Learn Colors with Dump Trucks Part 2 | Educational Video for Kids by Brain Candy TV

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV! [cheers] Hey Brainiacs! Welcome back to Color Town! This is the Color Town Toy Factory. We need to deliver a bunch of toys from the toy factory over to the toy stores across town! Let’s use our big dump trucks to deliver the toys! We’ve got a whole new set of trucks this time. Let’s see what we’ve got! We have a pink truck. A white truck. A gray truck. A black truck. A cyan truck. And a brown truck! The pink dump truck is carrying a load of toy cars and the cars are pink too! OK pink truck, time to deliver your cargo! Uh, oh. It looks like one of the cars is the wrong color. Can you find the car that’s not pink? There it is! That car isn’t pink, it’s the color blue! Let’s see what the white truck is carrying. It looks like the white truck is carrying a bunch of snowmen and the snowmen are white, just like the truck! Here comes the toy snowman delivery! Hey, what happened to THAT snowman? That’s not right! Snowmen are supposed to be white! But that snowman is the colour orange! I’ve never seen an orange snowman before. I wonder what the gray dump truck is carrying. The gray truck is hauling a load of robots and the robots are the color gray! It looks like there’s a special robot that’s painted a different color. Can you find it? There it is! That robot isn’t gray, it’s the color red! Here we come in the big black haul truck. Let’s see what the black truck is carrying in its dump box. The black truck is full of black monster truck tires! I guess the toy store needs some spare parts for some of the toy monster trucks. Whoops, one of those tires isn’t black like the rest of them. Do you see it? Yeah, there it is! That tire is the color green. Ha ha, that green tire would look pretty funny on a monster truck! Next up is the cyan truck. Similar colors are also called teal or turquoise. The cyan truck is transporting a bunch of cyan yo-yos! Let’s dump them into the bin! Looks like there’s another toy here that’s the wrong color. Can you see it? That’s right! There it is. That yo-yo is the color yellow. Here comes the brown truck! The brown truck is carrying a load of teddy bears and the teddy bears are brown too. Let’s load those brown teddy bears in to the bin! There’s one teddy bear that’s a different color from the rest. Can you find it? There it is. That teddy bear isn’t brown, it’s the color purple. Great job, Brainiacs! Now we know about 12 different colors! [CHEERS] Wow, you’re getting so smart! Thanks for learning with us! Hey parents. If you and your kids have been enjoying our videos, I hope you’ll consider supporting us by visiting our online store. All of our videos will always be available for free on YouTube, but if you want to support our channel, you can purchase digital downloads of our videos to watch ad-free, any time, on any of your devices without an Internet connection. Click here, or visit us at braincandytv.ca for more details. From Lizzy and me, thanks so much for watching and for your generous support. See you next time! *[If you found these subtitles helpful, please let me know in the comments below]*

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  1. Nice vids! I make them too! Check 'em out if you get a moment! We have no idea what we're doing but its been fun coming up with ideas.

  2. Wee Sing is a great at getting kids to love learning. Check out our channel for the full library of videos!

  3. lol @ the Benders! My son is way too young to know who those robots really are. Thanks for that little adult throwback humor!

  4. My son loves your videos! He constantly asks to watch this one "pink dump truck"…he also asks to watch Lizzy. Thanks for making great videos!

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