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Hello friends from today we are starting a new program, Educator’s Talk In educators talk, I will be interviewing various educational content creators on the Internet. Our first guest is Mr. Teddy Tablante the founder of YouTube channel branch education. I came across Branch Education very recently and it’s very interesting engineering educational channel. So without wasting for the time let’s get into the interview Hello, Terry, welcome to the interview Hi, thanks. Thanks. Good to be here. Yeah, so I hope it’s midnight in the US. It’s day time in India You must be very sleepy I’m good. Okay doing well So Teddy, my first question is regarding the name of your channel, Branch education. It seems a little philosophical. So could you please elaborate what is behind this name? Yeah, that’s a great question So the name came from the idea that I want to explain complex engineering systems such as the smartphone as fully as possible and to do this I realized that I would have to dive into and detail each of the subsystems Like the screen speaker the the GPS and antennae Oh kind of like what you do for cars However to fully Understand how an individual subsystem works such as the speaker you have to understand sound as well as frequency and then how a voice coil moves which means you have to get into magnets and Induction and the list just goes on So when I laid out all of these concepts and episodes there was a lot of branching so I decided to call it branch education Really interesting. So to understand a complex technology you have understand the subsystem of that And to understand the subsystem, you have to delve into another subsystem. So the branch keeps on going, right ? Exactly. Yeah, So finally, I hope it finally reaches to the physics of the mechanism, how the sound travels how does electron behaves? Something like that. Yeah good. That’s a great name anyway Thanks. Great choice. Yeah And our viewers might be curious is to know about your education background your professional life and above all why did you start this channel? The motivation behind starting this channel, could you please shed some light on this? Yeah, so um at university I studied mechanical engineering as well as electrical engineering And then after graduating I worked almost a decade for a company that makes ion implanter Z’ which our garage sized machines that are critical in making microchips? so at the company I learned all about the world of microchips and at one point I realized that so few people outside the semiconductor industry really understand how they work and Yet like these microchips have absolutely revolutionized all of our lives so I thought it would be like really worthwhile to teach others the inner workings and fundamental Sciences behind things that you use and you see every day, but just don’t really think about good, so You really got passionate about the technology behind microprocessor and you wanted to teach the whole world, right? Yeah, yeah exactly. They’re they’re everywhere but it’s it’s So few people really understand how they work. Okay, so all you do full-time do this the educational content creation. Yeah, this is now my full-time or great so I really appreciate this it’s a great dedication Thanks. Thanks. You do you – yeah Teddy, you mentioned that you had an education background of mechanical and electrical engineering and In your channel currently I can see videos only related to cell phone technology So can we expect any mechanical engineering related video or automobile engineering related video anytime soon, on your channel? um Not anytime soon the focus for the next like 50 or so future episodes will be on smartphones as well as microchips Going into how they work and eventually how they are made. Okay, actually, yeah. I actually wanted to start my entire Series and YouTube channel with microchips, but my wife convinced me I should start with something more accessible So I decided to do smartphones, okay? Yeah, these topics will definitely keep me busy for quite some time. So Automobiles or aerospace aren’t really in the plans right now Okay. So your real passion is in microprocessor the cell phone technology and telecommunication technology, right? Yep, that’s our main focus. That’s great. And one thing I need to mention Is that on you two, there are a lot of videos on automobile aerospace But when people cells for how does cell phone work, how does internet work or how does camera work? There are not many great content available and you are doing good job in that field. Thanks, I hope to enlighten a bunch of people as to how they work because in technology world you will see lot of reviews Performance comparison video but how does it actually work? How does the camera work? How does a mobile phone work, nobody explains. So you are exploring a grey area of YouTube. Yeah Hopefully hopefully it’ll be successful and people will be interested in the episodes Definitely definitely because this is something everyone uses every day Mobile for one very telecom money. So people should know how does it work That’s true And my next question is about, so when I watch my watch the videos There are many in depth detail 3d animation and grate voiceover, grate script So do you have a team for this for this ? 3d modeling, animation, voiceover and video editing or are you working all alone? Yeah, so I actually do all the animating the voiceovers research and editing myself, okay, it’s a lot of work Friends and family do give me a good amount of feedback, which has helped a lot But really I do most of the work myself So truly you are one man army. Here. Yes, Here in my case I have some animators to help in animation works So my workload is reduced, but you are managing everything all alone. From 3D modeling to the final video editing, really nice. So I hope you are using Blender, right ?the Blender software. Yeah, I absolutely love blender I would not all be able to do this type of animation and video work without blender Okay, it’s really a amazing package. Yeah, we are also using that blender good. Mm-hmm My last question is about so I can see your channel just start up growing your channel has gained some traction few subscribers and Growth counts are increasing. So have you made any future plans for future targets? My channel should be in this level next two or three years anything like that ? Um, I don’t have any specific feature targets my focus is just to Make engineering concepts more accessible as well as to make them more engaging So a lot of my focus has been engaging teachers and trying to get them To give me feedback regarding Like whether they’re students or whether they think it’s entertaining as well as educational With that eventually, I’ll be making supplementary content like do-it-yourself activities and discussion questions our teachers guides And this is just it’s all in the hopes that more people and more classrooms get engaged in engineering But I’m not really pegging any specific target numbers for my youtube channel Okay, you’re completely focused on your work and the view count subscribers you hope it will come automatically Yeah, yeah, if you build it they will come Yeah that happens on YouTube because if you put all your passion on YouTube and create great content You don’t have to worry about view counts and subscribers. It will come automatically, naturally Yeah, that’s that’s that’s the hope it’s true so it was a nice interview with you Teddy So I hope I’m done with my questions Sorry, yeah, thanks. Oh, thanks, it’s great talking to you. Yeah, so thank you Teddy for taking your time and attending this interview. Friends, Branch Education is a really interesting engineering Education channel, even though it is new there is a huge amount of information available on this channel One branch of engineering that Learn Engineering doesn’t cover is telecommunication engineering. But if we check Teddy’s channel, you can find a lot of in-depth animated videos on telecommunication technology. Teddy’s channel has just started growing and he needs your support. So please visit Teddy’s channel and subscribe to Branch Education Once again, thank you Teddy for attending the interview and thank you viewers for watching the video Thanks a ton. yes, yeah. Yeah. Thank you say, so havoc. Have a great day and see you again. Bye. Bye

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  1. How does someone with a great idea, but no significant engineering knowledge or funds, go about getting engineers to develop said idea?

  2. Please visit Branch Education and support Teddy's educational activities by subscribing to his channel.

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    Hey its just a proposal for both channels just think about it guys collaboration is cool and fast growth i believe

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