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Welcome back to Brain Candy TV! [cheers] Hey Brainiacs! Today we’re having a very special guest come to visit us to help us learn about colors with some cool dump trucks. Let’s go say hi! Hey Brainiacs! I’m Tayla. I’m visiting from my show, Tea Time with Tayla. If you have fun with me today, I hope you’ll come check out my videos. We sing nursery rhymes and kids’ songs and have so much fun together. Are you ready to learn with me? [Cheers] OK, we’ve got a lot of fruits and vegetables to deliver in our big dump trucks, so let’s go find our first truck and make those deliveries. Let’s go! Our first truck is the color red and it’s carrying some red fruit in it. Do you know what fruit it could be? Let’s back it up and make our delivery. Look out below! Oh wow, look at all of that red fruit! Do you know what it is? [Gasp] Red apples! Look at that beautiful red color! [Muffled] Mmmm, it’s so good and good for you too! Let’s go see what’s in our next truck. The apple is the color red! [Cheers] Here comes the yellow truck! I wonder what the yellow truck is carrying. Wow, it’s carrying a bunch of yellow lemons. Look, a yellow lemon! You can make so many tasty treats with these lemons like lemonaide, ooh or lemon merangue pie or lemon tarts, lemon pudding is really good, ooh, I like lemon chicken for dinner…I can make lemonaide, wait, I already said lemonaide, I could make raspberry…. The lemon is the color yellow. [Cheers] Alright boys, bring in the blue truck! I wonder what could be in the blue truck. Let’s go check it out. Alright, let’s make our delivery! The blue truck was carrying blueberries. Blueberries are the color blue, just like the truck. Wow, blueberries are pretty special. There aren’t too many foods that are the color blue! The blueberry is the color blue! [Cheers] Woah, what’s happening with that truck? It’s all sorts of colors! Hey those aren’t fruits or vegetables, those are beach balls! And they’re not just one color, they’re red, blue, yellow and white! Well that does not belong with our fruits and vegetables! Let’s get that outta here and bring in the next truck. Alright, let’s bring in the orange truck. Oooh, what do we have here? Orange pumpkins?! These make tasty treats, ooh like pumpkin pie or you can carve a face in it for Halloween! The pumpkin is the color orange! [Cheers] Time to bring in the green truck. I wonder what’s inside? Ooh, a bunch of green watermelons! Mmmm, did you know that watermelon is green on the outside and red on the inside? I love to eat watermelons, they’re so juicy! The watermelon is the color green! [Cheers] Here comes the purple truck. Let’s see what it’s carrying. Ooh, purple eggplants, cool! Isn’t eggplant a silly name for a purple vegetable? It’s not white like eggs, it’s purple…like my hair! The eggplant is the color purple! [Cheers] Hey, it’s that crazy truck again! It looks like it’s carrying all of the fruits and vegetables we learned about! Red apples…yellow lemons…blue blueberries… a bunch of orange pumpkins… some green watermelons… and purple eggplants! Hey, wasn’t that fun? Well I sure had fun playing with the cool dump trucks on Brain Candy TV! Thanks for learning the colors with me, Tayla Bananas. I hope you’ll come check out my show, Tea Time with Tayla, and subscribe to my channel so we can have so much more fun together! Thanks again. Bye Brainiacs! Hey parents! If you and your kids have been enjoying our videos, I hope you’ll subscribe to our channel. You can also sign up for our email Newsletter so you can get instant notifications of our new videos and also exclusive discounts on our online store. Be sure to check out Tayla’s channel for lots more fun videos for kids. Thanks for watching. And see you next time!

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  1. thanks for having me on your show! It was so much fun 🙂

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