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Division hello my dear friends ready to start the last section division alright even our first stop on the road to excellence in maths division is dividing a double digit by a single digit let's say 12 divided by 6 Sharlee division is written in a special way on the worksheet the number to be divided is written to the right inside the inverted l-shaped line and the dividing number is to be written on the left side out of the line as seen here so 12 divided by 6 is let's take the numbers from the left side first inside the inverted L if we look at 1 it is less than 6 therefore we need to go to the next digit taking both the digits now 12 is greater than 6 so 6 can be multiplied at least 1 times in a number whose value is more than 6 in this 6 gives a 2 which means that there are two whole sixes in 12 right to above the line and write the value of 6 times 2 below the number to be divided we then get 12 miles minus 12 which gives us 0 well it is because we need to find out if the number to be divided in this case can be completely divided by dividing number six without leaving any remainders rewind and go through the section to understand it well folks we can only proceed if we understand this part really well well well well what next let's do something a little more complex let's divide 48 by two starting from the left how many twos are there in four there are two twos so two goes on top and that to multiply it into two gives four write that below the for now 4 minus 4 is 0 now we need to look at the new number that needs to be divided by 2 bring the 8 down from the top and write it here how many twos are there in 8 there are four twos right four on the top and eight below 8 subtracting 8 from eight we end up with zero which is the reminder so the answer to 48 divided by 2 is 24 remainder 0 this means that there are 24 twos in 48 goodness me division is really something isn't it and you like it more as you practice it more next let's divide 74 by two starting from the left seven is not completely divisible by two the closest number is two three or six so V goes on the top and six below 7 minus 6 is 1 bring the 4 down to get 14 now how many twos do we have in 14 we have seven two twos so seven goes on top and 14 is written at the bottom to leave 0 as a remainder so the answer to 74 divided by 2 is 37 la-dee-da we're getting rather good at this aren't we now divide 237 by three how many threes are there in 237 starting from the left two is smaller than three so take the next digit two now 23 cannot be completely divided by three without a remainder 21 is the closest number so write seven on the top because three sevens are 21 minus 21 from 23 to get the remainder to bring the seven down to get 27 now we need to divide 27 by 3 e v8v goes nine times exactly in 27 so write nine at the top and 27 below to give a remainder of 0 the answer then to 237 divided by 3 is 79 as we heard earlier did you understand it now if you didn't we play this VCD to understand it better in the next problem we shall add a new level of complexity we are in it together okay so 705 will be divided by a double-digit number fifteen so you need to know the 15 times table got it yeah friends so how many 15 czar there in 70 well the closest we can get is 415 which gives the total of 64 goes on the top 64 the bottom 70 minus 60 is 10 and bring down 5 to make 105 and worry an old-folks 15 times 7 is exactly 105 right 105 down below with a remainder 0 so the answer to 705 divided by 15 is 47 let's go a step further now and divide a four-digit number by a two-digit number that is seven thousand seven hundred and sixty four divided by 12 how many twelve do we get in 77 we get 12 into 6 is 72 6 goes on top 72 is written below it and the remainder is 5 which is 77 minus 72 now going step by step bring down the next digit 6 to get 56 the closest number of 12 to 56 is 12 times 4 which is 48 4 goes on top 48 is written at the bottom and the remainder 56 minus 48 is 8 for the last step bring down the 4 to make 84 hey pesto my dear friends 12 goes exactly 7 times to total 84 so write 7 on the top 84 of the bottom 84-84 gives a remainder of 0 so the answer to seven thousand seven hundred and sixty-four divided by 12 is 647 no remainder goodness gracious me isn't that a big number did we actually do it oh yes he's sadly dead but what would happen if there is a remainder let's see 550 7/7 the closest number of sevens in 55 is 49 because 7 times 7 is 49 so 7 goes in the top like we did before and 49 is written below 55 the remainder of 55 – 49 is 6 bring down the 7 to get 67 how many sevens are there in 6700 7 times 9 gives us 63 but we still are 4 shot of 60 79 goes on top 63 comes at the bottom but 67-63 gives us a remainder of 4 so here's the answer to 557 divided by 7 is hold your breath the Raptor 79 remainder 4 yes folks that's how we say it 79 remainder 4 remember if you didn't understand any part of the VCD then rewind and play it once again Matt's power the choice is yours you

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