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subscribe hi friends today is a lovely day and the time is about 12 noon it seems to be a holiday and the little boy and he is coming with a wooden toy cart there are various shapes inside the box see there are colourful dice inside the cart. He is trying to arrange the dice on the empty space of the cart. It seems he is a bit confused. And now he starts arranging it one by one. Oh first the cyan colored pentagon. Pentagon has 5 sides. Pentagon p..e..n…t…a..g..o..n. And what’s next ??? let’s see. Oh it’s a heart shape with the elegant red color. Heart h…e…a..r..t.. The next try…yea… it’s a triangle in blue color. A triangle has 3 sides. Triangle t..r..i..a..n…g..l..e Then the easy guess purple colored Ellipse shape. Do you know, our earth is Ellipse in shape. Ellipse E.l.l.i.p.s.e Next the pink color diamond. A diamond has 4 sides. Diamond d..i..a…m..o..n…d. There comes the square in magenta. A square has 4 sides. And all the sides are equal. Star in vibrant orange color. Yes the very same Christmas star. Star s…t…a…r. Next violet color hexagon.Hexagon h…e…x…a…g…o…n. What’s next? Yes, the green colored circle. Circle c….i…r…c…l…e. Finally the yellow colored rectangle. Rectangle also has 4 sides but can you find the difference between a square and a rectangle. Yes it’s that a square has 4 equal sides where as in a rectangle 2 opposite sides are equal. Wow the little boy has arranged all the dice on the cart Great Job !! Hope you enjoyed arranging the dice .Ok see you soon …take care…. bye

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