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today we will learn about pollution oh you are not looking wow this is due to pollution well what is pollution stinky stuff trash smoke noise yes all these things and much more pollution is anything that makes the earth unhealthy and dirty air water and soil are all affected by pollution let's understand each type of pollution one by one at first air pollution air pollution happens when the air gets dirty we cannot breathe properly in dirty air smoke from cars industrial chemicals wildfires and volcanoes make air dirty the smoke released from burning fossil fuel is also a major cause of air pollution it includes oil coal and natural gases a large number of industries are also causing the release of industrial smoke and dangerous gases like carbon monoxide hydrocarbons organic compounds harmful chemicals in more from the mills and factories to the environment air pollution is also the reason of increases in global warming because of increasing atmospheric temperature due to the vast increasing level of greenhouse gases these greenhouse gases again cause a greenhouse effect it forces the glaciers to melt sea levels to increase and our climate to change air pollution is one of the major causes of coughs asthma burning eyes and also some lethal diseases like cancer bronchitis heart Bax kidney diseases now we will learn about water pollution it is the worst and most dangerous form of pollution water pollution is the contamination of water bodies water pollution happens when dirty particles substances or chemicals that make water contaminated are discharged indirectly or directly into the water bodies pollutants get into water mainly by human causes or human factors oil is also a big pollutant for polluting the water leaked oil from the ship or other modes flows to the sea or ocean and affects the whole water there are some other reasons too for water contamination lake leaching of rocks decay of organic matter decay of dead matter silting oil erosion and more water pollution also affects the population an entire functioning ecosystems that live in the waters some substances used by farmers to kill pests or weeds seep into the ground and make the groundwater unfit to drink dirty water may cause skin disease anorexia dysentery amebiasis and more drinking dirty water is very hazardous to your health now we will learn about soil pollution soil pollution is the destruction of the Earth's land surfaces it is caused by solid wastes and chemicals land is getting polluted through the toxic substances released by the use of chemical fertilizers insecticides pesticides industrial wastes and more not only this the radioactive pollutants from some sources like nuclear reactors hospitals explosions and more go very deep into the soil and remain there for a long time and cause soil pollution all of the soil containment is getting mixed into the fertile land and it causes a variety of health disorders such as respiratory illness bronchitis cancer and asthma many environmental groups are governments and ordinary people are working to control pollution here is your chance to take care of our world are you ready for the initiative let's understand some steps for controlling pollution if the weather is good and you do not have too far to go you should consider walking or riding your bike organic vegetables and fruits are grown by farmers who avoid using harmful chemical pesticides we should consume these more you can avoid buying stuff which becomes waste never use open fires for disposal of waste especially plastic and chemicals trees are very important to prevent pollution they clean the air provide oxygen and beautify your surroundings it is said that if we heal the earth we heal ourselves measures should be taken on an individual basis thanks for watching stay tuned for more videos

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  2. I'm gonna use this video for my project. Amazing!! I love this a lot. Videos like this helps the environment a lot.

  3. I have confusion to pollution Because pollution exists everywhere. Take care of your health๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•

  4. "Drinking dirty water may cause anorexia" ??? Did I just hear this? Anorexia nervosa is a very serious eating disorder not caused by drinking dirty water.

  5. in YouTube watch naturemurali save nature stop global warming save earth avoid plastic stop pollution please share to all

  6. Well if you try to Burn plastic Wล‚adca Wymiaru it will at least take ๐Ÿ’ฏ years, literally

  7. I am also making a vid over pollution and again you also helped me out again! Thanks again girl!

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