43 thoughts on “Learn Carnatic Music Lesson Saralevarisai”

  1. plzzzzzzz can i get an cd or videos for beginners in form of course?? i m in a need of it….. plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. thank u so much ma'am!!
    I learnt a lot from this video… thanks for spreading carnatic music… love and respect to u

  3. I've been using this with my students all month. They all love it and are totally hypnotized. Thank you so much! The list of the patterns at the end is super useful as well! Thank you!

  4. Currently I am in USA I am very inspired by this video… Please let me know the CD for beginners… Where I can get it…

  5. Lovely video lesson. Does anyone know where I could get lessons suitable for a beginner, in a course form?

  6. It's so soothing. However, I am not a singer. I am a keyboard player. Is there any course for Harmonium / Keyboard in Carnatic way i mean SARGAM method. I would love to buy !!! I have already ordered these DVD's few days back. I am from Africa. Love n Regards. Ram

  7. Excellent!!
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  8. the course is wonderful and easy to understand,i would like to know the svaras used in this course is in small letters whereas in lesson 5 the svaras P&M are in capital letters.WHY?  

  9. Excellent , makes learning so systematic , simple and easy to follow , thanks , best wishes and keep up the great work!

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