42 thoughts on “Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: Washington Square”

  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoIdrULeenCQ_d1_-ayFuTA
    Currently, my videos are copied and posted to their channel, resulting in this channel being deleted in the next 3 days. Please go to the link above to subscribe the channel again. Thank you very much. I will try to make many new videos to help you improve your English.
    And sooner, I hope to have a Japanese channel like this.

  2. Wonderful and clear voice, thanks for doing this jobs ………. the lady on the story has de same stronghold to refuse a man as the ladies of those days , lol.

  3. Wish all native english speaker spoke like this one then i bet no one english learner will experiencing difficulty to understand , great job/vidio (Y)

  4. Mrs pennimen very bad. She spoiled Catherine life.
    She arranged the meeting between Mauris and in innocent Catherine. Fell in love.in Stressful life also she continuous good life

  5. That is a good story for listening,practice and learn vocabulary. It is very useful for me.
    Thank you very much.

  6. This is the second time for me to listen to this story, because of two reasons. First it's easy and short, I hate too long stories I easily get boring to complete long story. Secondly, the voice of the reader is very nice, clear and understandable, it intice you to listen one more times.
    Thanks alot.

  7. I also like to listen this love story because itself could help for my English improvement .Before English listening always made my head felt hurting , now that doesn't make my head hurting anymore.i know my ears have a little trouble of listening if otherwise i can be able to listen English as well as possible.

  8. I would like that she had met another guy and that she had loved again.

    I don´t like sad stories and this one it was one of them

  9. Whomever abridged the novel did a wonderful job. No other story is comparable to this. The witty, engrossing dialogue is exclusive & rarefied. I wish all other Henry James's work receive this "make over". The reader is outstanding. Waw! throughly enjoyed.

  10. Quel beau roman et quelle lecture !! On croirait entendre une pièce de théâtre . Grand merci à Spotlight depuis ma découverte sur YouTube, je n’arrête pas de vous suivre et d’apprécier vos diffusions. 🍀🍀😍

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