Learn English Grammar: The Sentence

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  1. hi good morning… i need help please ….what is the difference between ¨without¨ and ¨with no¨ , and if there is another word like those exsay me pls ,can someone explain me? please, thank you very much

  2. Hey Adam, I'm Mathew a Brazilian living in Mexico. I go to an American school and this year we got a terrible teacher in English, each week she gives us a quiz, and most of my class mates didn't learn well on her classes, so I recommended your channel and since then, everyone in class has learned better and grow in their English knowledge. I can't thank you much. But I'm really thankful and Happy. Keep up that hardwork!!

  3. Thank you so much!
    I have just released 100 common english sentences. If you have time, please stop by my trannel.

  4. Hi i am asmae zahrani from morocco i live in Orlando i am in esol i study English please i want to know how to use would could should thankyou

  5. When I was in elementary school, a teacher asked me what comes after a sentence.
    I said, "You make an appeal."

  6. It's fruitful video i would like to thank you a bunch for your help because there are many people need such help👏

  7. Demo: Grammar

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    OK, I knew I couldn’t ride across the oceans. I came up with the idea to ride across each of the continents, from coast to coast. The more I thought about it, the more excited I became about my future plans. If I will do this, I will have to thoroughly prepare, I thought. I was also very scared. Would I be able to make it over towering mountains and across burning deserts? What if I got lost somewhere and didn’t know the language?
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  8. maybe use more examples from the start? Even the basics. Many of us are more visual or heuristic learners.

  9. Question about past tense in the example sentence "What Sharon forgot to mention was that her husband was the CEO of Microsoft and makes a lot of money, which is why she can afford all of her holidays." It mentions that her husband "was" the CEO, but he then "makes" a lot of money. Does it depend on the context? I am not sure about this one. Thank you.

  10. So I have a question. My English teacher was teaching us today and he wrote " Get off of the table". And I want to know; is it "Get off of the table" or " Get off the table" ? He said it's right but I think it's wrong. It just sounds so wrong and I'm extremely confused.

  11. Teacher Adem you're the best teacher . I learn from u a lot thank you so much and i will be like u in future a great English teacher

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