Learn colours, Teach colors – An engaging, animated video for children and toddlers

Hello Children.
My name is Jimmy and I AM A THREE EYED MONSTER! HEY,dont be scared. I am a FUN monster. See, I can DISAPPEAR.
And then I can appear AGAIN. I can also change how I look.
Now I am YELLOW. Now BLUE. Now I am PINK. Such fun! Today we will talk about COLORS Are you Ready. LETS GO ! Blue.Blue. No, not Boo. Its Blue.
And this is Jimmy’s Jacket. It is Blue too. Green.Green. Jimmy’s shorts are green.
And so is this bean. The bean is green. Yellow. Yellow. This pencil is yellow.
But so is this Jell-O Orange.Orange. The bucket is orange.
But so is this orange. The orange is orange. Brown.Brown.
Nellie the horse is brown. And so is my aunty’s gown. The gown is brown. Red.Red. These apples are Red.
But so is the cap on Wally’s head. Its red. Pink Pink. What is pink?
These flowers are pink. And so is this drink. The drink is pink. White. White.
The board is white. But so is my kite. My kite is white. Black. Black.
The yak is black. So is this taxi. The taxi is black. Stop Mr Taxi Man. Jimmy wants to go to the
ice cream shop. Good bye children.And do not forget to practice
your colours.

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