Learn Chinese: Lesson 1 – Saying Hello

my name is Danny Wong from grass Chinese calm welcome to let the one saying hello hi leo welcome to beijing hi Danny great to see you Nihao this is how you say hello in Chinese try it Neha okay Nihao what exactly does that mean me it's the Chinese for you and haha it's the Chinese for good Neha the aterna means you good this is how to say hello in Chinese Neha Nihao that's easy you can ask questions very easily in Chinese you just put ma at the end of any sentence to turn it into a question niihama leisure demons are you good so this is how you ask how are you in Chinese do you want to give it a try me how ma does that sound okay yeah perfect so how are you I'm very good how would I say that in Chinese Warren how I know how is good what do the other words mean whoa as Chinese for I or me wah han it's a Chinese for a very Han if we put it all together wah han haha these remains I very good you don't need to putting any word to say an in Chinese so huahin ha means I'm very good wah hun how perfect I can say me hun how do you know what I'm saying hmm me means you so you're saying you're very good yeah that's correct well done if somebody asks how are you you might want to say I'm very good and you you can say war han ha Nina in this case Nina means what about you or ng huahin how Nina haha she is yeah yes yeah means thank you it's use forward to know I noticed that you use different tones for different words yes in Chinese therefore tones and they're written in pian by using the four two marks I will explain this in detail later on for now just copy how I say the words I remember the tongue mat so the tone for this sounds like she is she yeah that's correct great I noticed that the letter X is pronounced differently in pinyin yes some of the letters are pronounced differently to where you might expect I will teach you these as we go along X is pronounced like C as in the word she was slightly different just practice repeating how I said this yeah sure sure now I know how to say hello and thank you so how do I say goodbye goodbye is thank you zài jiàn what does that literally mean by means again and TN means to see so it's at the end literally means see you again or goodbye and how would I pronounce Z and J correctly in Chinese dead is pronounced su so the sound is Phi J is pronounced C so the sound is GN do you want to give it a try zai Jian yeah that's it well done tsai-tien welcome to quest of Chinese calm now to try our free exercises to practice and internalize the new words that you just learned we have many types of fun and challenging multimedia exercise as well as the glossary for each of our lessons you can also create your own learning profile to keep track of your progress have fun see you next time

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  2. I want to learn Chinese language if any one hear want to learn Arabic I can teach him Arabic and he help me to learn and practice Chinese

  3. Please I really need someone to teach me Chinese .I'm very fluent in English.We could help each other out

  4. Bad idea to try learn a language from a native speaker talking through a phonecall audio quality – and a non-native trying to imitate her…

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  6. I want learn Chinese can u help I m from punjabi I want start with basic Chinese because my more friend are chiense but I don't understand his language so u uploads video very good your video so help to speak Chinese very easy so I m very thankful

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