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Marie can I have that information for mr. Rasheed's group he'll be here in a few minutes I'm working as fast as I can mr. Evans will be with you very soon that's fine I'm a little early aren't I just a few minutes is your last name pronounced LePage it's Lapage actually oh that's beautiful thank you now is it MS Lapage or mrs. Lapage it's MS but you can call me by my first name do you mind if I call you ms Lapage I love the way it sounds it's fine I'm keeping you from your work aren't I I'm sorry I'd love to talk but I really have to get this done right away I understand you're not from here are you excuse me your accent you come from France don't you yes the Paris actually that's nice it sure is a beautiful day isn't it can I have that information I'm not quite done what's taking so long this is Beatty I can take you to mr. Evans office he'll be here shortly why thank you beautiful day isn't it yes it is Paul we have our first group from India coming next week since mr. Rashid has traveled to India many times I've asked him to talk to you about etiquette in India mr. Rashid Paul why don't you greet me as if I were an Indian tourists asked me to come with you and show me to the tour bus okay hi there I'm Paul if I were an Indian woman you would have just insulted me women and men generally do not touch okay hi there you just told me to go away you should stand this far away from someone instead of shaking hands to this and say namaste namaste excellent now tell me to come with you to the tour bus okay come with me this is a new gesture in India do it like this come with me good to the bus over there I know I just insulted you pointing with your fingers is considered impolite use your chin instead to the bus over there I'm never gonna get this doing wonderful thank you mister Oh let's get miss Novak's tickets ready she may be stopping by this afternoon oh are you okay no I feel awful what's wrong I've got this horrible cold I'm sneezing my back is killing me I've got this pain at my hip my necks been bothering me all day and I have a stomachache you may have to go see a doctor no I hate doctors I wonder what could be wrong maybe he's allergic to work kidding here I used to want to be a doctor you know say ah I remember why I didn't become a doctor Oh Paul you really must get some medical help a little acupuncture might help you feel better mr. Evans downstairs in the cafe should we ask her to come up she may be able to help great idea I'll go get her you might prefer an herbal remedy I got the cold last night and the pain of my back started this morning want to try a little spiritual healing laughter is the best medicine you know say ah cover your face doc well you have a cold that's for sure what about the other stuff it's a pain in the back and the side well have you taken any medications lately just some over-the-counter stuff painkiller cold tablets nasal spray that sounds okay and some cough medicine vitamins and acid that's a lot of medicine and some decongestant that's too much medicine in one day that must be why you're feeling so bad have you been around anyone else who's sick my friend Donna's had a cold all week we lifted weights last night for about an hour ran five miles he had to walk the last mile it's that your usual exercise routine yep I started it yesterday well that explains it you exercise too much that's all that's all a little chiropractic treatment might help you stay away now about the travel documents for the Australian group we've had everything mailed to them right mr. Evans we gave you the package of travel documents to give to mr. wells the other night at dinner before we flew home to Sydney a white envelope about this big yes I gave it to mr. Rashid before he left for Lebanon Oh mr. wells needs those documents the day after tomorrow his group is flying in on Thursday I'll call the courier if they can pick up a package by 5:00 p.m. we should be okay that gives us an hour I'll reprint the tour information but what about the travel guides I can't print 25 copies at fast I'll call copies to go and have them reprint the travel guides they can't do a rush job call Harper's instead they're faster and much more reliable hello National Express I need to get a package to Australia ASAP if Harper's can't make the colour copies that fast we'll take black and white Bob are you reprinting the tickets yep hello I need to get twenty-five colored documents printed right away yes it's very much a hurry who are you calling mr. Evans what's that Oh my tailor your tailor these sleeves are too long they're driving crazy thank you everyone for fixing my mistake with mr. wells now I've asked Cheryl to plan a party for his group next Friday and I'd like for everyone to help Cheryl do you have a plan yes I do Marine I'd like to have you choose the restaurant for the party I'd love to Bob I'll let you choose the menu you will Paul could you plan the music yes good now Marie I called 10 restaurants and have them give us a price for a party room these two had the best prices the green room is a nice restaurant great that's my favorite too no I was thinking steak and potatoes Hawaiian asked for fish or chicken so I have the restaurant put together and then you with each which do you like better I like chicken more than fish I guess great chicken it is now let me guess you have a list of music choice these look fine great I think we're all done you see how easy it is to plan something when we do it all together another wonderful dinner Cheryl thank you you're welcome I really enjoy cooking actually when I was young I thought I was going to be a chef you could be a chef these cookies are fantastic why didn't you become a chef my mother talked to me out of it she thought I would always have to work at night she was afraid I would never meet a man and get married she was probably right if you were a chef you wouldn't have met Bob how do you know before he met you Bob only ate fast food it's true your mother must have been very happy when you and Bob got engaged she was hey you'll never guess what bob was going to be Cheryl a rock musician that's the ballplayer no bob was going to be a dancer he was actually in the state ballet when he was young no kidding you never told me this I could have been a great dancer what made you change your mind the diet was too hard I had to stop eating everything chocolate cake fried chicken potato chips I tried that I might have been able to do it but then they said no more bread and butter and butter can you believe it and that was the end Wow Bob I never knew do you enjoy watching ballet at all I can't I'd like to but as soon as the music starts I get very very hungry what about you mr. Evans what did you think you are going to be when you were younger if I tell you will you try not to laugh of course I always thought I would have my own television program to talk about etiquette I didn't know you are so interested in etiquette I have always loved etiquette I think I would have made a great television etiquette teacher well I think you could still do it it's perfect for you really why well you're very polite for one thing you always know which fork to use at a restaurant that's a real talent you taught me a lot about the customs of other cultures maybe I could still give it a try to the conversation if your internet yes and are leaving the table early you have probably chosen a topic that's taboo in their home country find out what's acceptable what's not coming up on international etiquette with Evans what do you think Wow amazing you have a real talent I don't know I didn't know the planning a wedding would be so hard Marie could you give us your opinion on a few things I'd love to first how many people should we invite Bob wants a small wedding 20 guests would be nice I want a large wedding about 300 people yesterday you said 200 I have a lot of relatives who want to come then there's the location I always thought I'd get married in a park or at the beach that's so romantic I would like to get married indoors where I won't get wet if it's raining that makes sense I prefer traditional music in the ceremony contemporary music I'd like a long ceremony and a short reception I want a short ceremony in a huge celebration afterwards and I want a chocolate cake I know how we're never gonna agree on this don't hurt yourself here's an idea that might work plan a wedding that's big enough to include all of Cheryl's family sorry Bob in the Park on Oak Street that has that building where you can go if it rains you can have traditional music in the ceremony and contemporary music at the party and you could have two cakes at the reception one white and one chocolate sounds okay to me me too thank you so much you're amazing we couldn't have done it without you hi lunch time is over are you coming up to the office I'm too tired to go back to the office planning a wedding is hard work I need let's make today a holiday well tell mr. Evans we can't come back to work that's a great idea what are we celebrating you're getting married how about national wedding day what happens on national wedding day I don't know why am I the one who has to think about it why don't we make it national singles day instead all the married people give gifts to their single friends buying gifts is hard work I want to enjoy myself on our new holiday what about a red day everybody wears red clothes and there's dancing in the street that goes on all night how about national buying a friend another cup of coffee nice try how about national on-time day what happens on national on-time day remind one another to come back to work on time waitress so mrs. Beatty you're looking for an exciting place for your next vacation I usually travel to major cities in Europe but this time I want to go someplace different someplace away from the city as long as it's safe how about California the Big Sur area is spectacular California has lots of earthquakes doesn't it well they have earthquakes occasionally but not very often but it does have earthquakes yes I'm not going okay how about some place in Asia a beach in Thailand co-chairing has beautiful beaches and it's very quiet there a quiet beach sounds nice but they said on the news there's a monsoon in Thailand and what the monsoon will be over by the time you go what else can you recommend Australia the Australian outback is amazing I've heard they have tornadoes in Australia some parts where else Jamaica Hurricanes South Africa floods Hawaii a lot about natural disasters don't you miss his baby what about Finland Finland it's wild beautiful and very different from other parts of Europe and nothing bad ever happens in Finland it sounds good I'll go to Finland great booked your tickets ok I just booked your tickets to Helsinki Finland you'll be staying at the Palace Hotel that's great excuse me mr. Evans yes Murray mr. Woods is on the phone he told me to tell you it's urgent urgent he's travelling you know yes he said there's some kind of epidemic what kind of epidemic it sounds like it's that new influenza but he was vaccinated for that before he left I know but he told me to tell you that he wants to fly home today on the Internet it says only three people are sick that is not an epidemic and it's not like anybody's dying from this flu he said he didn't want to be the first where is he traveling may I ask he's in Finland it was just booked tickets to Finland mrs. Beatty everything will be fine you'll get vaccinated and you'll have nothing to worry about I'm not going to Finland you told me nothing bad ever happens in Finland mrs. Beatty I can't think of anywhere in the world you can go and be completely safe right here in this city you could go outside and get hit by a bus but you can't let that stop you from doing the things you want to do look why don't we go to lunch and we'll talk it over I don't think she's going anywhere [Laughter] hello Bob dining alone Paula Murray went to get newspapers do you mind if I join you oh please sit down may I ask what you're reading the history of the world the bestseller I'm very impressed reading nonfiction over lunch I hear that it's a very difficult book no it's it's a pretty easy reading I can't put it down actually a real page-turner huh do you think that I could borrow it when you're done sure I usually prefer fiction myself you know thrillers mysteries there's nothing like curling up with a good science fiction novel is there you read science fiction too don't tell anyone are you learning a lot from your book yeah I think so so tell me what you're reading about right now um this part is about Great Britain really do you mind if I take a look Cheryl hates when I read comics that I can understand why you can't put the book down I think that I could borrow it then I'm still reading this one but I have another one I can loan I meant this look at this the paper says that a tornado carried a woman for 300 miles and she lived to tell about I'm not sure if you know this but that story isn't true it's in the paper it must be true that paper is trash I can't believe you're reading it what do you mean it's fiction it's not news nothing in there is true if you want real news you have to read this paper that paper is boring this one's much more interesting woman gives birth to cow man builds house from bread baby with two heads come on this is offensive storm kills 100 in Texas train accident kills five injures more man kills wife and son I'm sorry but all that death and destruction is pretty offensive to me I know that these things happened and I know that those didn't you don't know that you just assume that it's true let's ask Bob and mr. Evans what paper they read never mind let's just read that sounds good to me look at this a man with four legs wacky glasses you're wearing these are ultra high-tech top-of-the-line state-of-the-art cutting-edge TV glasses and you're actually watching TV right now Yeah right here in the corner what are you watching the basketball game unbelievable and Cheryl doesn't mind this yes sorry my team this new invention doesn't bother you are you kidding if I'd known how happy they would make him I would have bought those glasses for Bob long ago technology today is amazing you know I wish they did invent something that would make people who talk on cell phones quieter this guy in the cafe today was so loud I couldn't hear myself talking what oh sorry I was laughing at this guy on TV if I could invent something it would be a thing for Bob's car that would automatically charge him when he goes over the speed limit he drives so fast sometimes but he'd slow down if he had to pay No is your team losing no I heard what you said you just leave my car alone hi Paul wait till you see what I've got what is it well I have this problem with my cell phone whenever I'm traveling with a group I can never hear a ring or feel it vibrate so I got this thing that lets me know whenever my phone is ringing how does it do that it buzzes me buzzes you know yes so I could feel it does it work I don't know no one's told me yet what oh hello no one's there wow that was a big buzz it almost hurt maybe it isn't working right it's working fine who strange man if ever get used to that I'll always know whatever my phone is ringing Paul if I were you I would take that thing back to the store before you hurt yourself I'm going I'll see you later hope you drive okay he'll be fine how do you know I'll stop calling him did you see the politicians expect to raise taxes again really what does the government decide to spend our money on now they're planning to build a stronger military it's wrong to spend so much on the military they should spend it on education instead can we please avoid discussing politics why every time we begin talking about politics people get mad at each other they should spend more money on fighting corruption if they were able to stop corrupt officials maybe they wouldn't need to raise our taxes that's true but I think we need to spend more money on the military without a strong military the world won't be very safe that's one way to look at it but maybe the world would be safer and better if we try to eliminate poverty what do you think Cheryl I think that if I say what I really think you'll get all mad and call me crazy or ridiculous Cheryl don't be so afraid we're only talking I think that the government should spend more money on cooking schools what most people don't know how to cook well I think the government should help teach them that's ridiculous are you crazy use our taxes to pay for cookies look at you you're all mad at me this is why I never discuss politics with friends but don't let me stop you from getting mad at each other are you traditional in your medical ideas that is do you kind of believe in Western medicine or do you like to explore non-traditional treatments such as acupuncture or homeopathic medicine I don't explore non-traditional treatments as much as I would probably like to I think there's probably a lot of merit in them and they haven't been studied enough I'm more traditional than anything else in my medication medical practices I'm more for the naturalistic approach I like you know more natural herbal medicines in your opinion what are the advantages of traditional Western medicine and surgery I think the enormous amount of research and proven fact that that's behind our medicine just makes it makes me feel more confident what do you see is maybe some disadvantages of Western medicine I think at times Western medicine can make the problem worse than trying to make problems better are there any non-traditional therapies that you use I drink a lot of tea actually so I guess that's pretty non-traditional usually when I feel myself coming down with something I will take an echinacea which in herbal medicine a prior drink a lot of orange juice as vitamin C helps you but if I feel really sick then I'll take a cough medicine could you tell me what your career or occupation is I'm an elementary school teacher my career path will be in marketing helping companies build their brand and help market products to it the general consumer I work in television and I would like to eventually produce and direct did you think that you'd be in marketing when you were a child no I thought I'd be President of the United States or drive a fire truck what made teaching a good career for you first of all I love children and I liked the idea of imparting some of my knowledge to young ones everybody has skills talents and abilities so you know some people are artistic others have mechanical ability what would you say are some of your skills I'd say I have a little artistic ability I did a lot of art in school I could question my skills and talents would be coming up with new ideas different ideas creative ideas that kind of build a buzz around a product do you think that talents and abilities of genetic I think they're a combination of both genetics and environment I think that you are born with certain qualities that your parents I think or having and just living with the people around you and and and learning from your teachers and those that you're constantly interacting with you pick up certain skills you're from Germany what is a wedding like in Germany well first of all you have to have a civil ceremony where you go to to the city hall and well you make it really you make everything official and then traditionally you go to church and have their religious ceremony and is there a wedding reception afterward usually there is of course after church when is everybody's waiting for the groom and the bride coming out and throwing rice at them and flowers and then the whole crews going to a nice place and having dinner and having a party you mentioned that your family is originally from Ghana could you tell me a little bit about the courtship and marriage ceremonies of your country there is a traditional sometimes they do involve like the American type of wedding – very traditional you walk down the aisle and they also in there is also the traditional part in African culture where the clothing the outfits it's much longer sometimes it can go into the next day some people it extends tell me about the reception they find a place to go to or it's a outside sometimes it's a big tent like it just depends on the bride and groom and what they want and there's tons dancing traditional dancing eating lots of food sometimes you have somebody come in and talk about how they know him and how how good he is and what he's done and you know people giving thoughts of wisdom of how to be together and it just it's just really a great thing how do you feel about prohibiting smoking indoors as a smoker I don't appreciate it all the time but I can I can understand why I think it's fantastic I think it's great if you don't if you go to restaurants and nobody can smoke the food tastes better and your clothes don't smell how about censorship of books or movies by a government I am 100% against censorship of any books or movies or any expression of creativity and I feel that when government's tried to censor books or movies then it creates a sort of atmosphere of fear and people don't get to don't have already access to information that should be available to them if you could tell me maybe two things that you think are big problems in the world today I think one of the biggest problems is war and I think another big problem is racism in this world and of those could you tell me you know a little bit more about what you think could be done to alleviate these problems I think issue with both problems it's mostly about understanding each other and sitting down on a table and talk and get to know each other and and be able to make more compromises and understand different cultures and reasons why people do certain things certain ways and I think we would all be much happier communication communication that's the that's the clue exactly yeah

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