Learn English: The 20-Minute Method

33 thoughts on “Learn English: The 20-Minute Method”

  1. Please stop spreading this bullshit language. Rarer languages need to be encouraged. Not stupid fucking English. ( pardon my English comment, i know im a hypocrite but i sincerely hate English.)

  2. Hi… Please help me…. Is it correct to say… John (Student), You have been promoted for class 2 (or grade 2). Should it be promoted for or promoted to?

  3. U looks beautiful n that's the reason i watched ur full video. Im kinda prsn who never see full video of anyone and get tired in the middle of video and quit myself to watch full video bt whole time i was just looking at your face..don't get me wrong im only appreciating your beauty 😊

  4. Jade, I didn't know you were here on engVid. you are such nice people, half crazy but nice. seriously.. Lol

  5. LOL. I studied English minimum 1 hour every single day during 13 month. And i don't have good result. I have only about b1 lvl and can understand ez english vidio like this but i don't feel good result. I can't watch movies, speak with pepole about topics which i really consider intersting or read books which i relly want to read And if i studied 20 minut in day i would have much worse result.

  6. I've been learning English for almost 3 years. But I feel my English is not improving though.
    I have a goal to be a Tour Guider
    What should I do ?🙏🙏

  7. I loved the tip you gave about how to study using the videos. I will start to do this seriously. By the way, I liked all the videos that I have saw from you. Thanks

  8. sonda turkce konusmasını bekledım konusmadı turk bıle degılmıs. zaten ana dılın yırmı dk yı onerıyor bıde

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