stay with us and she continued to count the money but soon we heard the voices of the pirates we took some money and the packet of papers and we ran out of the inn suddenly my mother stopped My dear I can't run Oh mother I said angrily why did you count all that money now they're going to kill us then she fell on my shoulder fortunately we were near a little bridge come mother I said there's a bridge we'll go under it and the pyres won't see us but I went back and stood behind a tree I could see the road in front of our e'en some men arrived one of them was the blind man Karen he shouted at the men they found the dead captain and the sea chest upstairs one man opened the window of the captain's room yeah that chest is open he told the blind man is the packet of papers there said Pew we can't see it the boy has got it said pew look father your dogs find them and we'll all be rich but we can take some money and go pew said one man now the blind man was very angry he tried to hit the other Pirates with his stick then I heard the sound of courses the Pirates ran away very fast in a minute there was only pew on the road don't leave me mates he shouted some men on horses came down the hill pew tried to run away but he couldn't see he fell down he got up he ran but he ran into one of the horses and he was killed the men on the horses were police officers with them was the boy from the village what did these pirates want one of the officers asked I replied I think they wanted this and I showed him the packet of papers I want to give it to dr. Livesey yes he's a good man I'll take you to his house dr. Livesey was at the whore squad for long his big house the two men were in the library good evening Jim said the doctor what are you doing here I told them everything then I gave the packet of papers to the doctor and he put it in his pocket after the officer left he said to the squire have you heard of a pirate called captain Flint yes terrible man the Spanish were very afraid of him did he have any money don't you know the story of Finn's treasure nobody knows where he buried it very well said the doctor and he opened the packet there were two things in it a book and a piece of paper on the FIR page of the book was the name Billy bones mate then there were a lot of dates and sums of money this is an account book the doctor said it shows how much money that Buccaneer Billy bones got then he opened the paper it was a map of an island about nine miles long and five miles wide there were two big harbours and a hill called the spyglass there were also three crosses two on the north part of the island and one in the southwest next to this one were the words a lot of the treasure here Livesey said Mr Trelawney happily tomorrow I'm going to Bristol to buy a ship and find some men Hawkins you'll be the cabin boy you Livesey are the ship's doctor we'll find the treasure and we'll all be rich the doctor answered Jim and I will go with you but the Pirates also know about this paper and they want the treasure so we mustn't say a word about this map Livesey you're right said the squire I won't say a word two three Long John Silver the squire went to Bristol and I lived at the hall with Redruth his servant the weeks passed then a letter arrived from Squire Trelawney it said that the ship was ready his name was Hispaniola and it was a very good ship but there were problems the squire could find only four men then he met a man called Long John Silver a seaman and gave him a job as cook on the ship the letter continued his own he got one leg but he's a fine man he found some men for me a good strong men now we've got a crew and I want to begin our voyage immediately so come to Bristol quickly Hawkins with Redruth the next morning Redruth and I travelled to Bristol it was a wonderful City and a big port with lots of ships I was very excited because I was going to sail to an island and find buried treasure when we saw the squire he said the doctor is here we are sailing tomorrow then he sent me to the spyglass in with a note for John Silver I knew Long John when I saw him because he had one leg he was about fifty but very tall and strong I remember the old captain's words at the Admiral Benbow tell me when you see a sailor with one leg was that sailor Long John Silver mr. silver sir yes my boy and who are you then he saw the note in my hand oh you're our new cabin boy hello at that moment a man ran out of the inn I knew his face stop him I shouted it's Black Dog he's a pirate what Silva said a pirate here in my Inn I don't know his name but I think I saw him here with a blind man yes I know that blind man his name was Pew I looked at Long John black dog was here at his Inn I thought is black dog his friend was pure his friend are the other Buccaneers his friends but John Silver was a clever man he smiled at me and he said look Hawkins this is bad for me black dog was here and a squire trelawney will think I'm a bad man I'll come with you and talk to him when Long John told the squire and dr. Livesey about Black Dog they believed him and thought that he was an honest man we are sailing at four o'clock this afternoon silver the squire told him aye aye sir said the cook and he went away when we went on board the Hispaniola the captain of the ship was angry he wanted to speak to the squire what is it captain Smollett said Mr Trelawney I must tell you that I don't like this voyage I don't like the men and I don't like my officer the squire was very angry but dr. Livesey said why don't you like this voyage captain the squire didn't tell me that we're going to look for treasure I heard about it from the men I don't like treasure voyages they're dangerous very dangerous I understand the doctor said but why don't you like the crew on they all good seaman perhaps replied the captain but I don't like them alright in your opinion captain what must we do first you must put the guns the powder and the ammunition near this cabin second there are four good men your men Squire they could sleep here near your cabin when Captain Smollett went out the doctor said Trelawney you have two honest men on this ship captain Smollett and John Silver John Silver yes said the squire angrily but not the captain not him when Long John Silver came on board he said what's happening rates we are putting the guns and ammunition near the squirrels cabin answered one of the men why just then the captain arrived my orders he say now go down and cook the supper my man aye aye sir answered Long John and he went to the kitchen he's a good man the doctor said to the captain perhaps sir then the captain saw me and said go down to the kitchen and help the cook I really didn't like captain Smollett early in the morning the ship was ready and we began our voyage to the island of treasure John Silver could move very fast around the ship on his one leg his friend Israel hands told me he's very courageous like a lion all the men liked him he did his work well to me he was always kind and he was always happy when I came to the kitchen in one corner he had a parrot in a cage welcome Jim he said one day my pirate captain Flint says our voyage will be good Pastis her might be she's right said the parrot you know that bird is maybe 200 years old Long John said and he gave it some sugar she has sailed too many places Madagascar Malabar and he told me wonderful stories about captain Flint I like John Silver very much and I thought he was a very good man captain Smollett was happy with the Hispaniola and now he also said that the men were good but he didn't like the voyage for treasure and he didn't like the squire so the squire didn't like him one evening just before we arrived at Treasure Island I wanted to eat an apple before I went to bed the apples were in some big barrels on deck in one barrel there weren't many apples so I climbed into it I ate an apple but I was very tired and I fell asleep I woke up when I heard John Silver's voice he was very near the barrel I heard only a few words and then I began to tremble Phil it was my captain said Long John to a young man called dick we were all pirates me and Pew and the others I lost my leg and Pew lost his eyes but I put a lot of money in the bank look at view he was rich and then he became poor and where is he now dead and where a Flint's men now well a lot of them are on this ship by trembled when I appears I'm 50 years old silver continued after this voyage I'm going to live like a gentleman you can be rich too dick if you help old Long John what do you say my boy give me your hand now I understood this young man was honest but now he was one of Silver's men then I heard the voice of Israel hands Silver's friend look I want to know something how long must we wait I want to kill that captain Smollett but when silver when you're not very clever Israel answered silver you must wait I'll tell you when the squire and the doctor have got the map they'll find the treasure and put it on the ship for us so we'll wait but said dick what will we do with the captain the squire and the doctor that's a good question for the cook answered well what do you think well you can leave them on the island or we can kill them Flint and Billy bones always kill people so I say to you mates wait and then kill him dick get me an apple from this barrel I felt very afraid when I heard this but I couldn't move dick came near the barrel then Israel hand said don't eat those bad apples let's drink some rum when dick returned with the rum the Pirates drank then a voice shouted chapter 4 the island the Pirates ran to look at the land quickly I climbed out of the barrel and followed them in the light of the moon we could see two Hills who knows this land captain smollett asked the crew Mesa said long John the captain showed him a map of the island is this the place long john looked at the map with big eyes but it wasn't the map from Billy bones his chest it was a copy and there weren't any red crosses on it silver was angry but he didn't show it he smiled yes sir this is the place I wanted to tell my story to the captain the squire and the doctor when dr. Livesey asked me to go to the cabin and bring his pipe and tobacco I said doctor I must speak to you I have terrible news the doctors face changed but he said thank you Jim go down to the cabin now and then he went to the squire and the captain and spoke to them quietly men the captain said to the crew the doctor and I are going down to the cabin to drink some wine down in the cabin I told them everything about Silver's conversation they looked at me they didn't move or speak when I stopped mr. Trelawney said to the captain you were right and I was wrong what can we do we've got time because silver is clever and he'll wait said the captain I think we must attack the Pirates first how many men have we got seven including Jim said the doctor how many honest men are there in the crew there are the four men that the squire found before he met silver the captain said but said Mr Trelawney Israel hands was one of them well we don't know how many men are good Jim can help us said dr. Livesey the men like him and talked to him he can tell us who is honest or bad there were only seven men out of 26 and I was only a boy so there were six adult men against nineteen pirates next morning I looked at the island I saw tall trees and yellow sand the hills were high but Spyglass Hill was very high our ship went towards a small island called skeleton island the men repaired the boots it was hot and they didn't like the work they spoke angrily we knew they wanted to kill us but long johns smiled and spoke to them and sang he helped to take the ship into the big harbour between skeleton island and Treasure Island the captain the doctor mr. Trelawney and I went to the cabin we gave pistols to the three honest men hunter Joyce and Redruth then the captain went on deck and told the crew that they could go on the island for the afternoon shouted the men they were happy now they thought that the treasure was already in their hands six men stayed on the ship thirteen including silver got into the boats and I had a crazy idea I decided to go to the island in one of the boats I didn't say anything to the doctor and the squire when I climbed into the boat nobody saw me my boat arrived first I got out and ran fast into the trees a long way behind me Long John Silver shouted Jim Jim but I ran and ran I stopped and looked around me there were strange trees and flowers and birds the Sun was hot I could see Spyglass Hill in front of me then I heard voices and I went behind a tree one of the voices was john silver's now I was very afraid I thought Jim you were stupid to come to the island with these pirates but you must help the doctor and the others so I moved towards the pirates on my hands and knees Tom said silver I like you mate and I want to help you the other man answered silver you're honest I'm sure you don't want to be with his bad pirates not to you so this tom was one of the honest men suddenly there was a long terrible scream it came from far away what was that John said Tom long John smiled that that was Alan he's dead now they've killed Alan Tom said John Silver you were my friend but not now kill me too if you can then brave Tom walked away with his back to the cook but he didn't go far silver held the branch of a tree and he threw his crutch it hit Tom's back like a missile he fell and in a moment silver killed him with his knife I couldn't believe it now two honest men were dead then silver called the other pirates I ran away very fast I thought they'll kill me goodbye to the Hispaniola goodbye to the squire the doctor and the captain I was very near spyglass kill there were a lot of trees around me like a forest suddenly I heard a noise behind a tree what was it I didn't know and I stopped in terror behind me were the Pirates in front of me was this thing I preferred the Pirates and I began to run back but the thing began to run too it ran from tree to tree on two legs it was a man was he a cannibal I took my pistol and I walked towards him slowly he moved from behind a tree and he came towards me then suddenly he fell on his knees and he put his hands towards me I asked him who he was been gone he answered in a strange voice I saw that he was a white man his eyes were blue but his face was very dark from the Sun his clothes were old and dirty he said you're the first Christian I've seen for three years what happened I asked I was marooned I knew this was a horrible thing the Buccaneers left him on the island to live or to die what's your name mate he asked I told him well Jim many years ago I was a good boy like you but then I became bad and I drank a lot of rum and Here I am on this desert island then he looked around him and said in a quiet voice Jim I'm rich I thought he's crazy poor man rich rich I tell you but wait Jim he's that French ship down there no Flint is dead but some of the crew are Flint's men a man with one leg been gone asked very frightened yes John Silver he's the cook and the chief of the Pirates then I told him about our voyage in our difficult situation he said well Ben Gunn will help you and then do you think your squall will help me perhaps yes he's a gentleman and will he take me to England on the ship oh yes I'm sure good Ben Gunn said happily I'll tell you something I was on friendship when he buried the treasure with six big strong sea men then he killed the six seamen well Billy bones and Long John asked him where the treasure was but he didn't tell them then three years ago I was on another ship near this island boys let's go and find Finn's treasure I said but we couldn't find it so the other men were angry with me and they left me on the island you must tell the squire all this tell him I'm not a pirate hey Jim tell him I'm a good man but how can I I said I can't go on the ship now through he said but I've got a boat Jim I made it with my two hands it's under the White Rock at that moment there was a great sound of cannons the battle has begun I said quick follow me and I began to run towards the harbour whether Hispaniola what Ben Gunn came with me we could hear the sounds of a battle then I saw the British flag the Union Jack in the air above the trees chapter 5 the doctor continues the story after the two boats left the Hispaniola the captain the squire and I talked in the cabin then hunter came and told us that Jim Hawkins was on the island with the Pirates poor Jim said the squire they'll find him and kill him we ran on deck and saw the two boats near a river with two men in them we decided to go to the island but first we looked at the map there was a stockade on it hunter I said you and I will go and find this stockade we got into a boat the two pirates near the river saw us but they didn't do anything we went towards the beach where the stockade was when we arrived I got out of the boat and ran fast into the trees the stockade was there on top of a small hill inside there was a large wooden cabin with holes in the walls for guns around the cabin was a high wall made of wood with food and water we could stay in this stockade safe from the Pirates then I heard a terrible sound it was the cry of a person at the moment of death Jim Hawkins poor boy I thought they've killed him and I was very sad when we arrived back at the ship the others also thought Jim was dead then we put lots of things in the boat guns powder ammunition meat biscuits and cognac there were six pirates on board one of them was Israel hands with two pistols in his hands their captain called him don't do anything stupid hands or we'll kill you the six men ran away and hid in another part of the ship when our boat was ready we all got in and went towards the island the men in the boat saw us and one of them ran to tell Long John Silver at the stockade we put the things in the cabin then the captain Redruth and I went back to the Hispaniola and took more provisions we worked very fast then the captain called to one of the pirates on the ship gray he said you're a good man I know come with us you've got 30 seconds there was silence then we heard sounds of a fight and suddenly Abraham gray ran towards us I'm with you sir he said our boat was small there were five men and a lot of things in it the current was different now it took us away from our beach we will never arrive at the stockade I said look behind us on the ship said the captain the five men on the ship were busy with a big cannon they were going to fire at us mr. Trelawney said the captain shoot Israel hands the squire fired his gun but he didn't kill hands one of the other men fell now we saw a lot of pirates in one of the boats near the river the Pirates are coming said the captain only one of the boats is coming I said perhaps the other pirates are running to the stockade perhaps the captain said but I'm frightened of that cannon they're going to fire it we were very near the beach when the Pirates fired the Cannonball passed over our heads then our boat went under the water at that moment we heard some pirates in the woods they were very near the stockade where there were only two men hunter and Joyce hurry hurry said the captain and we ran quickly up the little hill towards the stockade but the Buccaneers were just behind us seven of them ran fast towards us the squire and I fired our pistols and killed one of them but Tom Redruth was shot we took him into the stockade and put him on the floor of the cabin and there brave Redruth died we were all very sad suddenly a cannonball exploded inside the stockade all that evening ball after ball fell but they didn't hit us Israel hands couldn't see the stockade but he could see the Union Jack above the cabin that was dangerous we must take him down captain said the squire but the captain said no two men went to the beach to bring the things from our boat but the Pirates were already there and they were taking our things the captain wrote in his logbook there are six of us now captain Smollett dr. Livesey Abraham gray Squire Trelawney John hunter and Richard Joyce we came to this stockade on Treasure Island and we have got provisions for 10 days Thomas Redruth the Squires servant was shot by the Buccaneers Jim Hawkins cabin boy I also thought about poor Jim Hawkins where was he an hour later somebody called from the woods behind the stockade dr. squire captain hello hunter is that you I ran to the door of the cabin it was Jim Hawkins he was safe Chapter six Jim Hawkins continues the story when Ben Gunn saw the Union Jack he stopped that's Flint's old stockade he said are your friends there I don't know I replied perhaps is the Pirates know their flag is the Jolly Roger it's your friends could now I can go to them I said are you coming with me now mate old Ben Gunn isn't stupid first you must tell the squire about me and he must promise to help me tell him to come and find me all right I'm going now then a cannonball exploded near us and we ran away in different direction for an hour a lot of cannonballs fell I was very frightened and stayed in the woods in the evening I arrived at the beach and I saw the Hispaniola with the black Jolly Roger the pirate's flag the bombardment stopped I waited for a while and then I decided to go to the stockade when I stood up I saw a high white rock in some trees near the sea that's Ben Gunn's white rock I thought now I know where his boot is then I ran to the stockade I told my story to my friends in the cabin when I finished it was evening and the wind was cold I was very tired but the captain gave us all some work two men went to find wood for the fire and the doctor cooked some food I was a guard at the door after a while the doctor talked to me about Ben Gunn he wanted to know where he was he said I've got a piece of Italian Parnas and cheese it's very good I'd like to give it to Ben Gunn after our dinner we talked there was only a little food so we knew that we must kill the pirates quickly we could hear them they were sitting by the river about half a mile away they were singing round a fire I was very tired and I fell asleep when I woke up there were voices back it's Long John Silver somebody said he's coming here with a white flag he wants to talk the captain said stay here men guns ready then he called to the pirate what do you want captain silver wants to speak to you said John Silver captain silver I don't know him who's he the men said I'm captain now after you left the ship's up can we talk I don't want to talk with you silver you can come in if you want but don't try to do anything stupid I give you my word sir so silver threw his crutch over the wall he only had one leg but he climbed into the stockade very well then he came up the small hill and arrived at the cabin the captain told him to sit down on the sand the silver said yes on the sand and silver you can't come into the cabin now what do you want to say Long John sat down you did very well last night captain my men and I were very surprised you came and killed one of them he was full of rum and he was asleep but you won't do it again captain the captain didn't understand this but I remembered Ben Gunn did he kill one of the Pirates last night well now there were only 13 of them silver continued you've got the map we want it captain the captain smoked his pipe calmly we know that my man but you can't have it Long John was angry but he smoked his pipe too now here's my idea captain he said you give us the map when we get the treasure on the ship you can sail with us I give you my word that you'll be safe but if you don't like that idea you can stay here and we'll give you some of our food when I see a ship I'll tell the captain to come here what do you say captain Smollett is that all the captain said now you listen to me silver you must come here with all your pirates and without any guns I promise I'll take you to England for a fair trial if you don't do this we'll kill you all of you now go quickly silver was furious he stood up with his crutch do dogs you're laughing now but I'm coming back with my men will kill y'all after he went out of the stockade the captain spoke to us in an hour silver will come back with his men he said there are 13 of them we are six and Jim but we can beat them hawkings ate your breakfast hunter brandy for everyone Trelawney put out the fire doctor you will be at the door hunter you will be on the east side of the cabin Joyce West Trelawney you and gray go to the north side Hawkins you and I will load the guns an hour past we waited nervously then Joyce suddenly saw the Pirates and fired his gun the fire was fired at us then they stopped all was quiet again how many shots did you see doctor asked the captain three mr. Trelawney about seven said they're attacking from the north the captain was right a few minutes later a lot of pirates came out of the woods to the north they ran towards the stockade and climbed over the wall the squire and gray fired their guns they killed two pirates but four of them ran towards us one pirate attacked the doctor the captain shouted fight them outside the cabin with cutlasses quickly I took a Cutlass and ran out of the cabin gray was behind me the doctor killed his attacker I ran to the left and I saw a pirate suddenly I fell the pirate was going to kill me the gray ran from behind me and killed him now four pirates were dead the other one ran away and escaped the doctor grey and I ran back quickly to the cabin hunter was dead and Joyce died later the captain was wounded how many of them are dead he asked the doctor five including the pirate last night that's good now there are four of us against eight of them Chapter seven my sea adventure the pirates didn't return while the squire and I cooked dinner the doctor helped the captain your wound isn't dangerous he told him but she must rest after dinner the doctor put on his hat and took his pistols he also took a Cutlass and a map and he left the stockade and went into the woods what's he doing grey asked me I think he's going to find Ben Gunn he's crazy laughed gray then I also did something crazy it was very hot in the stockade now there was a lot of blood there were dead men I began to feel bad I wanted to leave and go into the woods like the doctor so I put a lot of biscuits in my pockets and I took two pistols then I ran out of the stockade and into the trees nobody saw me yes I was crazy but I was only a boy and you will see that I helped to save all of us I decided to find Ben Gunn's boat so I went towards the White Rock I could see the Hispaniola in the harbor to my right I ran quickly to the White Rock and I'd looked for Ben Gunn's boat I found it a very small light boat there was also a paddle now I had another crazy idea I decided to go to the Hispaniola and cut her anchor rope then she would go towards the beach and stop there so the Pirates couldn't escape it was very dark now but I could just see the Pirates big fire near the river and the lights of the Hispaniola I took the little boat down to the scene the current was strong and it carried me faster walls the Hispaniola when I was near I took the anchor rope in my hand it was very rigid I thought his rope is dangerous I mustn't cut it or it will hit me but I was lucky because the wind changed and the ship moved towards me now the road wasn't rigid and I could cut it at that moment I heard voices in the captain's cabin it was Israel hands and a pirate with a red cap they were drunk they were also angry and each man was shouting at the other when I cut the rope the Hispaniola began to move round with the current I paddled towards the window of Captain Smollett Skadden to watch hands and his companion I climbed up a rope and I saw it terrible fight between the two men they wanted to kill each other I went down the rope to the boat suddenly the current changed again the ship and my little boat turned or went towards the island the pirate's campfire was very near then the ship turned again and went away from me very fast I was now alone in my little boat the waves were strong and high I was very wet and cold I sat there in terror I'm going to die soon I thought but sleep soon came to me and I dreamed of home it was day when I woke up my boat was at the southwest end of the island I wasn't far from land but they were cliffs and big rocks then I remembered that map I knew there was a good place called Cape of the woods to the north I also remembered that the map showed a strong north current so I decided to stop at the Cape of the woods my little boat went up and down on the big waves and I was very frightened I paddled slowly it was hard work and I became tired and thirsty then I saw the trees of the Cape of the world but the current was very strong and it took me past the cable suddenly I saw the Hispaniola in front of me about half a mile away now the Pirates will kill me I thought but the ship was moving strangely she sailed and stopped sailed and stopped and she turned north south east west I watched her with surprise and then I understood the two pirates were drunk or asleep I had an idea perhaps I can go on board and take her to the captain so I paddled to water and when I came near to her I jumped onto the bowsprit above me my boat went under the water but now I was on the Hispaniola was there anybody on board I heard only the sound of the ship when she turned in the wind and I saw the true pirates on deck perhaps they were asleep but when I saw some blood on the deck I was sure they were dead then Israel hands moved he said in a weak voice I went down to the captain's cabin there were lots of empty bottles I found one with some brandy and I took some biscuits and cheese and went up on deck I drank a lot of water from the water barrel and then I gave the brandy to hands he drank a lot quickly i sat down and began to eat what happened here I asked hands looked at the man with a red cap well that dirty dog is dead he replied what are you doing here this ship is mine now mr. hands so please call me captain he looked at me but he didn't speak when I took down the black pirate flag he said shall we talk captain Hawkins me and this man here O'Brien we wanted to sail the ship back to the harbor where she was before but well he's dead now who is going to sail her you know you can't do it give me food and drink and something for my wound then I'll tell you how to sail her we're not going back to the harbor I answered I'm sailing the ship to North inlet and I'm going to take her onto the beach there North inlet yes I'll help you to say over there all right tell me what I must do and in a few minutes the Hispaniola began to sail north I put a handkerchief on hands his leg he Ayrton T drank more brandy soon he was better the ship was dirty and I cleaned it but the eyes of the pirate watched me and he smiled sometimes a strange bad smile we sailed fast along the north of the island towards a North inlet but we couldn't take the ship on the beach immediately so we waited for the tide to change then and spoke captain he said with a strange smile will you go to the cabin and bring me a bottle of wine this brandy is too strong I didn't believe this and I knew that he had a plan but I also knew that he was stupid so I went down below but I didn't go to the cabin I went to a place where I could watch hands and I was right he went across the deck on his hands and knees in front of him there was a circle of rope he took a long knife out of it a knife had blood on it he put it in his pocket so Israel hands wanted to kill me but I was safe for the moment he won't kill me now I thought he'll wait because he can't bring the ship onto the beach without me I took the wine two hands and he drank some of it Jim cut me some tobacco he said I haven't got a knife ah Jim I'm going to die cut me my last piece of tobacco so I cut him a piece you're a bad man mr. hands I said oh why Jim why you kill this man Oh Brian he answered because I know that dead men don't kill amen now captain Hawkins you listen to my orders and we'll sell this ship on to the beach it was difficult but hands was a very good pilot he went into North inlet where the water was calm there said hands I can see a good Beach we'll put the ship there at the right moment he said now razor now Jim when the Hispaniola began to go fast towards the beach I was excited and I forgot about Israel hands he was behind me perhaps I heard something and I suddenly turned my head hands was there with his knife in his right hand he was going to kill me and I shouted in terror when he came towards me I ran behind the mast and took a pistol from my pocket I tried to fire it at hands but it was wet with seawater he came towards me his face was red with anger just then the Hispaniola hit the beach she fell on her side at an angle of 45 degrees and hands and I fell with her I was on my feet very quickly but now I couldn't run away because the deck was at a 45-degree angle quickly I jumped onto the mast and climbed to the top i sat on the cross tree and waited for hands he looked up at me and he didn't know what to do I loaded my two pistols then with a knife in his mouth hands began to climb the mast don't come up mr. hands or I'll kill you I said he stopped he tried to think but he was slow and stupid then he took the knife from his mouth and said Jim I must kill you but it's difficult for me to kill a boy like you and suddenly his right hand moved fast and the next moment that knife went into my shoulder my two pistols fired then they fell from my hands there was a cry and I looked down Israel hands was falling into the water then he was on the sand on the bottom of the sea and he was dead the knife was in my shoulder there was a lot of blood on my coat and shirt I felt very bad when I tried to take the knife out I began to tremble and then suddenly it came out I climbed down the master went to the cabin my wound was small and it wasn't dangerous I cleaned it and put a handkerchief round it then I went up to the deck it was evening now and I decided to go to the island I wanted to tell captain Smollett and the others about my adventure I wanted to tell them that the ship was ours now so I left the ship and began to walk in the direction of the stockade the night was very dark and it was difficult for me to see then the moon came up and I found the stockade when I saw the red light of a fire outside the cabin I stopped this was strange my companions usually made a fire inside the cabin slowly quietly I went towards the cabin on my hands and knees at the door I stood up and looked inside it was dark I couldn't see anything I walked in and suddenly a strange voice said right this is all right space is right captain Flint Silver's parrot I wanted to run away but there was no time who shouted silver I turned I'll run away but I ran into the arms of one of the iris chapter 8 in Silver's camp bring a torch dick silver said dick went out and brought a piece of wood from the fire now I saw my terrible situation silver and his men had the stockade my companions weren't there and I was a prisoner well said Long John Jim Hawkins has come to visit us that's a nice surprise for old John and he began to smoke his pipe I've always liked you Jim boy silver continued you've got courage but now you're going to die your friends won't help you you ran away and you can't go back to them they don't want you so my friends were alive I was very happy about this so you can decide Jim Silver said what do you want to be with us or to die death was very near now and I was frightened before I decide can you tell me what happened here and where my friends are I asked silver replied yesterday morning dr. Livesey came to us with a white flag he said to me the shippers gone you're finished captain silver I looked and yes it was true the ship wasn't there all right doctor I said we'll talk so we talked and here we are in the cabin with lots of food and brandy and wood for the fire your friends went away I don't know where they are and you Jim well I said to the doctor how many are you follow he replied one is wounded and we don't want to see Jim Hawkins again he ran away and he can die if he wants those were his words Jim well I know you're going to kill me I began but first I want to tell you my story here you are no ship no treasure and a lot of men dead do you want to know who did it it was I I was in the Apple Barrel when you talked that night with hands and dick and the others and it was I that cut the Hispaniola zankar it was I that killed Israel hands it was I that took the ship to a place where you'll never find her I'm not frightened of you John Silver kill me if you want but if you kill me you won't have a witness when you're captured if I live I'll help you and I'll save your lives then one of the Pirates called Morgan took his knife now you must die he said to me stop there shouted silver who are you Tom Morgan are you the captain here no I'm the captain and don't forget it tom is right said another pirate you can go to hell silver do you want to fight with me silver shouted in a terrible voice take a cutlass all of you if you want to die well I'm waiting who wants to die not one man moved not one man answered well I'm captain here because I can fight continued silver I like that boy he's got a lot of courage more courage than all are you so who's going to kill him hey there was a long silence silver stood near me he smoked his pipe and watched the others then one of them said we want to go outside and talk about this and the Pirates walked out of the cabin listen Jim silver said quietly they're going to kill me then they'll kill you but I want to help you a moment ago when you spoke with a lot of courage I decided to help you you helped Hawkins and he'll help you I thought the ship has gone and we're all finished but I'll save your life and you'll save mine I'll do what I can I said good boy Jim listen I'm not stupid I'm with a squire now you've got the ship I don't know how you did it but I know what I've lost I'm with you now silver took some cognac from a barrel drink with me Jim they're going to come back and then he looked at the door nervously and he said why did the doctor give me the map Jim I didn't understand and I looked surprised yes he gave me the map Long John said why just then we heard the Buccaneers outside the door opened and the five men came in one of them walked slowly towards us he had something in his right hand come on I won't eat you said Long John the Buccaneer gave a piece of paper to silver he looked at it the black spot he said yes John silver said a Buccaneer called George you've got the black spot you're finished now you're not a good captain you did thinks badly you talked with a doctor and now they're free and then there's this boy we're gonna be arrested we'll all die on the gallows and why because you did things badly me well you didn't do what I wanted you didn't listen to me and now look at our situation we'll all die on the gallows in London who did it you did it and now you want to kill me Silva was very angry and his voice was strong the Pirates listened well we're all going to die and the birds will eat us he continued thanks to you and the boy he's our prisoner he's our hostage are we going to kill our hostage he'll help us when we're prisoners in London he's our last hope kill him no time eights look at you John you're wounded and you George you're a Albert fever so what did I do I didn't kill the doctor no I talked with him and now he comes every day and helps you did I do things badly well look look at this and long John through a map on the floor it was Billy bones his map with the three red crosses when I saw it I thought why did the doctor give it silver the Pirates ran quickly towards it they took it and they laughed and shouted but George said how can we take the treasure with us we haven't got the ship man who lost the ship silver shouted at him I got the map and you lost a ship but I did things badly eh speak to me politely George Mary or I'll kill ya he's right said Morgan of course I'm right but I don't want to be you're cuttin find another captain oh the pirate shouted well mates what shall I do with this black spot I don't want it Jim do you have it a present from old John that was the end of the conversation after we all drank some brandy we were ready to sleep but I didn't sleep immediately I thought about silver and his difficult game he didn't want to die on the gallows he wanted to save his own life he was a bad man but I was sorry for him his situation was very dangerous I woke up when I heard the guards voice outside early next morning dr. Livesey was coming I was happy but I couldn't look at his face I remembered that he didn't want to see me again good morning doctor sir said Long John with a big smile Jim Hawkins is here not Jim said the doctor and he stopped surprised then he came into the cabin he looked at me quickly and he didn't smile he helped the man with the wound did you take your medicine he asked George Mary I also said Mary good I'm a pirates doctor now and I don't want to lose any of you for the trial in London well I've finished for today and now I want to talk with that boy please no shouted George Mary red with anger sided silver shouted doctor thank you for your help Hawkins will you give me your word that you will not run away I gave so over my word doctor go outside the stockade Jim stay inside and stand near the wall then you can talk to him when the doctor left the cabin the men were very angry with silver they told him that they understood his game very well we made peace with the doctor and his friends he said but when we're ready we can break it then I'll kill that doctor believe me so we went to the wall of the stockade the other Pirates watched us angrily at the wall silver said do you see this doctor I'm helping Jim he'll tell you that I saved his life this game is very dangerous for me remember that and help me when you can silvers voice trembled I saw that his face was white are you frightened John the doctor asked doctor I'm not frightened of anything but I don't want to die on the gallows in London you're an honest man you won't forget that Long John helped you then he went away and sat down on the sand the doctor began sadly hello Jim you're with these pirates now and you can see what happens when you do stupid things you ran away when the captain was ill and wounded that was bad then I began to cry I'm very sorry I know that I did a stupid thing and now I'm a prisoner Oh doctor I'm truly frightened now the doctor wasn't angry Jim climb over the wall quickly and we'll run but I gave silver my word it doesn't matter now you mustn't stay here come on jump no you know I can't doctor but listen I took the ship to North inlet she's on the southern beach I told the doctor quickly about my adventure when I finished he said Oh Jim you always save our lives and now we must save yours listen bend gun told us something but then the doctor stopped and called silver he said to him you must look for the treasure slowly and you must be very careful when you find it there will be problems sir I don't understand you what's your game why did you leave the cabin why did you give me the map and now you say look for the treasure slowly why you say there'll be problems when we find it but what do you mean I can't tell you now silver I'm sorry but I can tell you that I'll help you a lot when we return to London I'll save your life if I can John Silver looked very happy thank you sir but you must help Jim now he's your responsibility silver do you understand now I must go goodbye Jim and dr. Livesey went away chapter 9 the treasure hunt Jim said silver I heard the doctor when he said jump over the wall and run you didn't do it you saved my life and I won't forget it but now we must look for the treasure I don't like treasure hunts they're dangerous you must stay very close to me when we had a breakfast of bacon and biscuits with the other Pirates silver said to them mates you're lucky because you've got old John and he thinks a lot the others have got the ship and we don't know where it is when we get the treasure we'll find the ship we've got the boats and we've got our hostage here but when we get the ship and the treasure we'll kill him and the others I was frightened and I couldn't eat my breakfast why do you my friends leave the stockade I thought why do you big Eve silver the map why do the doctors say there will be problems when you find the treasure I couldn't find any answers to these questions so the treasure hunt began silver had two guns a big Cutlass and two pistols in the pockets of his coat his parrot sat on his shoulder and talked and I walked behind him with a rope round my neck first we went to the beach and got into the two bows silver looked at the map on the back were these words tall tree spyglass Hill points to the north east skeleton island south east first we must find a tall tree said silver we went along the coast and after a while we saw a high plateau near Spyglass Hill with a lot of trees on it some of the trees were very tall so when we saw a good place to stop we got out of the boats and began to climb towards the plateau we went up slowly suddenly one of the men in front of us shouted we ran towards him as he found the treasure said Morgan no said another man he's very frightened then we saw a human skeleton under a big tree and we all became cold with terror he was a seaman said George Mary look at the arms and hands and feet said silver they aren't in a natural position he was right the skeletons feet pointed in one direction the arms and hands pointed in the opposite direction I think I understand said silver look it's pointing south east at skeleton island captain Flint killed him and put him here as a compass Morgan said it salad ice he took my knife with him I remember now well the North isn't here now where is it asked George maybe Flint took it Morgan said maybe he's still alive no he's dead said Georgia well maybe it's his ghost Morgan cried stop this talk shouted silver Flint is dead and there isn't a ghost come let's go so we continued walking on the plateau we sat down to rest we could see the cape of the woods in front of us behind us was the harbor and skeleton island above us was a spike rascal there are only three tall trees in the direction of skeleton island silver said it will be easy now come on boys let's go but suddenly a voice began to sing if Dean men on a Dead Man's Chest yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum it was a strange high voice and it came from the trees the men's faces went white they stood up quickly Oh God it's flame said George the voice stopped silvers face was very white too but he said cabin boys don't be frightened someone's playing a game with us the voice suddenly began again it didn't sing this time Darby McGraw it shouted from far away Darby McGraw bring the rum Darby the Buccaneers didn't move they didn't speak I know those words Morgan said they were Flitz last words silver was very frightened too he said quietly who knows the name Darby McGraw this island only us Flint's men then he said in a loud voice mates I want that treasure and nobody will stop me it's very near here and I'm going to find it it's Flint's ghost John said Morgan cursed well that voice had an echo and a ghosts voice it doesn't have an echo am I right mates yes that's true George Murray said you're an intelligent man John carriage mates I'm not sure that the voice was Flint's it was it was like Ben Gunn's voice by God shouted silver who he's frightened a bank guard Mary asked not me the Buccaneers weren't frightened now and the colour returned to their faces they began to laugh and talk then we continued walking and we arrived at the first of the tall trees but it wasn't the right one we went to the second tree it wasn't Flint's but the third tree was very tall about two hundred feet high we all knew that in the ground under that tree was the treasure my companions ran towards it and silver followed them on his crutch sometimes he pulled me with the rope sometimes he looked at me with terrible eyes that said I'm going to put the treasure on the Hispaniola and then I'm going to kill you and all your friends suddenly the men stopped there was a cry of surprise in front of us was a very big hole in the ground it wasn't recent because there was grass in it there were some pieces of wood with walrus on them the name of friendship but there wasn't any treasure in the hole it was empty the Buccaneers couldn't believe their eyes they just stood and looked at the home but John Silver's surprise passed quickly he said to me quietly are you ready Jim and he gave me a pistol then quietly he began to move to one side of the hole now it was between us and the Buccaneers he looked at me and smiled the others jumped into the hole and tried to dig with their fingers Morgan found a piece of money and gave it to his companions tow pounds Mary shouted at silver you knew that the hole was empty do you want the bead captain Mary silver answered but this time all the Pirates were with Mary and they were all very angry they began to climb out of the hole then we all stood there to one one side of the hole five on the other silver watched them with a car an expression nobody spoke then Mary said Knights there are only two of them silver has got one leg and all kings is only a boy now mates but he didn't finish there were three shots from the trees crack crack crack and Mary fell dead into the hole another pirate fell dead to the other three men ran away just then the doctor gray and Ben Gunn came out of the trees with their guns quit boys shouted the doctor to the boats before the pirates get there and we all ran into the trees silver ran very fast on his crutch then he shouted it's all right doctor look they aren't going to the boats so we all sat down to rest soon we went down the hill towards the boat and Ben Gunn told us his story I found the skeleton of ala dice a long time ago and I took his life and then two months ago I found the treasure I took it to a cave in a hill on the northeast of the island it's there now then the doctor told us his story when I left the stockade I went to find Ben Gunn he said and he told me his story well the next morning I saw that the ship wasn't there so I went to silver and gave him the map because now I knew that it didn't show where the treasure was then the squire the captain and I went to Ben's cave I didn't want to leave you with the Pirates Jim but she ran away so what could I do then I saw you at the stockade and you told me your story I knew that your situation was very dangerous so I ran back to the cave Drey Ben and I took our guns we wanted to arrive at the big tree before you and the pirates but you were a long way in front of us so tried to stop the pirates he shouted in Captain Flint's voice and the Pirates stopped so we arrived the tree first and we waited for you when we found the boats the doctor destroyed one of them and we all got into the other then we went towards North inlet we passed a ben gunn's hill and saw his cave we continued for three miles and only suddenly saw the Hispaniola she wasn't on the beach in North inlet the sea came in and carried her away the doctor said but she's alright dray you can stay on her tonight and guard her so we got out of the boat on the beach at rum bay near Ben's cave and gray went over Hispaniola when we arrived at the cave the squire metters John Silver he said you're a very bad man but the doctor told me that we mustn't arrest you you're a lucky man silver thank you very much sir said Long John don't thank me my man I want you to arrest you we went into the cave captain Smollett was near a big fire and then I saw Flint's treasure in a corner lots and lots of gold for dinner that night we had Ben's goat and some wine from the Hispaniola we were all very happy and silver sat with us he taught and laughed early next morning we took all the treasure to the beach then gray and Ben Gunn took it by boat to the Hispaniola there was lots of it and we worked all day for three days on the third night the doctor and I walked on the hill we heard some voices far away in the night [Applause] it's the three pirates said the doctor they're all drunk sir said John silver behind us the doctor didn't answer and he didn't look at silver the Buccaneer was always polite to us now and he always tried to do a lot of things for us but nobody liked him we didn't hear the pirates again and we decided to leave them on the island we left some food for them then we went to the Hispaniola and sailed her away the three pirates watched us from the island they shouted but we didn't take them they were dangerous and we didn't want any problems soon the island was far away and then there was only the sea I was very happy we have only six men we couldn't say all the ship to England so we went to a port in Spanish America lots of Indians came to our ship to sell fruit and vegetables that night we went to the town and we met an English captain he took us to his ship for dinner and it was very late when we arrived back on the Hispaniola Ben Gunn was on board he told us that John Silver wasn't there he went away in a boat a few hours ago he said I'm sorry you see I helped him but I did it to save your lives I'm sure he wanted to kill you all he took some of the treasure with him about five hundred pounds well said the captain with a smile I think that's cheap only five hundred pounds and we won't see silver again I'll finish my story quickly we found some seamen and sailed to England when the Hispaniola arrived at Bristol we divided the treasure between us now captain Smollett doesn't work gray saved his money and now he has his own business Ben Gunn got 1,000 pounds and he lost it in three weeks I don't know where John silver is now perhaps he's living happily with his pirate captain Flint sometimes I dream about silver and Treasure Island then wake up suddenly with the voice of Captain Flint in my ears face is alight races all right you

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