Learn Computer Code – Primary School Education

by the year 2020 there will be fifty
billion devices connected to the learn computer code Internet programming computers that’s a whopping fifty billion this
will undoubtedly create millions of new jobs and require a whole new way of
thinking ahead we help how children learn the skills that they need for this
new world a question that is often asked is what computer language that island learn computer code but the treaty is it doesn’t matter
because you don’t need any of these to learn how to program in fact you don’t
even need a computer that is because its logic and thinking that are most
important when it comes to programming the algorithm he’s king learn computer code let’s look at a simple algorithm the
local animal shelter delivered bags learn computer code doggie treats to a school for the grade
six genes to deliver to those June 15 grades prep 23 who owned a dog to
encourage good pet ownership so if we asked to grade 6 students to create an
algorithm police it might look something like this for you levels prep to 34 age
class for HGH in in the class of this June Heinze dog give them an added value
chain else say sorry this example is a simple
algorithm however if you can understand this then you are only a short way from
this an algorithm which accesses and manipulate started in the form of a 3d
matrix from an image file in order to change specific colors algorithms can be
practiced with the computer by using everyday events making a cake giving
directions or building something things that can also be practiced with
algorithms and problem solving logic reasoning and learning about how
computers treat information there are many resources on the internet that can
help their civil drag drop programs which can help with understanding
algorithms and programming syntax and semantics scratch by MIT hopscotch
junkie there are few common languages which is
simple syntax like Python Ruby and there learn computer code are many organizations which have
created materials which can help such as BBC UK vs unplugged there are also many
toys available which helps jones Lang code via interaction with the real world
such as little bits robots and raspberry pie but the best
thing that you as a teacher can do is learn computer code encourage play in experimentation
support critical thinking and let them know that mistakes are a very important
part of this whole learn computer code

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