42 thoughts on “Learn English Alone: 10 Fun and Crazy Ways to Practice English When You Are By Yourself”

  1. Don't forget there are lots of short English lessons for you to watch on my other channel. A new one every Monday through Friday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2nA64LK6XA&list=PLgZlFiVx1URUxXC1httXGiUq9yV7USP1C

  2. Hello Bob, thanks for your great video. Once a week for one hour I attend an individual English course at my work. My level is intermediate. I don't have problems with reading and writting, but my speaking is horrible 😕. I can't speak fluently. I feel I wiil never learn it. But your advices are super, I will try it. Have a nice time Hana ☺

  3. Hi Bob​ from Thailand. Thank a lot for your clips.​It​s good​ to help me practice​ my english.​Waiting​ for​ the​ next.​Have a nice day.​

  4. Thank you very much Mr. Bob! All of them are very useful. Especially I personally like number 5.It also seems to be helpful for my health and memory 😊

  5. Big help Bob! I really like no.6 advice. I have a funny thing to share with you. Days ago, my 3 years girl and I have a joy weekend, she took a can of milk and said: that is my bear.
    I said: wow what…? That is not a bear, it's milk!
    Ok if you said so, then that's my milk, and I want to drink it all! She said. She really knew how to make me laugh.

  6. Wow really thank you, your ideas and methods are very useful!!
    By the way I liked your English accent to much, what is it named ( the accent) please reply to this question!!
    Thank you a lot••

  7. Thank you Mr Bob.I'm trying to learn English to be able to emigrate to Canada.(Vancouver).can you tell me where do you live😊?is it Toronto ✌

  8. Hi, Bob! I'm learning English on my own and I'm incredibly grateful to you for helping me. All of these tips work in some way, but watching videos through You Tube is the best way. And the best of the best is that you respond to our comments. Making comments is my chance to practice writing, although I'm afraid of making wrong sentences, which don't make sense.Thanks again!

  9. I like it! It is so funny. Some methods I use during learn English but they are mostly new for me. Thank you very much, Bob.

  10. I was seen doing these by my brother and ho said “Are you out of your mind?” ha ha
    I’m like “shut up” ha ha
    I really love the methods!

  11. Hey again dear bob, I definitely agree with you, and I do the same thing like narrate my life, I try to speak with myself and try to sat something in English, actually I have a ton of sticky notes that I used all of them and wrote the important idioms or phrases or vocabulary and then I tried to stick them somewhere to check them out but I couldn't stick them:) so I put all of them in the box

  12. Bob… Thank you very much. I really enjoy for all of your video and live streaming. I hope you have a great life

  13. Hi Bob!!!
    Thanks a lot for the tip to study the own. I like to study English from YouTube that save money and time.
    Sometimes google translate misunderstood idiom, slang and some words made me crazy.
    Take care🍀

  14. think you bob,is very helpful advise,i always say it to my self when i drived car is very fuy but i don't know if is correct sentence,how do i do.

  15. Wonderful!It's really useful for me! I'm learning English, but I live in South Korea now,, so I can't learn English from environment,I think your 10 method is great, and I will practice !

  16. I sometime using Google assistant to practice my pronunciation to be honest kkkkkkkkkkkkk . . ..
    Really appreciate you bob, you did a great job . . . .

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