Learn Colors With Memory Game | Educational Video For Kids | Color Learning Video For Toddlers

Subscribe Good morning friends.
Let’s see what the little boy is checking. Wow, he is going to play a memory game. Come let’s join him. But before that let’s see
what the game is. Friends, you have to watch
the objects and their colors. Then it disappears and you have to
recollect the object of the given color. So, come let’s start. Fish in blue color. Helicopter in green color Cute penguin toy in pink color Pig brown colored. A red colored Scooter Car in violet color Next my favorite tumbler toy,
yellow color Finally, a ship in black color. So, friends have a look once more Now, can you guess what was in blue color? Yes it was the fish. Here comes the next group. Robot, violet color Tumbler toy, yellow color Black colored ship. Pig in brown color. A dragon toy in green color. Helicopter in orange color Penguin in pink color. Bicycle in red color. Ok, now let’s move to the question. What was in violet color? Come on Yha it was the robot. Again,
pig in brown color. Duck in yellow color. Guitar in blue color. Fish in cyan color. Dinosaur toy in grey color. Are you afraid of dinosaurs? Ok next,
ball in green color. Penguin in magenta color and car in red color. Here it goes. Now, what was in green color? Ok, I can give you a clue. It is something that we play with. Yes, you are right
it is the ball. Next set,
magenta color scooter. Orange color helicopter Blue color guitar Do you know how to play a guitar? Violet color grapes You know I love grapes. Red color rocket. Green color ball again. Black color ship and
yellow color JCB. Now let’s recollect what was in yellow color. Was it guitar or was it rocket? No, it was the JCB which was in yellow color. Moving to the next set, here we have car in magenta color. Blue colored fish, yellow colored bananas. You know, banana contain vitamin C
and is good for our health. Next, we have green colored dragon toy. Red colored bicycle and cyan colored robot. Now, what was in red color? It was something we ride. Yes… it was the bicycle. Here comes the next set. Helicopter in orange color. Penguin in pink color. A ball in green color. Dinosaur in violet color. JCB in yellow color. And next cute dog in brown color. Scooter in red color and a tortoise in blue color. Do you know, tortoise can live up to 150 years? Here it goes, now recollect what was in orange color. Yes it was the helicopter. Next we have green color robot. Pink color tumbler toy. Yellow color tortoise. Grey color dinosaur. Brown color pig. Violet color car. Red color rocket and blue color guitar. Don’t you find this game interesting? Can you say what was in grey color? Of course, it was the dinosaur. On to the next, first violet color robot. Black colored ship. Yellow color duck. Red color bicycle. Green color for dog. Brown colored car. Guitar in orange color. And fish in cyan color. Again, what was in black color? Yes, it was the large ship. Next, teddy in brown color. violet colored grapes. Dinosaur in yellow color. Tortoise in blue color. Penguin in pink color. Bicycle in red color. Helicopter in green color and dog in orange color. Pink color was for….? Come on… yes it was for penguin. Well done… Let’s move to the final set. Cyan colored guitar. Green color dinosaur. Red color rocket. Blue color scooter. Black ship. Brown pig. Yellow JCB. And the violet car. What was colored in cyan. Very good , it was the guitar. With this we come to the end of the game. Didn’t you enjoy this memory game? Hope you had a nice time. Will be back soon with more interesting games. Till then take care bye bye.

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