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Are you ready to have some fun?
Let’s see who’s animal number one! With his very long neck,
You must be a Giraffe! With a cheeky grin and green scaly skin, this
is one animal you don’t want to go swimming with!
It’s a crocodile! During the day you sleep upside down,
And only come out to play at night, You must be a Bat! Where’s our next animal? Oh there you are,
you can hold your breath underwater for a long time! Wow! You are huge!
You’re a Hippotamus, or Hippo for short You’re a very big cat. I love your fluffy
mane around your neck and your beautiful yellow coat.
It’s a Lion! Big, hairy and with long strong arms!
Hello Gorilla! Thick, grey skin and large pointy horn on
your nose. You’re a Rhinoceros! Or Rhino for short. Woah! What was that? It looked like a cat.
It ran so quickly I could hardly see it! Oh it’s the fastest animal on land. it’s
a Cheetah! Big front teeth for munching on wood,
Hmm, you must be a beaver! You’re big, brown and furry, and you look
very very strong. I think you’re a bear! What’s inside that white cocoon?
Look, it’s coming out! There, it’s a beautiful butterfly! OK, so you’re a beautiful black, white and
orange bird – but you can’t fly! It’s a Penguin! Look, it’s the biggest land animal in the
world. With that long trunk and beautiful long tusks, there’s no doubt that you’re
an Elephant! You’re a black and white bear and very very
cute. It’s a Panda! With no arms or legs, you’re a reptile who
slithers along the ground. There’s only one thing you could be! A snake! Hello! Look at those humps on your back. Do
you use them for storing water? You must be a camel! A bright pink bird with a long neck.
It must be a beautiful flamingo! Here’s another big cat with sharp teeth
and stripey orange and black fur. It can’t be anything else, you’re a Tiger. Hello funny swinging creature! Look at your
long tail. I know what you are, you’re a Monkey! Hello small, furry thing! Ooh hello to your
friend too, and your other friend, or are they your brothers and sisters?
You’re a Meerkat! You look like a horse, but have the most amazing
black and white stripes. You’re a Zebra! There’s so many amazing animals that live
all around the world. Just like you, they’re all different and unique. We must work hard
together to look after them! Bye Bye Animals, I love every single one of

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