Learn Colors with Dinotrux toys & Paw Patrol – Kids Educational Color Learning by FamilyToyReview

I ice Rocco toy we’ve got some puppet
show and I know trucks here and we noticed some of them are the same color
who is this Marshawn rubble rocky Zuma God chases with Marshall Israel acts dozer
is with rubble and then barbie is with was named Ian rock en garde me the same
color sky is resumed on and then these drugs and sky there then there’s no
colors at the share they’re the only ones out so maybe I’ll try to come up
with a pink doughnut or maybe there’s a great a patrol car the colors what
colors is this color color green orange these sources
what color well sky is pink and eastern state is black and white or gray and
Ravin here he is green and yellow he’s between dozer and Garvey her before
rubble and rocky and then we have this new Holloway all color shift their truck
now this one is called this one of my favorite kind of color should discuss it
doesn’t change it to just 21 in two colors inching into multiple colors their words who are now we have green

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