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Welcome back to Brain Candy TV Hey Brainiacs! Look what we have here! Can you guess what all of these parts are for? If you guessed a sailboat, you’re right! Have you ever been on a sailboat before? It’s so much fun! Let’s put these pieces together to make our sailboat, and then we can go for a sail around the island. Let’s start with the bottom piece – that’s called the hull. The hull is empty so that the boat will float in the water. This is called the keel. The keel helps the sailboat go straight and it also has a heavy weight on the bottom to keep the boat from tipping over. This is the rudder which turns the boat left and right. This sailboat also has motor and a special propeller so the captain can drive the boat even when there’s no wind. And the part of the boat that you stand on is called the deck. Below the deck and inside the boat is the cabin. You can see out of the cabin through small round windows called portholes. And an opening on top of the deck is called a hatch. Hey Lizzy, are you all ready to go for a ride on the sailboat? OK, let’s finish putting it together and then we can set sail! This long piece is called the mast. The mast is the big pole that holds up the sails. This mast also has a radar antenna. The radar can check the skies for bad weather and can also see if there are any other boats in the area. Let’s add a forestay and other supports to make the mast stronger so that it doesn’t break from strong winds. Now it’s time to add the big sails! This is a special sail called a spinnaker and it can catch a lot of wind and can make the boat go really fast! This is another sail called the mainsail. The mainsail goes behind the mast, so let’s attach it to the mast as well. In order for the crew to control the sails, we’ll need to add the rigging. The rigging is a bunch of ropes that the crew can pull to change the size and shape of the sails. The steering wheel of a sailboat is called a helm. The helm controls the rudder which turns the boat left and right. This boat has two helms, so the captain can get a good view ahead if the boat is tipped to the left or to the right. But when you’re on a boat, the left side is called “port” and the right side is called “starboard”. The front of the boat is called the bow, and the back of the boat is called the stern. Port, starboard, bow and stern! If anyone ever falls out of the boat, it’s a good idea to have a lifebuoy onboard. When the captain wants to stop the boat for a while and isn’t near a dock, he can drop the heavy anchor to keep the boat from floating away. Here are some special instruments to help the captain navigate. And we also have a throttle so that the captain can drive the boat with the motor instead of the sail. Alright! We’re now done putting the sailboat together! OK, let’s put ‘er in the water and go for a cruise! Ahhh, what a nice day for sailing! Hey, look over at the starboard side – dolphins! Hey look over there! I think I see something at the port bow! Cool, it’s a family of sea turtles! Well, we had a fun day of sailing and now it’s time to head home. I hope you enjoyed learning about sailboats with us! Hey parents. If you and your kids have been enjoying our videos, I hope you’ll consider supporting us by visiting our online store. All of our videos will always be available for free on YouTube, but if you want to support our channel, you can purchase digital downloads of our videos to watch ad-free, any time, on any of your devices without an Internet connection. Click here, or visit us at braincandytv.ca for more details. From Lizzy and me, thanks so much for watching and for your generous support. See you next time!

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  1. Good work. ♥ Your videos is very interesting. Let's be friends, we can help each others.

  2. My little 3 year old guy has really liked all of your videos over the past year, but he went absolutely wild about this one. Your channel is criminally underrated. In my opinion, you make the highest quality educational content for toddlers on YouTube.

  3. Great video, I learned a lot about the parts of a sail boat just by watching it. Very educational 🙂 Only thing is you’ve misspelled “lifebuoy” as “lifebouy.”

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