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it’s dancing dinos alphabet how many
dinos have you met let’s start with the letter A her tails a club to bash and bang stay away if you can it’s Annie Annie Lee the ankylosaurus hello Annie he’s so big
bigger than us all though compared to his body his head’s quite small it’s Bertie
brontosaurus hello Bertie her tooting sounds are just the best they come from the air flowing through her crest it’s Cathy Cathy the Corythosaurus one long claw on each of her feet
razor-sharp teeth to help her eat it’s dory the Deinonychus a long curving horn at the
end of her snout if you’re ever too near you’d better watch out it’s ellie the einiosaurus such large hands even larger claws if they get hold of you you’ll end
up in his jaws it’s freddie the falcarius running around at the speed of
light lots of speed but no teeth to bite it’s gary the Gallimimus with a pointy bone to shade his eyes
like a baseball cap but in disguise its Henry
the hypsilophodon his spiky spikes on the end of his thumbs scare all the
way when he says bring it on it’s iggy the Iguanodon on plants this herbivore
likes to be fed he has a crest on the top of his head it’s Jack Jack the Jaxartosaurus with spikes on his shoulders and down
his back you’d better be nice so he might just attack Kenny Kenny the kentrosaurus some friends he talks to through his crest he changes color to
talk with the rest who could it be Larry the lambeosaurus she’s got a long neck that’s far too heavy to hold
for too long whilst keeping it steady it’s Mary Mary the mamenchisaurus this
tiny dinosaur looked quite absurd her peacock like tail made her look like a
bird it’s Noora Noora the Nomingia this
ostrich like dinosaur never came last when racing with others it went super
fast look it’s Oscar Oscar the ornithomimus – a block
of very thick skull on his head most of this dino rammed you you’d end up quite
dead it’s Peter Peter the pachycephalosaurus huge bulging eyes make her look quite a
sight though they’re great for helping us see at night it’s Queeny Queeny the qantassaurus if she tried this Dino could never look down
with such a beautiful thrill like crowd its Rachel Rachel the regaliceratops I’m
glad this herbivore doesn’t attack because she looks pretty scary with spikes down
her back it Sally Sally the Stegosaurus those tiny arms make her
look like she’s fun but don’t be fooled if you see her run its
tilly-tily tyrannosaurus rex this meat-eater could win any war
killing her prey with a single toe claw its Uma Uma the utahraptor this
dinosaur likes hunting in packs she’s vicious small and swift to attack its
Valerie Valerie the velociraptor this boneheaded Dino is really quite small
with all that head banging watch out you don’t fall it’s Wendy Wendy the wannanosaurus this dino must have the strangest walk his ankles don’t bend so each leg is like a stalk it’s xavier xavier the xenotarsosaurus this
dinosaur is the strangest thing with the bird-like beak and bat like wings
it’s Jasmine Jasmine the yi qi this dino has lots of feathery fluff with
beautiful wings to strut and show off it’s Zack the zhenyuanlong dancing
dinos alphabet that’s 26 dinos we’ve just met using clues along the way you’ve guessed each one well done hooray!

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  1. Brontosaurus isn't real, Bronotsaurus was the first ever Apatosaurus skeleton found which, unfortunately, had no head and they just put a Camarasaurus skull on it. This was HEAVILY inaccurate and once they acheived the skull, it was then renamed to the Apatosaurus.

  2. What about Parasourus, Triceratops, PTeridactle, Pleasiosourous, Titanosourous, Brachiosourous? I really liked Corysourous thingy, I forgot.

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